Heroes in the Sky Occupational War Frequently Asked Questions


Heroes in the Sky Occupational War Frequently Asked Questions by DrizztBaenre

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What is OW?
Two sides, Axis & Allies, engage in PvP combat for control of the map. Currently, the map is Europe, Pacific will be added at a future date. OW occurs at the same time period each day.

How do you control the map?

The map consists of territories, or points, on the maps. Except for base territories such as Germany, Britain, and Soviet Union, each of these territories can be captured.

What?s the point of controling territory?
Each territory will give you a discount in the item shop, up to 5% cumulative. However, the side that holds less territories, they will have to pay higher prices in the item shop, one side?s discount is another?s premium.
There are also territories with building symbols on them. These give additional bonuses such as increased attack and defense.

How do I attack a territory?
Simply travel to it and click depart (if you closed the window, simply click the territory again). You will now initiate a battle for control of that territory. There is a level requirement for starting attacks however.

What?s with the sirens and arrows pointing to a territory?
This signifies an attack on that territory, depending on who controls it, you will attack or defend that point. Mousing over the point shows the number of players in the battle. Join by moving to it and clicking depart.

I see explosions over a territory, why can?t I join the battle?
The explosions mean the battle has already begun. When a battle is initiated, players have less than a minute to join, after the time is up, no players may join the battle.

How do we win?
Each battle can hold up to 34 players. The simplest way to win any battle is to kill all enemies six times. Any player shot down six times is out of the battle, when all enemies are out of the battle,you win. Ground attack battles involve attempting to destroy a target, or defending it for the defenders. Some battle have targets for both the attacker and defender. Air battles are based on the number on the number of kills, however to win, at least one person must survive to the end.

We lost, why don?t we just attack the territory again?
After each battle, the territory is protected, indicated by a flag. No attacks can be launched against it until the protection period is over. Peace lasts for 5 minutes

How do I reach our territories surrounded by enemy territories?
Unfortunately, you can?t until you connect those regions with your home territory. One exception is if you are already on one of those territories. You won?t be forced back to home base, so you can attack or defend territories in the region. However, since most of your allies can?t reach them, theres no point trying to capture territories or defending the isolated territories, the enemy will easily take them.

I can travel to this enemy territory, shouldn?t I be able to attack it?
Being in a connected territory is not enough. at least one of those territories must be in a state of peace. If theres a potential that territory can be lost, it won?t count. In this case, the battle must be won by your side. After the battle is over and won, you can attack the connected territory.

Okay, none of the above are violated, so why is the game stopping me from attacking this time?
A lot can happen in an hour, which is why there is a limit of six expansions per OW. If your sid controls 8 territories, next OW you can only control up to 14 territories. Once you expand by six territories, you can?t attack, only defend. If you lose a territory, you can attack again.

Okay, now I know when I can attack. What? I still can?t?
Remeber how you couldn?t attack a territory if your connected ones are under attack? Same mechanic is at work here. It?s not enough to prevent you from expanding by more than six territories. They will stop you from potentially expanding by more than six territories. This is easier to explain with an example. Lets say your side expanded by 4 territories in the current OW. Your allies launch a decoy and the main force attacks another point. If you try to start a third attack, it won?t let you. Even though one battle is a decoy, you can?t have three battles going at once. If you won all three, and didn?t lose any territories, that would put you at 7 expansions, a clear violation of the rules.

Still can?t attack, just tell me why.
Each side is allowed to have only four attacks ongoing at once. This means the most battles you would have at once is 8. Still not 100% on this, confirmation needed.

This is pointless, we?re gonna lose this battle, should I leave?Leaving has a penalty of 5 minutes we?re you may not participate in a OW battle. Of course you could just suicide multiple times to get out, but that means the eemies will get out faster too, so if you think the remaining allies can hold out long enough without you and you need to help elsewhere, go for it. Just don?t exit normally.

OMG, HAX, how did they get 19 players into a battle and we only have 15?
This is one I heard a lot in a couple OWs, and I also wondered about why a room filled when there were less Axis (my side) than Allied. This is most likely due to spheres of influence. A territory close to a spawn point will be under the sphere of influence of that side. A normal match is a 34 player room, 17 vs 17. However a territory right next to a spawn point becomes a 19 vs 15 battle, and one thats two away is a 16 vs 18 battle.

What are Push and Basic Mode?
Push Mode is when your side is losing in OW (Control less than 40% of the map). It allows you to ?leapfrog? to a cut off territory. Leapfrogging is done by travelling to an adjacent enemy territory thats also adjacent to the cut off territory. After you are next to the cut off territory, you will be able to travel to it.

There are quite a few rules, but understanding them can make a huge difference in planning attacks and defenses.

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