Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold. Today we’re going to start what is hopefully a new Heroes of the Storm series, where on the first of each month we cover the best builds for soloqueue for the month before. I’ve been tracking this for a few months now and having a lot of fun with it personally. All these builds have an average winrate of 68%, so if you want to find a new favorite hero or learn a new OP build, here ya go. Let’s do this guide. So what are we doing here? How does all this work? Well generally, people go on Hotslogs and see the hero overall win rate and make a big fuss about it. But these numbers include all builds, all combinations of talents, and some of those talents and heroes are heavily weighted down by bad talent builds.

For instance, Falstad is consistently super strong pick, but only if you buff hammerang at level 1 and get flow rider plus aerie gusts at 13 and 16 to throw out more hammerangs. If you take out those talents, you’re gonna lose a lot more and when those loses are recorded it pulls his overall win rate down to 50%. So we’re looking at every game from the past month, and comparing only the best builds. With that out of the way, let’s look at the biggest winners and the biggest losers this month. Losers: Alright, biggest losers. These are people who had their win rate fall from the month before. At #5, we have Cho, he fell off 5% from last month where chogall had the second highest winrate. The best builds have been a little different than traditional ones you might have used, with Cho building into surging fist for a super powerful engage and disengage and gall building into sustain with mass orbs and making those orbs shield.

My guess is that alarak’s huge silence really hurt the ogre’s survivability. #4: Anub best build last month was 72%, building Beetles and AoE damage. This month building Burrow + Imapale still has a healthy 68% win rate, but that’s a big drop off. #3: Artanis also dropped considerably. His build is the same, talenting into dash early game and blades for late game, but his winrate fell 5%. Noticing a trend? Warriors are not as powerful as they used to be. #2 we’ve got Zeratul who fell 7%! I don’t know what happened here. Did everyone just suddenly figure out how to see stealth? My guess is no and I’ll tell you why later in the vid. #1: The biggest loser this month is poor Tyrande, whose highest win rate build both months, going full healing and then speccing trueshot aura, dropped from 75% win rate, one of the highest, to 67. Alright, now the winners. These are the people whose win rate climbed the most this past month. #5 Rehgar climbed four percent and his best build changed from building totem and lightning shield to speccing into wolf more. This shift surprises me cause we’re kindof in a “burst em down from range” meta so you’d think shields would be more valuable, but I don’t know.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I’m curious. #4: Mentioning burst em down from range, this is the second month that DPS malfurion is the highest winrate for malf, and more people must be trying it out cause this build jumped from 68 to 74 percent win rate. #3: The third biggest winner this month is Illidan who’s been hunting around for a buff for a while. It’s the same build you’re used to but with Unending Hatred at 1, Hunter’s Onslaught at 7, and The Hunt as his ult. This combo also earned him a spot as the #3 highest winrate, but we’ll get there.

#2: Sgt Hammer Climbed 7% this month and her best build switched from building full range to speccing for invisihammer. And the biggest win rate improvement this month…is a secret, because it’s also the number 1 best build, and I gotta get y’all to watch the whole video somehow right? Before we go to the best builds though, the worst deserve a mention. While all of these Heroes had positive win rate builds, the best talent choices for Kaelthas, Zeratul, Gul’dan, Chromie, Sylvanas and Medivh were all 6 and 9% lower than the average. It’s interesting to me to see former first picks like Kaelthas, Zeratul, or Sylv suddenly be at the bottom of the barrel.

I don’t know, it’s interesting. Let’s get into it though, hands up, here are the best builds for Solo Queue for the past month. Number 5, Malfurion – Moonburn, Vengeful Roots, Strangling Vines and Twilight Dream. There was a significant amount of time where Twilight Dream wasn’t just mentioned as a joke, but was unanimously considered the worst ultimate in the game. Someone must have spread the word that a nuke and 3 second silence attached on a character that can then lock a team in position has it’s place in the game. It makes me so happy to see DPS malf suddenly be viable.

There’s not a lot in Heroes of the Storm more fun than just trolling someone killing them from halfway across the map with moonfire after moonfire after moonfire. Mentioning halfway across the map, our number 4 best build, maintaining a more than 74% win rate for two months in a row is Azmodan. With taste for blood, which used to be the go to, you have an incentive not to hit heroes, but with Sieging Wrath you’re rewarded. We’re taking army of hell for easy mana free lane pressure. Bound Minion and Forced recruitement for crazy global presence throughout the game, and Battleborn, Hellforged Armor, and Demonic invasion as an ultimate for strong constant damage in teamfights or at a tower. With Azmodan, if you get to a keep, you press 3 buttons and the keep’s just gone. There’s nothing the enemy team can do about it. Illidan spent a little bit of time this past year bordering on trash tier, and before you get too upset I’m just talking about the numbers here. I know you illidan mains are a fussy bunch and always know everything about everything.

The traditional recommended illidan build is immolation, friend or foe, reflexive block,either nimble defender or sixth sense, and marked for death. Good strong setup, you can’t go too wrong there. But, to boost out winrate 15% we’re going to swap out level 1 for Unending Hatred, level 7 for Hunter’s Onslaught, and 16 for Fiery Brand. This build is so strong for soloqueue specifically because unlike competitive play, you’re going to for sure find people out of position here and there, and with this build they’re dead no question. Unless it’s a murky, and then just don’t mess with murky if you’re illidan. Our #2 best hero this month is another that has gone back and forth between being OP and trash, and we’re talking good ole Sgt. Hammer. Her best build this month at 75.6% was Ambush at 1, Focused attack at 4, First Aid, BFG, Giant Killer, Graduating Range, and Nexus Frenzy at 20 rather than the orbital bullet.

It might surprise you that this build uses graduating rather than hover since it’s also the ambush focused attack combo, but remember, the sneaky invisihammer attitude is a gimmick. As amaz says, don’t try to be cute, it doesn’t ever work. Ambush gives a strong DPS boost when you siege and that can do some amazing burst. It’s worth noting that a lot of her 65%+ winrate builds specced for vigorous assault at lvl 4, that’s the one where basic attacks heal you. Try it out, it’s really fun to just sit there and heal up. And finally, at number 1, mentioning just sitting there and healing up, we have the highest win rate hero in the game, at 82% win rate, the big. Bad. butcher. I love that butcher is finally having his day. He has 12 different builds right now over 70% win rate. He can get silenced and still heal off Alarak. We’re going to go for mostly blood build. Grab the Abbatoir, blood frenzy, and nexus blades for those massive super fast autoattacks.

But rather than getting Viddles at level 7 (dictionary pronounciation of Victuals) we’re taking Insatiable blade for more healing and a little mobility. Lamb to the slaughter. Brutal strike. This is the most you can self heal with as Butcher. Just remember with all this mobility and self sustain, you’re still not a tank. Please. Don’t 1v4. Or if you do, film it. And finally, here’s a lightning round of cool things I learned from this analysis. Nova had the 6th highest win rate by speccing into pinning shot bribe Almost all of Kharazim’s top talents chose insight rather than his damage boost or healing punches. Nazeebo’s best build for 2 months straight chose blood ritual rather than death ritual.

Rexxar didn’t make the cut, but he was the second best tank next to diablo and his lowest winrate build was still 59%. You can’t really go wrong with Rexxar right now. Either build as a tank with Hungry bear and aspect of the beast, or play as a specialist with Easy Prey and Birds of Prey. Zarya. She’s super fun. Build into her trait and spec for CDR. That’s all guys, hope you have a great day and have fun out there. Subscribe to the channel if you’re new here. Just click the bear. Right there. And if you want me to turn this into a monthly series, please hit the like button and tell me what you thought about it in the comments. I read every comment you write. And if you’ve already subscribed and want to support the channel even more, please, check out my patreon. See you guys tomorrow. Bye!.

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