Hey there, gold makers! This is Reckles with WTB Gold, and today I wanted to talk to you about how to make gold in Heroes of the Storm. Now, this is a little bit different than making gold in World of Warcraft. It’s a lot more focused on playing with friends and just, the daily grind. But I actually really like it.

It’s more fun and I’ve noticed that I actually have made a lot more friends just playing games and adding random people after matches, which I kindof like and I kindof don’t. I don’t know how I feel about it. But like, those two people; I don’t know them. But, uhhh, it’s neat. Anyways, on to the actual gold making. You’ll notice that I have a lot of level 5 characters, level 5 toons. Let’s go with Kerrigan. Let’s see, what skin? Ah yes! The countess! So, a lot of the level 5 toons, I have them because you get 500 gold whenever you level a toon up to level 5. So, in total you can get 16,000 gold if you level all of these toons up to level 5.

And every week, Blizzard gives you 5 to 7 new toons that you can play with and test out. So that’s really great. Every week, if you just level these toons, these 5 free toons, you can get 2,500 free gold plus whatever games you played. Now,the actual games, if you play cooperative, that gives you zero gold for a loss and ten gold for a win. This is playing against a bot. Quick match is playing against people. This is a little harder. It gives you 20 gold for a loss and 20 gold plus a 10 gold bonus for a win. Hero league. This, you probably know everything if you’re playing in Hero League. This is for level 30s and up. You get 20 gold a loss and just like Quick Match you get 30 gold for a win. If you’re just starting though, what I recommend is to just pick a toon or two and just get in there and play some games. What will happen is you’ll level up your account. When you get experience after a game, you get experience not only for the character you’re playing but also for your account in general. At level 2 on your account, you get a thousand gold.

At level 4 on your account, you get another thousand gold. And this allows you, this gives you 2,000 gold in total and allows you to buy a Hero. These first couple Heroes here are 2,000 gold. I would recommend you go with Lili here. Let’s make her…let’s get her stunned; Yah! So, Lili’s great, you can just hold down Q and instantly cast, and just keep casting her heal. And then her cloud serpent ability, it automatically attacks whoever is nearby.

So it’s really easy to play. And this automatically attacks the two nearest people. So, really really easy to play, and the Jug of 1,000 cups automatically heals whoever’s nearby. So, she’s really easy to play and really powerful too. So go with her if you’re new. The third thing, as you keep playing, this is your goal: level 6 on your account is your goal. Unlock daily quests. So, if you’re in your first day, play until you get daily quests. And then you’ll get your first daily quest unlocked. This is support the troops. Your daily quest will be between 200 and 800 gold at least right now, it’s still Beta. All of this is still Beta.

For instance, these are current, there are websites out there that have different values, they are based on the Alpha build. I’ve read some of them. They have “level 14 gives you some gold.” They’re wrong. But anyway, so, support heroes. A way you could do this efficiently, if I…who is a support hero? Let’s say I needed to level up Malfurion. Let’s say I bought Malfurion, and I needed to level up Falstad too. Well, Malfurion is a support and Falstad is an assassin so I would want to level up Malfurion instead of playing Falstad because then I would be getting two for one. That’s about as efficient as you can get, unfortunately. The only trick you can do other than that is throwing money at it.

So, Stimpacks are amazing! They cost four bucks for the seven day and ten bucks for the thirty day. They give you a hundred percent experience per match and a hundred fifty percent gold per match. I’ve gotten 390,000 experience for a loss and you get about 75 gold per win in Quick Match. For the bundles, this is another trick, I would say. Most of these bundles are just for fun, and you get em if you like the skins and you want to spend a little cash.

But the nexus bundle is just a really good deal. It costs 30 or 35 bucks, but you get 8 heroes and all of these are, you can level them up for about 500 gold. And so this is about 4,000 gold in total plus, hey, you get a freakin Rainbow Unicorn and a Roller Derby Nova. Who doesn’t want that?! So, that’s it, those are my tips, remember level up your account until you get to level 6. You’ll get some gold along the way. Then go ahead and get to level 10. Level up all of your toons to level 5. If you have the money, buy the stimpack and the Nexus Bundle and other than that just do your daily quests and watch out for me and my E.T.C.

because he is comin for ya. Alright guys, have a good day..

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