Heroes in the Sky How to earn free CC Everyday


Heroes in the Sky How to earn free CC Everyday/ buy alot of keys by draticus5


Have a spam e mail account u dont use to send all the spam there.
if u have a old mobile sim card like me use that to get all the spam texts sent 2

well alot of people know about this but some dont and some do

do the Free CC offers each day but this is how i do it and working very well

since i cant afford to buy my own CC with real money i do this

first watch all the videos you can each day ( can leave it to play while u go on msn or facebook) normaly get 6 videos in day so

6 x 4 = 28CC

so after the videos i do surveys normaly around 10 if lucky so say on avg 1 survey = 70CC

so say u do 10 x 70 = 700CC + 28CC = 728CC already

then i do all the install tool bars or little softwere i wont use say thats 20 each ( most are) 20 x 5 a day = 100 CC + 728CC = 828CC already

now the last lot you should do are ones for facebook apps/ spammed 1?s like join a site ect ect thats around 150CC to 250CC

now ( only if your over 18 with a credit card)

JOIN free trails to stuff then stop it 3 days b4 its over u can get from 1k to 6k CC for doing this

so if u do basic daily 1?s you earn 1780 CC a day + if u do trials an extra 1-6k every so many days

now u can buy anything u want from the item shop or stuck up on 7 days for the 7 free boxs a week =]

yesterday alone i made enuff CC to buy a reskill + 3 keys + 2 prem plane box?s

this is what i did yesterday

now coz i can tell img is small

App Offer Points Date Need Help?
OnNet USA Protect your privacy with No Trace III. 20 CC
OnNet USA Are You A Rock Star? 79 CC
OnNet USA Change marketing by giving your opinion with Opinion Outpost. 118 CC
OnNet USA Want healthy, younger-looking skin? 137 CC
OnNet USA Join Harris Poll Online and your opinion could be worth $10,000 122 CC
OnNet USA With a Simple Entry, YOU Could WIN ?500 to Spend on Groceries! 110 CC
OnNet USA What Would You Say to a ?1000 Shopping Spree at Primark? 157 CC
OnNet USA Lightspeed surveys- earn rewards for your opinions 137 CC
OnNet USA Win a Mothercare Gift Voucher! 176 CC
OnNet USA Win an Apple Macbook Air PLUS get 5GBP for Registering! 125 CC
OnNet USA Industry leaders pay for your opinions 157 CC
OnNet USA Download MyFunCards Now for Free 136 CC
OnNet USA Turn yourself into a cartoon with Zwinky. 137 CC
OnNet USA Get a free credit report from Credit Expert 1,289 CC
OnNet USA Parents, Share your opinions for real money. 391 CC
OnNet USA Download Babylon for one click translation. 47 CC

= 2049CC
now when the 1289 gets accepted
= 3338CC

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