Hello and welcome to another Heroes of the Storm guide! This guide is about the Autoattack Valla. In my opinion one of the stronges Valla builds. She is super dangerous without Mana and deals a ton of DPS without her skills. Starting with the right Skilling of her. The first Talent should be Rancor (4) to increase your Attackspeed with hatred The second Talent is Manticore (2) for giving every 3rd autoshot at the same target a bonus dmg of 50%!! It`s very nice in combination with Talent nr 3. Searing Attacks (4) to give our autoattacks a burst oppinion for 5 sec! (50% more dmg) At lvl 10: Rain of Vengeance (2) a good way to protect yourself against Melees etc. and give your Team a super effektive CC with good dmg 4. Talent is Giant Killer (1) to increase the Dps of Autoattack to a enemies Champ. There are 2 Options for the LvL 16 Talent: Choose Blood for Blood (3) for a little bit heal and more dmg output. Or if you are not that save with Valla : Choose Tumble (2) for getting 2 charge of Vault but keep in mind: IT`S USELESS without mana for 2 Vault`s Take Nexus Frenzy (3) at LvL 20 to maximise your attackspeed (dps) (best option) maybe blink (4) or Storm of Vengeance (2) for more CC and Controll on the enemie Team.

With lvl 20 you can increase your attackspeed upto nearly 50% !!! Use it to finish the enemie (team) as fast as you could. In Heroes Valla is DPS so press out as much as damage as you could. And dont forget the Structures they like damage in their face. The bad thing is: you are SQUISHY. SQUISHY AS HELL! In Teamfights you stay at the backline. As far away from the enemie as you could. And use your range and attackspeed to make damage with autoattacks Use your Q and W to burst a little bit and getting out a little bit extra dmg But keep in mind : Q and W are not the Skills used to make the most dmg. Just supporting DPS! You are also dangerous without Q and W! Just use them to support the Dps and finish enemies. Take care that you start Teamfights with maximum stacks of Hatred! (You get them with Autoattacking something! Max 10 Stacks) With Hatred you get Bonus Dmg at Autoattacks. Bonus Attackspeed and Bonus Movementspeed!!!! Thats a TON OF BONUS FOR A PASSIVE! You can use Minions or Structures ( YES THE STONE WALLS are structures!) to get Hatred stacked! (And by the way enemies champs) Get a feeling when its time to leave the fight! You are much more useful alive then death! If you are low : go out of fight (at least with E skill) and go back (B button).

You can turn a bad situation teamfight into a perfect one!! If your Opponents know how to play you will be one of their MAIN TARGETS!!! Just to make sure its VERY USEFULL to know HOW to attackmove in this game! If you dont know! checkout the Video below theese (also Eng sub) Lets see what a Valla can do: A wonderful Rain of Vengeance stunning 4 of the enemies.

So Vallas team can easy kill them without taking a lot damage. And Vallas team was just 4 vs 5 ! Just Muradin getting away… that lucker… Could just been better if E.T.C Moshpits there and made the Penta possible. I hope you have seen what play are possible with Valla. Kite your enemie in areas where they cant get away and get a Rain of Vengeance in their faces. that´s it about autoattack Valla. I hope you liked it. If you did please leave a like or a subsription..

As found on Youtube