Hi everyone, this is Aeldro, welcome to this new hero tutorial and this time, we’re gonna talk about Li li. Li li is an extremely easy to play hero. I’ll go as far as saying that this is the easiest to play. It is therefore a perfect character for beginners. Today we’re gonna see her full support build that is her simplest build, but also the most effective. Let’s begin with her level 1 talent.

Here, take Conjurer’s Pursuit and only Conjurer’s Pursuit. Li li is a hero that needs to spam her spells indefinitely and to do so, you need to never be out of mana ! This talent will ask you to pick up health globes to increase your mana regeneration to a maximum of 25 stacks. If you play on a map where the lanes are close to each other like the Tomb of the Spider Queen or the top part of BlackHeart’s Bay, don’t hesitate to roam to get the globes of multiple lanes at the same time.

At level 4 you have different choices depending on the situation, but the default one is Mending Serpent. Like I said, you need to spam your spells and other assets will allow you to spam them quicker. Likewise, a heal on your Cloud Serpent will multiply your healing power on your teammates. A lot of players prefer Healing Ward, but a 60 seconds cooldown that gets almost instantly destroyed is not especially worth it…

Finally, if there are a lot of basic-attack heroes in the enemy team, Mass Vortex can completely disable their damages for 2 seconds. At level 7, we want to increase our heals with The Good Stuff. But since patch 18.0, Conjurer’s Pursuit may not give you enough mana to keep up over time anymore. You can then choose Pitch Perfect if you have difficulties with your mana and even more so if for any reason you didn’t chose Conjurer’s Pursuit at level 1. But the last patch does have its benefits since it gives Li li a third choice for this level 7, the talent Cleanse that is an excellent alternative because it allows you to render an ally Unstoppable for 1 second.

Be careful though because even if Li li is an easy to play character, this talent is really not made for beginners ! To use it, you have to be reactive to counter a control spell that one of your ally is about to face, and that is not so simple ! For the level 10, Jug of 1000 Cups is a heal burst than can do a difference in a teamfight. Be sure however to stay out of range of your enemies when you use it because any control spell will cancel it immediatly. The level 13 offers us various choices again. The default one is Surging Wind that boosts your heals by 5% for 8 seconds for every enemy touched by Blinding Wind. This talent is interesting because it’s stackable up to 4 times ! For now, unless you took Mass Vortex at level 4, you can see that it’s impossible to stack it that much since you can only use Blinding Wind every 10 seconds.

But you’ll see that it will become possible with your level 20 talent. The second possible choice at this tier is Shrink Ray, it’s especially effective against melee assassins and assassins with a lot of burst. At level 16, you have only one possible choice, Two For One, that allows you to heals two heroes simultaneously for a longer cooldown but here again, your level 20 will greatly mitigate this little flaw. And here we finally are at level 20 where Kung Fu Hustle will reduce your cooldown while Fast Feet is active.

Like I said, this talent is a perfect match for your level 13 and level 16, but alternative choices are also possible. Storm Shield is an excellent active spell, especially if the enemy team as a lot of burst. Bolt Of The Storm is still a viable talent but seriously lacks efficiency here compared to other heroes because it can only be used defensively. This is the end of this little guide on Li li. If you liked it don’t hesitate to leave a blue thumb and share this video as well as subscribing to the channel. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and leave a comment under the video to give your opinion. Meanwhile I’ll see you soon in other videos. ~Subtitles by Rimbalt~.

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