Hello, and welcome to my professional hero league guide. You. Yes, you. You are professional. You might already know it. And when you play ranked, you are surrounded with bad people. Look at them. Just look. They are bad. They are trash. But you actually cope with them, because you are professional. You act calm and composed. Unless your baddies doubt your skills. Then you need to explain them the state of affairs. If you aren’t sure in your skills of acting professionally, my guide will tell you everything you need to know. Heroes of the Storm is a game known for the importance of drafting phase I will explain you some of the most solid, professional picks.

Choose one that you are comfortable with. Ragnaros Everyone bans him, so he’s probably overpowered, right? If some highly unskilled player did not ban Ragnaros, You need to remind him how unprofessional he is. Those characters are very important because they win the game by themselves. They are your win condition. If your team does not have such character, you prioritize them over supports or tanks. Mages. Picking mages is absolutely safe to carry scrubs. You certainly own a master skin for your favorite mage because you are way better compared to an average player.

Don’t forget to remind your teammates that their existence is devoid of meaning since their damage dealt is way lower than yours. Nova She is a very good carry pick. If you happen to pick first, you should absolutely pick Nova. If you happen to pick last… Well, why would that stop you? Tracer Tracer pick is almost as good as Nova. She is practically unkillable and requires a lot of skill, which you have. Your teammates might disagree, little do they know. Valeera You are a professional rogue player. Your World of Warcraft arena rating is painfully close to 3000. As a combat spec rogue, you initiate the fight and gracefully escape. Samuro If you follow the code of bushido, this is your choice. To play Samuro professionally, you take Illusion Master., because this talent clearly relates to your player competence.

If you happen to be last pick and you have a bunch of retarded kids in your team, they probably want you to play support. They would beg you to play healer. Because any trash player can play healer. Naturally they assume you to be a trash player. This would not do. Not at all. To prove them otherwise, pick a character that will make them regret thinking badly of you. Gazlowe and Hammer are quite good for that purpose. Even if your unprofessional teammates will not approve of this strategy, it will surely pay off in the end. As a professional player, you need to develop a game-winning plan which depends on your character of choice. Specialist As a professional specialist player, you seek to create map presence and become your team’s win condition.

You should never leave your lane. This does not contribute to winning the game. Please inform your teammates to not engage in meaningless combat, because violence achieves nothing. Focus on farming your stacks and pushing lanes. Pushing must continue until opponents’ Core is down. Whenever your retarded team goes to fight 4v5, inform them how bad they are. Of course, if you have free time to do so. So please note how playing specialist does not depend on your character pick. This is more of a mindset. You can play this strategy with warrior, assassin or even support.

Killer Your character of choice is a dedicated assassin. Your goal is to murder the enemy team. You are a predator. Now, look at your targets. They are mushrooms. Naturally, you go and collect the mushrooms. Of course, collecting might prove dangerous. Don’t forget to notify your teammates how they weren’t supporting you. At all. Or, at the very least, they should do something useful in the meanwhile. Which they clearly did not. The thing is, they are bad. Oh well, back to the original strategy. Let’s play the map and try to achieve something. Sometimes your teammates might not agree with your game vision. That is unfortunate, because this proves them to be unprofessional. Try to explain them the error of their ways.

Maybe they will understand. If not – well, it can’t be helped. Clearly, they do not deserve to win. If it comes to this, you might as well try to speed up this inevitable process. At the end of the game, they might regret their life decisions that made them keep playing the game. If they do, they might even uninstall the game. This way, Heroes of the Storm will have less unprofessional players. You did well today. Good job. Keep at it. I hope that now you know how to act professionally and carry yourself up to Grand Master. Also, if you liked this video, you might as well subscribe. Who knows, maybe I’ll make some more good stuff eventually. Thanks for watching!.

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