Talk about a satisfying Beefcake warrior Geeez Stitches is one of our favorite as he can eat lots of damage, enable awesome plays and put out spread pressure Part of this spread pressure is through his passive Vile Gas as this will have nearby enemies suffer damage over time If he is being hit. Him being all the time in their faces well, he’s about to get hit quite often Q is his hook and act as a range skill shot enabling you to throw a hook and if it connects with an enemy minion Or hero he will pull that target to him and deal damage It is one of the most difficult skill shots in the game because of the really small line So it does take a lot of practice to become valuable In the same spectrum on your 1 key Helping Hand is exactly like hook only difference is that You can use this to pull party members to you in most cases to save them.

If you manage to do so the cool-down From 60 seconds is dropped to 8 seconds Slam is is w and it is another part of the spread pressure Acting as a big conal skill shot this will cover a lot of ground and yield significant damage to enemies and minions It’s also a really good laning tool As Stitches is playing all the time He does get hungry pretty fast and this is why your E – Devourer just bites off an enemy, deals damage And heals him for 20% of his maximum health This ability adds up to his role as main tank enabling his presence in teamfights to be much more durable Now if Stitches wasn’t disgusting enough well his first heroic Putrid Bile is basically him vomiting this green liquid on the ground for eight seconds Enemies that step in it are slowed for 35% and suffer damage over time this being another part of the spread pressure Also, he gains 20% movement speed while emitting the Bile Gorge is his second heroic and you use it to eat your enemies.

You Gorge someone, he gets inside your belly for four seconds He cannot be cleansed And he suffers good damage after he gets spit it out although fun and sometimes useful this heroic works on small lane maps such as towers of doom Most viable talent build for stitches is Slam Build but small adjustments can be made Depending on your team comp and map or the enemy team’s roster is the place to be if you want to see some insane hooks and awesome combos with Stitches So for level 1 you could take dampen magic if the enemy team is mage heavy and you’re the only warrior in the team But for the most part you pick up heavy slam to start off the slam build Talent will increase the damage of your W by 40% Adding even more to Stitches spread pressure and helping him clear lanes a lot faster Putrid Ground is the talent of choice on level 4 as your passive will now apply to your slam as well this will greatly increase The overall damage as both effects will stack At level 7 the spread pressure will be even bigger because you’ll be picking up toxic gas this will increase the radius by 25% for your passive and it will also increase the damage it inflicts by 50% For level 10 gorge can work on towers of doom or when paired with a good medivh to teleport gorge enemies between your towers However the more consistent and efficient heroic is Putrid Bile Not only does it provide a utility with the slow for the enemy team But it also completes the full-on circle on the spread damage, or can be used to disengage on 13 Flea Bag and work if the enemy team has a lot of stuns or roots as it lowers the cool-down for all your basic abilities by 6 seconds But the Slam Build does enquire you pick up Mega Slash this will transform your w into a huge AOE ability which will make it virtually impossible For you to miss the enemy team.

It works really well, especially for interrupting objectives Pulverize is the way to go for level 16 as it will transform your slam into an annoying slow for a whopping 75% Add on top of this the fact that it will lower the cool-down for it by two seconds Level 20 can go well with Potent Bile as it will now last for 14 seconds and the slow amount is increased by 45 percent In most cases though we tend to go with Hardened Shield as this provides a flat-out damage reduction 75% to be more exact for four seconds Now when playing stitches everybody expects for you to land all the hooks and enable awesome plays This is kind of true, but don’t stress yourself.

I found the best way to practice The hooks is always trying to predict the enemy’s movement and throw them that way; never in the exact direction Always try to hook potential targets on cooldown if you miss there’s really no problem But at least you’re practicing if you manage to hook squishy ones you can be sure that this will have a huge psychological Impact and you’ll force them to be more and more defensive As Stitches you have good spell armor and a huge health-pool Don’t be the last to engage and don’t be the first to run out Always position yourself in the front line and zone out enemies as much as you can also Keep note that your e devourer is really valuable Against Mercenaries and bosses as it does 200% more damage than hitting heroes This will surely help you clear camps and bosses much faster and keep you alive in the process As for synergies with stitches I can see him fit in almost any country be honest but heroes like Uther can add to his tankiness and follow up with stuns while heroes like Alarak, Greymane or Cassia can jump on the hooked Target and Burst fast Cheers for watching guys and in case you are new to the channel go ahead and check out our other videos We do a lot of hero guides and team league gameplays over here, and we’re sure you’ll find even more interesting If you enjoyed the video make sure to also check us out on You just hit that follow button and you will be notified whenever we stream! We stream every day of the week from 12 p.m.

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