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Heroes in the Sky Tech Guide


Heroes in the Sky Tech Guide by Flether

Intended for the Techs that are available to apply on 6+ Strength items, along with a short description of what actually happens. Same as with prefixes, sort by part type please!

Names with * next to them are ones I?m unsure about.


A Random Tech is applied to the item at Strength levels 6,7 and 9, and these can stack. Unknown for higher Strength levels as it stands now.

If you fail an upgrade to a strength level higher than 6, it?ll fall back to 5, even WITH pills!

Armor ? Bulletproof, Evade,

Bomb ? Anti-Everything, Critical, Flame, Restore,

Engine ? Accelerate, Cooling Performance,

Machine-gun ? Anti-Bomber/Fighter/Gunner/Ship/Structure (Anti-Everything for short), Critical, Flame, Restore,

Missile ? Anti-Everything Critical, Flame, Restore,

Propeller ? Accelerate, Cooling Performance,

Rocket ? Anti-Everything, Critical, Flame, Restore,


Accelerate: Most likely changes how well your plane performs when climbing/diving.

Anti-Everything: Adds more damage to either Bombers, Fighters, Gunners, Ships or Structures. Shows as ?Strike *****?, where **** is replaced by bomber, fighter, gunner, ship or structure. The % is the amount of extra damage presumably.

Bulletproof: Presumably either a certain % of damage reduction or a % chance to ignore damage, probably reduction.

Cooling Performance: Either an increase to how long you can boost or how fast it cools down.

Critical: A % chance to deal a critical hit, with 200% of original damage! I.e. 10 becomes 20.

Evade: Well, this makes little sense as it?s supposedly applied to weapons? But either it gives you a chance to evade or makes it more likely to hit (and avoid those annoying 2-3 damage hits)

Flame: A certain % chance to set your enemy on fire! Fire does 10dmg about every second or so, unknown how the duration is affected by weapon type/damage.

Restore: A lifesaver. The % is the chance for a hit to restore 10 health! Lovely for missions, where you can use your machine-gun. Not affected by weapon damage/type.


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