Heroes in the Sky Gear Prefix Guide


Heroes in the Sky Gear Prefix Guide by Flether

So lets start it off with what people know/think the different prefixes mean (and by prefix I mean the ?Supply?, ?Strong? and ?Rapid? type names on parts). I?d appreciate it if people kept it grouped into what equipment type (armor, engine, cannon, etc.). If I feel really ambitious this?ll end up in a table of sorts for your viewing pleasure.

Ones with a * next to them are unconfirmed but logical.

Aerial Mines ? Power, Rapid, Wide, Unique,

Armor ? Hard, Heat-Resistant, Heavy, Light, Old, Special, Strong, Unique,

Bomb ? Power, Rapid, Rapid-Fire, Wide, Unique,

Cannon ? Busy, Power, Long, Rapid, Rapid-Fire, Unique,

Engine ? Light, Speedy, Turn,

Machine-gun ? Busy, Power, Rapid, Range, Rapid-Fire, Unique,

Missile ? Busy, Guided, Long, Power, Rapid, Rapid-Fire, Unique

Propeller ? Speedy*, Turn, Unique,

Rocket ? Busy, Long, Power, Rapid, Rapid-Fire, Unique,

Busy: Seems to increase range AND damage.

Guided: Adds to how well a missile can follow its target.

Hard: Seems to increase how much health the armor adds.

Heat-Resistant: Guessing it increases the? Forget what it?s called, but the stat that effects boost time.

Light: Adds some maneuverability.

Long: Adds range.

Old: This item is one that?s been sitting around rusting, and doesn?t perform as well as it should. Can be removed with a different blueprint.

Power: Adds more damage!

Rapid: Increases reload time (how fast you regain Rockets/Bombs). Unknown exactly what it does for machine-guns.

Rapid-Fire: Increases how fast you can fire the weapon (Which isn?t a stat that seems to show. Unless it?s the reload stat. In which case I?m confused.)

Special: No clue what this does yet. Going to try putting it on a piece to see what it does, will update later.

Speedy: Adds to your Speed!

Strong: Adds more health, and I think adds a minus to speed/maneuverability!

Supply: Lowers the required level of the equipment. Available for ALL equipment!

Turn: Adds to the Maneuverability stat.

Unique: Simply adds to the equipments performance, will test it for more info.

Wide: Presumably adds to the explosion range of bombs. Might be applicable on rockets.

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