Heroes in the Sky Room Hosting Guide


Heroes in the Sky Room Hosting Guide by kabukikitsune

After seeing the questionable quality of some rooms, I?ve decided to post this here in the hopes of helping people be better hosts. This will follow a simple DO and DON?T format.

DO pick what game type is most comfortable to you.
DON?T just go with what everyone says.

Some game types are easier for new players, where as others aren?t. While Single may give more XP, it may not be what you?re ready for yet. Keep this in mind.

DO boot someone who is being offensive or harassing others.
DON?T boot someone for no reason.

This can always come back to haunt you. If you boot someone for no reason other than they are better than you, don?t get mad or upset when they boot you for no reason later on. If they?re being offensive or harassing others, then boot is a good option.

3.) If you MUST boot:
DO Give them a reason.
DON?T just boot them and leave well enough alone.

Same as above, it can always come back to haunt you. If you?re booting someone for a reason, then it doesn?t hurt you to tell them it. Especially if it?s nothing more than ?I?m looking for new players? or ?You?re a bit too strong for this room.

DO set a level limit.
DON?T assume high levels will pass you by.

Just because the room is full of lower level players, doesn?t mean that someone lvl 42 won?t join in and mop the floor with you. Always set a room limit within your current level range. This way you prevent the above problem from happening.

5.) If you must go AFK:
DO announce how long you expect to be gone.
DON?T just leave.

Too many times have I seen random rooms where the host was apparently AFK. He?d stepped out for a bit?only never to come back. If players had been told about how long he would be gone, things wouldn?t be so bad. Even set it in the room name ?AFK back in 10? or so..

DO have fun with the room name.
DON?T post anything offensive.

This is a no brainer. Quickest way to get a ban here. Offensive is anything that censors out, or could be taken a wrong way. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

DO your best.
DON?T expect everyone to dumb down to your level.

Meaning: If you are level 20, and have no level limit, and someone level 30 logs in who is faster and stronger than you; do your best to shoot them down. Don?t demand that they slow their plane down to match your speed, making things easier on you. You won?t learn anything this way, and will just make enemies. (Right now I have one player blacklisted for such a stunt.)

DO have fun.
DON?T expect to always win.

Similar to above, but always remember that while you may be on top for a while; there?s always someone out there who?s better than you. Have fun with it and don?t take things personally, and don?t always expect to win every time out, and you?ll do fine.

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