At Level 1, choose 4 to get attack speed. Tracer is annoying but she can’t do anything to me. Ignore. I can’t against Sylv now so call for help. Good timing to turn in. Thanks GM for scouting for me. Level 4, choose 1. Poor prey here. Lets get a free kill! I can get health back by attacking minions now. Just soak for now. And turn in later. Level 7, choose 4 to get more dmg. Clean lanes and soak for spiders. They are all mid. Why not get a free fort on the top? Time to retreat. Nice push though. Turn in first and then get mana. Level 10, choose whatever you are good at. I tried to help throll get a kill. Attack Mura here to make him retreat. Continue to push top. Level 13, choose 3 to leech more. Free kill Mura . lol Get camps fast. I misunderstood them here. lol Get camps fast. Level 16, choose 3 for more blood. GM contributed his first time. lol Help Etc defend here. GG.

As found on Youtube