I made a video previously complaining about how skill shots do not follow the cursor. The comments I received after releasing it taught me a few things that changed the way I aim and dodge skill shots in the game. The first lesson here is about aiming. A lot of people seem to know this already: skill shots should be aimed at the little circles below the models, and not towards the models themselves. The second and more important lesson here is about dodging. You may think that this beam is not going towards my cursor due to its apparent offset, but this is actually not true. It just appears to not be following the cursor.

The actual beam is being fired from the model’s base, as shown by the skill shot indicator. Notice the discrepancy between where the indicator is drawn and where the beam is rendered. If you’re on the receiving end, it is not the beam that you’re looking to dodge, but rather its projection on the ground. Here’s further proof that this is indeed the case. Visually, the beam is not touching arthas’ hit circle, yet he is still taking damage. It might be easy to tell from this point of view that the actual beam is being fired towards Arthas hit circle since this is where my cursor is. However, From Arthas point of view, the cursor is not visible. He can only see the beam that appears to not be touching his hit circle.

Again, if you’re Arthas, you need to move your hit circle away from the beam’s projection on the ground, and not away from where the beam appears to be. I personally find this counter-intuitive. I’d rather have the visuals match where the skill shot actually is, to the largest extent allowed practically of course, but it is the way it is. Realizing this made a notable difference on how I dodge skill shots, and I hope it does the same for you..

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