Hello everyone and welcome to Hero Breakdown. In this video I will be doing something a little bit different. Instead of focusing on a specific build, I am going to give an in depth overview of the Hero, covering his abilities, talents, and ways to play him effectively. Let’s begin by dismantling Gazlowe. Gazlowe comes from the Warcraft franchise and falls into the specialist role. As such he has a pretty unique kit. He is probably the closest thing to a jungler in this game. Because of that Gazlowe excels at killing minions and taking out mercenary camps. But he also has added value for team fights thanks to his stuns and Grav-O-Bomb 3000. Gazlowe is not very good at chasing down enemies or being in the front lines.

Lets cover Gazlowes basic abilities. First up is the Rock-It! Turret. This ability let’s Gazlowe place a turret that lasts for 36 seconds. Initially you can place 2 down, and if talented you can get up to 4. You can actually place more, its just that the old ones will time out as you place the newer one. The turrets are great for taking out minions, Merc camps, and setting up a defensive position around map objectives. For instance guarding a shrine on the dragonshire map. They can also be used to give your team an escape route.

The turrets can also provide site for your team. So placing them in tall grass can be very helpful. Gazlowes next abilility is Deth Lazor. This is a charged attack that deals damage to all enemies in its path. The longer it is charged the more damage it will do. This ability can be tricky to use, as you are stuck standing still until you fire. The ability is best used from tall grass or other areas in which the enemies cannot see you. This ability can work well if you have teamates that can bait the enemy into range. Gazlowes final basic ability is Xplodium Charge. This places a bomb at a target location that will explode and stun enemies within the target areas for 2 seconds. So this is another ability that requires good timing, as it has a second delay. This ability is great for team fights as it often works as an area denial since most enemies will attempt to avoid the blast radius.

This can be useful to force the enemy team to separate. Even better is if they get caught. Gazlowes passive ability is salvager. Whenever an enemy structure or one of your rock it turrets gets destroyed a piece of scrap will be left behind. This crap looks like a little screw, if you collect the scrap you will restore 30 mana and reduce your ability cooldowns. You can also manually destroy your turrets using D. This is an important part of playing Gazlowe, as you will want to destroy your turrets every time you are about to leave an area.

For example after clearing a merc camp. This helps to ensure you do not run out of mana to fast and lets you stay in lane longer. Now we will take a look at the talents available for Gazlowe and some different ways to build him. You can aim to push lanes, kill mercs, or provide team fight support. At level 1 there are 5 options. Of the 5 I would say regeneration master is the least useful. Regeneration master provides +4 health regen for every 3 regen globes collected. Gazlowe is not really meant to be on the front lines taking damage so getting extra health back is pretty useless I feel, also this talent requires that you invest a good bit of time collecting orbs to make it have a noticeable effect. Demolitionist would be my next least favored talent, though this ability could potentially have some use if you are playing gazlowe to really push towers. What the talent does is that for every basic attack you remove 1 ammo from a tower and deal 10% extra damage.

Scrap-o-matic Smelter is a viable choice and is one talent I sometimes pick. This talent provides 60 mana from scrap, essentially double the normal amount. I like this talent for some of the larger maps such as Garden of Terror or Cursed Hollow. It allows Gazlowe to stay in lane a bit longer before needing to head back to base for more mana. Break it down is the next talent, this talent increases the cooldown reduction from scrap to 9 over 3 seconds. With this talent you can potentially get more abilities off as you collect scrap. The only problem is, I find Gazlowe to be a bit mana starved. So being able to use more abilities does not help much when you are out of mana. Now this could be viable depending on your composition. For instance if you are teamed with a Malfurion and he can cast innervate on you often. Finally there is Extra TNT, this is probably my number 1 talent pick for this tier in most cases as this ability is useful regardless of the situation. The talent increases the damage of your explodium charge by 10% for each enemy hit up to a max of 100%.

This is great for clearing minion waves, knight camps, and just teams fights in general. For level 4 there are 4 talent options. None of these talents are particularly impactful so either of them could be taken. But here are my thoughts. Superiority, reduced non-Heroic damage by 50%. I have been using this talent a lot recently and I think this is my pick for this tier. This talent makes clearing Merc camps, even the Boss camps, very easy solo. Gazlowe is generally able to clear Merc camps solo but this talent allows him to do it and come away with more life, which is nice in case someone tries to gank you. Clockwerk Steam Fists is an interesting talent that I have not found much use for. This talent increases the duration of your Rock It turrets by 1 second for every basic attack. I could see this being useful in a pushing build as you could essentially build a wall of turrets as you attack a tower. Perhaps combine this with the level 1 Demolitionist.

But for me I am never in one place long enough to need my turrets to stay up longer, plus the turrets often get destroyed before they can time out. Next up is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This would be my second pick for this tier. This talent gives a 15% chance for minions to drop scrap when they die. So if you are in lane and need some extra mana you have a chance to get it.

Though I will say that 15% seems a bit low. I think this would be more viable if the percentage was higher. Finally we have Promote. This talent gives you a new ability which you can cast on a friendly minion giving that minion +200% health and +100% damage. I have tried this ability and find it very lackluster. The minion still dies very quick and it cannot be cast on Mercs. Level 7 presents several interesting options. Rock-It Turret XL gives your turrets the ability to hit 2 additional targets for 50% damage. I really like this talent and I often pick it as it increase Gazlowes damage output quite a bit. Because each turret can now hit 3 targets Gazlow can clear minion waves and merc camps much faster. And obviously this makes the turrets more threatening in team fights.

Mercenary lord is an interesting talent. This talent provides bonuses to the Merc camps you capture. Siege giants get 50% damage and Knights get an extra 50% health, but it does not buff the boss golem. I like this ability for certain maps, garden of terror specifically because there are a lot of merc camps to capture, dragonshire is another one. Engine Gunk allows your turrets to slow movement speed by 25%.

This can be useful to set up an escape path for your team or an ambush, if say you place a turret in some tall grass and you bait the enemy to chase after you, once they get in range of the turrets they will be slowed and you can have an assasain jump out to gank. First aid gives you an ability that can be used to 35% of your max health over 6 seconds. I generally do not find this useful, and the other options in this tier are too good to pass up for this. Calldown: Mule is a situationally good talent. This talent gives you a new ability which allows you calldown a mule which will repair a structure and refill ammo to that structure for 60 seconds.

I would pick this if I was playing very defensively. This would really depend on my team composition and the enemy team comp. At level 10 there are two options for Heroic abilities. First is my go to pick, Grav – o – bomb 3000. This ability pulls enemies towards the center of the target area and deals damage. This is great if you can combo it with an Xplodium charge which by casting the xplodium charge and then the Gravobomb. Thus stunning the enemy after. This is great for team fights and can help immensely with taking out the enemy team. The gravobomb can also be used to help you escape a bad situation. The other Heroic ability is Robo-Goblin, this ability transforms you into a robo-goblin which allows you to deal 250% extra damage to Minions, Mercs, and Structures, you also reduce disabling effects by 50% while in this form which lasts 16 seconds. So this ability would be useful again if you aim is to push lanes. I can also see potential when combined with Rehgars bloodlust to allow you to quickly *clear an enemy fort.

Though I don’t think this ability really adds much to a team fight. At level 13 there are 4 options. Burning rage deals damage per second to nearby enemy minions. The damage from this talent is rather low and the ability is pretty insignificant overall. It could be useful to clear Merc camps and Minion waves a little faster, but by this level you are already clearing them quickly. Kwik Release Charge is my normal go to talent for this level. This talent lets you use your Xplodium charge twice in a row. This is great for team fights as well as clearing merc camps.

Each charge has a separate cooldown as well. Next is the EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper. This talent buffs your death lazer so that it will slow Heroes by 35% and freeze minions and structures for 3 seconds. This talent certainly has possibilities. If you have teammates that are good at baiting and you are able to hit enemy heroes you can set up some pretty good team combos. One example is if you are teamed with stitches, you start charging, stitches hooks, and then you hit with the lazer to slow the fleeing and weekend enemy. But for SoloQ I would generally pick Kwik release charge over this. Sprint is another interesting talent. This talent gives an extra ability that you can activate to gain 75% movement speed for 3 seconds.

This ability is pretty much the only escape mechanic gazlowe has available aside from getting lucky with a stun. So this ability does have a lot of value if you feel the enemy team is targeting you or that your team cannot protect you. I would pick this talent if I was concerned with survivability. At level 16 there are 5 options. This is probably one of the more interesting tiers as each option could be viable. Long ranged turrets gives your turrets extra 25% range. This is a pretty good amount and is good for a more defensive style play. Turret storage is my general go to pick, this talent increases the max turret charge count to 4. You can really lock down an area with 4 turrets. This also makes clearing merc camps much faster and safer. Hyperfocus Coils allows you to charge your death lazer twice as fast. This synergizes very well with the EZ-PZ dimensional ripper. Allowing you to get your charge shots off fast and keeping the enemy team slowed. Goblin fusion gives your death lazer an extra charge and increases the damage dealt by 50%.

This can be useful but is very team composition dependent. Because it takes quite a while to fully charge the lazer most enemies will be out of range before you can hit them. So you need a team that can keep the enemy engaged and in range long enough for you to use this ability. It can also be useful from a defensive perspective if you are hiding behind tower walls and out of the enemy’s vision. Lastly there is Stoneskin. This talent gives you an extra ability that when activated gives you 30% of your max health as a shield with a 60 sec cooldown. I personally do not like this ability very much as the cooldown is a bit long and the shield at level 20 would only be about 1200 damage. This might be an option for an escape if you did not take sprint at level 13. For the final tier there are 4 options. Resurgence of the storm, which if you die allows you to revive after 5 secs, but can only occur once every 120 seconds. I like this ability if game is going unfavorably or if it very close.

Being able to jump back into the game after 5 seconds when everyone else has a 60 second death timer can be game changing. Swift Storm increases mount speed by 20% and you cannot be dismounted from damage. I tried this talent once and never again. It seems pretty useless when compared to the other options available. Miniature Black Hole is my go to pick if my team has the advantage. This talent increase the range of the Grav-o-bomb by 25% and the damage by 50%. This is huge and you can often catch multiple heroes with it. And the other talent is for the other Heroic, Mecha Lord, basic attacks gain an additional 130% damage to heroes and increase the duration of Robo goblin by .5 secs per hit. So this talent makes Robo-Goblin a bit more useful for team fights as your damage output is increased a good bit. I would probably pick this over resurgence if my team had the advantage. That covers all of the talents.

I hope you enjoyed this video and you find it useful. If you did please subscribe as your support is greatly appreciated. If you disagree with my analysis, let me know in the comments section. I will see you guys next week with another Heroes video..

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