Hey guys, everything okay? It’s Sniper and today I gonna talk about the Zeratul AD build. I also want to take the time to say thank you to all my viewers from others countries and to say that soon the videos will also have Spanish subs. So, let’s talk about AD build… obviously there are variations, but in general at level 1 choose ‘Seasoned Marksman’, at level 4 you ‘Focused Attacks’, at level 7 choose ‘Searing Attacks’, at level 10 choose ‘Shadow Assault’, at level 13 choose ‘Assassins Blade’, at level 16 choose ‘Berserk’, and at level 20 you’ll improve your ultimate by choosing ‘Nerazim Fury’.

Depending on the situation you can choose ‘Nexus Blade’ to increase your damage. But I recommend that you improve your ultimate so you can have some life steal. Let’s quickly show how it works at the game, how you can start a fight with Zeratul and how you can approach a target with him. Let’s go! I’m gonna now show one of the advantages of not being seen by the base’s towers. Illidan will go all in on this Li-ming, and she will leave the fight very weak. You can do this in several situations when the character comes to the lane with half of HP… She will run to the healing fountain and when she is coming back with her life still charging, that’s when you’re gonna attack! After kill her you leave using ‘Blink’. Let me go to this part… Illidan goes all in on her, so she has to run to healing font… In the meantime I’m here invisible, chillin’! And now that she’s coming back you can execute your combo on her and use your Blink to escape.

No danger, 3 seconds after that you will be invisible again. So, this is one of the advantages that you can use almost every time a target is coming back from the healing fountain. Recapping… When the target is coming back to the lane, get close, and hit ‘W’ and ‘Q’, and after you kill him them you just escape using ‘E’. You can abuse of this mechanics.

You can also hunt Abatur inside his base and escape using ‘E’, for example, it will always work! Now I’m going to try to solo at this Greymane… At this point in the match the build is not complete, but I already have ‘Searing Attacks’ and ‘Shadow Assault’ that is more than enough to kill Greymane. He’s not seeing me… He’s trying to take the Altar. I’m gonna to use ‘Singularity Spike’, ‘Cleave’, and then Activate ‘Searing strikes’ and ‘Shadow Assault’. After that I’ll just hit him with basic attacks… Literally taking my hands away from my mouse and keyboard, and kill him without difficulty… Look! Zeratul has a very strong all in! In this situation I’m going to show how you should position in a Team Fight with Zeratul.

I am gonna try to arrive from the backline and kill some opponent that is with low HP. You can even come from inside the enemy’s base, because they will be distracted and won’t notice you. Also, Zeratul is not frontline, so he should always engage from behind, he has the mechanics to do it. So, there is no reason not to take advantage of this mechanic!! Close in on a low HP target, take them down and get out! This crazy guy jumps on me… Look how easy it is to chase him down and kill him.

Then you just blink and you’re safe! That was one of the ways to engage in a TF with him… You should always try to walk around, arrive from behind the base. In other maps you can come from the bushes. There will always be a target that is low on HP or is at a fragile position, that’s when you attack them. And if you’re in danger, you just escape using ‘E’. Here you will see another TF… There’s no reason for me, in this situation, to engage from the front, fight together with the other meeles. Zeratul does not have a lot of HP, therefore I would die quickly. And my job here is to take out the source of damage from the other team, and in this case is Li-ming. So, I’ll again take advantage of my invisibility’s mechanics and try to engage from behind to catch the most vulnerable one.

I’ve arrived from behind, here Li-Ming is exposed and Greymane is probably engaging my allies in melee. Rehgar, is also going to engage in melee. He’ll probably cast ‘Ancestral Healing’ on Greymane or on their tank. Leaving Li-ming even more exposed. He did not move away as much as I expected, but she’s still exposed enough so I can get her.

There, as soon as she’s dead their main damage source stops, and the Team Fight is basically over… Basically, that’s it… Always go around their team, find the exposed target and take them out. Guys, that’s it for today. I hope have to explained well this build for you. I’m just sharing with you how I usually play with Zeratul… If you guys do something different, please leave a comment. I want to hear from you! Also, if you think that I have to change something in the way that I make these videos, please share it with me! Your feedback helps a lot, ’cause I’m always looking to improve.

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