Heroes in the Sky Stalling for Time Guide


Heroes in the Sky Stalling for Time Guide by leviatan36

OK this is a short guide for those who are not afraid and are brave enough to face the whole [Wolf]Pak or a 1vs16 OW battle.

Well I have noticed that in may times people get in an OW battle in which they find themselves alone against 16 players. First of all DON?T PANIC AND DON?T LEAVE THE BATTLE!!, why? Because the longer you stay in that battle, the longer those 16 enemies will be in that battle, and that means that they cannot join other battles.

So for example if you get in France and you are against the whole [Wolf]Pak; by staying in the battle, you will keep them busy with you, and they won?t join other battles. And trust me the more time they are stuck with you the better it will be for the other battles. So here are my advices.


When the battle starts, try to get to one of the closest corners of the map, this will make your opponents to take longer before reaching you. Don?t go foward just to get slaughtered by them, instead, stay calmed waiting for them.


Once they have reached you, don?t try to attack them, just try to fly in the more impredictable way, because if you try to attack one of them, you will be an easy prey for the other 16 pilots. From time to time you may throw a bomb randomly, maybe it will fall on an enemy.


After you get killed the first time and after you respawn, go inmediatly to the opposite corner where you got killed the first time. This will make them follow you across the whole map, giving you more time to be alive. Remember the more time you make them waste the better.


Eventually, they will be waiting for you in the respawning point, so as soon as you can move the plane, fly your plane like a madman up, down, left, right, you can also do lot of circle turns (but remember that there will be some gunners trying to put a bomb in your head so do this carefuly) , everywhere you want but NEVER in a straight line. This will make you a difficult target. And again don?t try to kill another plane.


This is more of a mechanical advice, try to have a a very good turning engine, but if you don?t have one, anyway you can try to stall them, just follow the tips . If your plane is a jet (or you have a fast plane) then GO FULL SPEED, but try not to be in a straight line for a long time because you will be an easy target. Oh and one last thing, take a look at your plane abilities, because some planes have a speed and mobility bonus in low altitudes and others in high altitudes. Depending on that try to fly low or high.

Final tips

Everything I have written is just for fighters and some gunners (I haven?t use a bomber so I don?t really know what should a bomber do to stall the enemy), and use them only in AIR BATTLES and when you have to destroy a ground target (in this last case even though you have to destroy a target, don?t do it, just follow everything I have said, again THIS WILL MAKE YOUR ENEMIES WASTE MORE TIME) because when you have to defend a ground target, this advices become useless, but even in this situation DON?T LEAVE, so in that way they will have to destroy the whole target and it will take longer than the 10 seconds that they would have to wait if there weren?t any pilots in battle.

And if in the battle you are not alone and you have 2 or 3 more fellow pilots (3 or 4 vs 16) try to get as far away as you from the other pilots, that will make that less enemies will attack every pilot and it won?t be a 1vs16 and it will become a 1 vs 8 and 1 vs 8, and in that situation it is easier to stall the enemies because you will live longer.

Ok I have finish all my tips, I hope you use them in OW, and remember DON?T SUICIDE OR QUIT THE BATTLE.

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