Heroes in the Sky Academy Guide


Heroes in the Sky Academy Guide by snoopy2101

The academy is a system that helps players level a lot quicker. If you are lv. 1-29, you can become an academy trainee and receive better exp rewards each mission. Higher level players benefit as well ? leveling after 30 becomes easy.

What are the benefits of the academy system?

For the academy trainee [level 1-29]:

-200 extra exp per mission till level 30
-Help from a more experienced and skilled player in missions

For the academy assistant [level 30+]:

-1280 extra exp and 600 gems each mission at level 30
-1600 extra exp and 800 gems each mission at level 36
-2000 extra exp and 1000 gems each mission at level 40
-Equipment does not get damaged
-Unlimited energy

How to become an academy assistant?

Each player automatically becomes an academy assistant when he reaches level 30. He will no longer be able to join an academy of another player as a trainee.

How to join an academy? How to invite?

Joining is simple. Ask any level 30+ player to send you an invite, then accept. The best place to look for these players is the Fleet chat. If you haven?t managed to join a fleet yet, i recommend looking for academy assistans in Europe 2 missions.

If you are level 30+, you can invite any player under level 30 through the Messenger. In the Academy tab click the invite button and enter the player?s name, then wait till he accepts.

How to leave an academy? What happens if someone leaves?

Nothing bad happens if someone decides to leave an academy. On the contrary, it is recommended to leave and join new academies as often as possible! You only receive the benefits when the trainee and assistant are playing in the same mission ! When one exits the room, it is recommended to look for a new trainee / new assistant.

To leave an academy, go to Messenger and in the academy tab click Withdraw. Note: it is impossible to join a new academy if you haven?t left the old one.

What to do if a player is already in an academy and it?s impossible to invite him?

Simply ask him to leave his old academy and offer to join yours. Explain that he will receive 200 bonus exp each mission while you play together and that he can leave any time. Tell him that he can withdraw from old academy through Messenger.

Is it possible get more bonus exp and gems if you have more than one trainee in academy during the mission?

No. It doesn?t matter how many trainees you have in the academy. One trainee in the mission is enough to get the bonus.

The perfect use of academy.

One of the best examples of the use of academy is a Europe 2 mission room with four players. There should be two high levels ? academy assistants and two low levels ? academy trainees. Each assistant gets one trainee. This way everyone benefits and the group is strong enough to quickly finish the mission. The mission should be as short as possible and repeated many times for the quickest exp gain.

Though which missions are shortest and best for this system to achieve the maximum power-leveling you should try to find out yourself

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