Hi guys, I want to show you 10 tips & tricks in Heroes of the Storm So let’s get started. Regen Globes only drop from the mage minions and they drop every time. In this game, abilities do deal damage to structures, so make sure to use them, if you reall want to push hard. The lightnings and flames around a player’s health bar just means that that player is on a killing spree. There is an animation for a five killing spree, a ten killing spree, a 15 killing spree, or a 20 killing spree. There is no additional benefit in killing such a player, except maybe satisfaction and the loss of all his Gathering Power stacks if he got that talent. Destroying a keep will cause this lane to spawn catapults each wave. These catapults will push the lane and eventually finish the core if left alone for too long. The white eye above your head means that you’re standing in a bush. Taking damage will reaveal you and turn the eye red. This also pop up if you’re reavealed by a Scouting Drone, Clairvoyance or any other source.

By holding down an ability this ability gets recasted as soon as the cooldown is over. This is especially useful on Sylvana’s or Li Li’s Q-ability. By holding down alt + an abliity key, this ability will be self-casted. This also works for area of effect spells. By pressing the “C”-key you get detailed information about your hero. Those information iclude: health, mana, ablity power, cooldown reduction, attack range, attack speed, life steal, sieg damage and move speed. You can swap talents by holding the left mouse button and dragging it to another talent slot. If you didn’t reach level 15 to unlock the full free (hero) rotation you can select random and there’s a good chance you’ll and up with one of the two locked heroes. I will speed up the video now and as you can see after that, I end up with Sgt. Hammer, how I couldn’t select in the first place because I didnt reach level 12. This will eventually get fixed by blizzard, but for now it works just fine. I hope you find these tips useful and if I missed some, make sure to post them in the comments.

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