Hi everyone. So I’m going to be taking you through another tutorial for one of the heroes in Heroes of the Storm, this time a new addition to Heroes of the Storm, the Lost Vikings. Now these guys play completely differently to any other hero we’ve had in Heroes of the Storm so far but also generally quite a bit different than any hero I’ve encountered in a moba before so an interesting experience all round. But let’s jump in shall we and start a game? Now the main thing to remember with the Lost Vikings is there are three of them. They can each die, attack, be moved, do actions individually but they are a different play style completely because essentially you have three heroes to deal with.

So you can either keep them as a blob or you can split them up. There’s a high risk reward with these guys because at the end of the day they are very powerful as a threesome but they are very weak individually. Now they actually are a melee class. They’re a melee specialist. Essentially the big blue guy’s the tank, the green guy is kind of a range damage dealer but at a very tight close range and then the red guy is kind of like a medium-range damage dealer. But essentially they really do play as kind of more of a melee character because you’re so up close and personal the whole time. Whilst the other two characters might be hanging back throwing their damage in from range really it’s such close range that it really only counts as melee. These guys are really vulnerable to AOEs as you might expect with having one-third the health effectively across all of the characters but together having a full set of health if you think of it like that. So we’re going to play on cursed hollow this is quite an interesting one for the Vikings because you’ve got three heroes being able to actually tap the tributes is quite a bit easier especially if you’re able to use two of the heroes effectively to defend the other guy who’s pulling the tribute.

Now power wise you’ll notice that they don’t have any abilities unlocked to begin with. Instead we have the ability to switch between the individual heroes if we want to, controlling one individual hero or controlling the whole group. Over time they will unlock as they level-up, some of these clickables, effectively these cool downs. Now what I think we’re going to do, I’m going to go up top this time and the one I’m taking here is Viking Hoard.

Essentially what happens is when these guys whoops, have I left Olaf behind? He’s coming up the rear. Basically as these guys pick up regen orbs what will happen is they will gain additional regen over time. For every two regen orbs one additional point of health per regen tick. That makes a big difference later on in the game Now one of the tactics that is quite useful to use here is to actually split these guys up and make use of them to grab regen orbs each lane but it’s a really difficult high-risk strategy. When it works it works beautifully. When it fails well you end up losing quite a few of your Vikings very early on and you don’t really gain anything extra from it. So like I say, a very high risk high reward strategy with these guys need to back off. See here they’re zoning’s out a little bit at the moment.Just going to try and get through the melee.

I think there might be four of them here. How many have we got? I think we might have four in this lane. Let’s see. You can see there they’re constantly trying to tap me with AOEs to the rear. Very good tactic if you want to deal with the Vikings. Just got to try and keep these guys out of the combat really. For now. You see I’m keeping them all as a group. I’m not worrying too much at this stage about splitting up or anything like that. So my blue guy he’s the tank, green guy is the medium and the red guy is the longer range of the two. As you might expect the tank has plenty of health and defence and then so on down the line.

Ooh God, those AOEs are gnarly. Not really managed to gain much ground here they’re zoning out quite badly. Just keep diving in. Do some damage and then back back out, oh mind those AOEs. AOEs here for really for the Vikings are the most dangerous thing because one or two good AOEs and it will just wipe them down really quickly. But they are phenomenally powerful later on.

So we’re going to get spin to win here. Spin to win allows me to do this. All of the Vikings spinning round on the spot dealing out damage around them. When positioned well if you’re an ao app then you’re talking basically all three spinning around hitting all of the enemy heroes. Basically run these guys into the middle of the pack and let rip. Sippy cup time.

One of the key things with the Vikings is if they’re close enough to each other and one of them hits the sippy cup then they will all gain the regen buff. Essentially these guys they work as a team and as long as they’re close enough together then they’ll quite happily share these buffs out. You can see there again my little dude damaged all of those creeps there.

We spin to win, quick and easy way. You can see at the moment we’re basically three on one as it were. He might be a full sized hero but we’ve got damaged even on our side as it were. He’s there wailing away on our tank, completely ignores the two guys who are actually doing the most damage to them at this point and you can see there I’m just regenning away. I’ve just noticed that he needs to kind of take out these guys at the back So he’s dropping a little bit more AOE in there as he can but I’ll just try and zone him out a little bit now I think. Because it’s going to be time for tributes soon. More regen orbs. See our regen counter here so bonus plus for regen if you tick towards the back half of the game you can be anything up to 20 additional health points every tick there. Quite easily. In a fight that can make all the difference, you know, as you’re diving in and out of combat So what I’m going to do, I’m going to run these guys forward and I’m going to spin to win.

And again you can see there I’ve managed to hit all of the creeps reducing their health considerably. Now that guy’s backed off given me a bit of a clear run in this lane. Seeing as I’m the only person in the lane I think it’s probably time to go and do some support somewhere else. Someone calling me a noob. Honestly, people in this game can be so stupid. You know at the end of the day I’m dealing with something up top you can’t be everywhere at once. Now for this particular one I’m going to be taking Baleog’s attacks. Baleog the Fierce. What I will basically do is buff the attack speed of the green guy allowing him up to five stacks of increased speed of attack and that does make a bit of a difference because of the way his attacks always strike units behind they’re effectively ramping up your attacks and you’re managing to do AOE damage in a cone.

So you can see there I’m blasting away and that’s just ramping up tribute time. So I use my 4 second run boost just to get up into combat and then we’re going to spin to win and just try and do some damage here. Let’s lock these guys out thrown the AOEs in, lost one person back it out, have to go ouch!. Just try and chase down I think now. As I say, very vulnerable to AOEs and that’s what caught me there. Got hit by a few bits of AOE and of course it doesn’t take much with the Vikings to take them out of action but the good thing is that they respawn very quickly.

Let me just bring them all back together now. The respawn time for each Viking is reduced by 25 per cent so strictly speaking the early part the game you’re constantly able to bring these guys back a little bit faster than everybody else. It does make a big difference to the gameplay and later on there is a talent that you can get which will allow you to reduce that death time by 50% so popping back all of the Vikings 50% quicker than your opponents. Effectively a sixty second timer then becomes a thirty second timer. Again, it’s a risk reward strategy. If your Vikings are dying an awful lot then you’re actually giving away XP and so on. So you don’t necessarily want those quick respawn timers.

They can actually work against you essentially because you’re dying much quicker. You just happen to be coming back into the fight that little bit faster as well and dying again. But the whole idea really I think is to try and keep the Vikings alive as much as you possibly can as with anything in Heroes of the Storm and mobas, you really don’t want death. See what we’ve got next. Right longboat time. The other option there is one that brings the Vikings back to life very quickly and teleports them directly to another live Viking basically.

It’s similar in many respects to Diablo’s special power that allows him to quickly respawn if he feels like it. If he’s built up enough souls. Get out of this fight. So because of the way the Vikings work there’s obviously stronger as a group and that applies to their ultimate as well. Their ultimate is much more powerful than all three of them are present in the Longboat which I’m going to show you in a minute. Just waiting for a respawn of Baleog. He’s back.

Let’s go. Just got to try and grab that regen if I can actually as well. You’ll find that with the Vikings if you’re using the regen talents as it were then you will take those risks, go and try and jump through, grab that regen orb and get out because it’s worth it long-term. Right let’s deal with these guys. So Viking longboat is the ultimate and what it will do is all of them spawn into a longboat, the more of them there are in the longboat the more power they have and more damage they do.

Consequently people don’t really want to spend too much time anywhere near them. There we’re focusing. Anyone who knows how to play against the Vikings well we’ll just pick off the weakest target first then the tank and then Baleog seems to be the only one left usually being at the mid-range point. Wipeout. Gutted. This is an opportunity for me to show you how the deaths work here. Basically each Viking is worth one third of a death so if you kill it then you’re only going to get one third of a point effectively which is why you’re seeing 25s against some of these guys or quarter of a death point, whatever it’s worth so essentially the opponent doesn’t get a full credit if they kill one. you only end up racking up the full credit as it were if you kill all three of them. So again for those people that like KDRs that will that make some people happy and some people curse. Right. Let’s get him on some of this. Don’t know why he wants to pick on this guy first. I think we’ll go take this camp instead mostly because I can.

Bringing the Vikings into the centre, doing lots of damage to everything around they just rip through mercenary camps. One of the great things they also have is an ability to actually give mercenary camps near them or mercenaries near them once they’ve been spawned a buff effectively making them more dangerous and more damaging towards the enemy fort. Now what I’m going to do here is I’m going to go with damage dealing for nearby enemies. It’s basically AOE every time he hits. Again, what I tend to do with the Vikings is really try and build up their DPS during the early parts of the talents. Later on they’ll get a shield which lasts about seven seconds.

That is where we kind of go for the survivability on these guys. Prior to that we might as well just ramp-up as much damage as we possibly can. So we’ll keep him because he’s capable of doing quite a lot of damage and he can stand toe-to-toe with these defensive structures quite easily. And run through and we’ll deal with the sippy cup as well. You can see there the amount of damage he actually takes is pretty minor and then go Viking Longboat because they’ve come to try and defend. Told to buzz out of here. So you can see that 4 second run boost Oooh! Fired off an ultimate I think on me there. But nearly got away with it. he got away. You can see there that a 4 second run boost does give you an opportunity but again, everything with Heroes of the Storm has counters. There is no such thing I think as a perfect strategy in this game.

Not really with any of the characters. Everyone has a weakness if you know how to exploit it and some players will just do silly things like trying to run forward and giving us a free kill. But anyway, so again here I’ve got my run boost. What I can do, I can use this to start running these guys down but actually no need. It’s broken their attack a bit hasn’t it? Run back and get the sippy cup. Actually, no I won’t because it’s still recharging. Let’s just bring Baloeg back into the fight. Grab those regen orbs again. One great thing with the regen orbs is any heros that grabs a regen orb splits off and then hits any other hero who is nearby on your side.

So does give you some opportunities. So you can see here the next set is charged. Every time la-la Olaf charges he can stun for one second, quite useful, run faster break-in slow en routes or all Vikings gain a shield. All Vikings gain a shield. Later on in the fight this is going to be absolutely essential because when they start wailing on me I pop my shield and they get finished off probably long before they get through the shield. That’s the plan anyway. Spin to win About to lose that tribute. So we’re currently, bonus regen is at 10, so that’s 10 additional ticks of health, sorry 10 additional health every tick. Does make a humongous difference. Right, this is going to be perilous so Viking longboat and a shield. and you can see there we are wasting these guys.

But Olaf’s about to die as a wipe but how many did we get then? Oh I think three then two, something like that. It was worth it. Always worth it. Two-and-a-half deaths to seven kills. It’s not a bad way to show at this point. Obviously this is one of those games where when you’re tring to play three characters simultaneously trying to actually do a tutorial and play not the easiest thing in the world. I would have done a few things slightly differently if this was more of a having a competitive game from my point of view. You can see there they all recharge at slightly different times depending on when they die so you won’t always have all of the Vikings available simultaneously. Again, you can use that to your advantage if you want to use Vikings for denying ground etcetera.

For zoning people out that is an option that’s available. One of the tactics that I’ve seen and use myself, it works quite well is to have Olaf collecting up or going for the objective and these two guys basically defending or deterring people on the enemy side from coming in for combat, just essentially giving you one or two extra seconds to grab that objective and get out. Olaf being able to take so much damage does give him a significant advantage. I don’t want to lose these guys. Oooh damn, fighting back hard. Going to have to use the Viking Longboat. It’s less effective but it’s to try and just stop these guys on this charge a little bit.

Give my jana a chance to recover. Get out of there. Does do quite a lot of damage. It’s a very good deterrent I think, but does work best when the rest of your team are there and it can just sort of add to the additional damage output. I’ve not really had a scenario where it’s been able to rip down an enemy hero simultaneously, you know, on its own simultaneously. It’s much better as a good finisher and obviously as a deterrent as well. And should be back by now. I need to find the sippy cup. You can see there Eric hits the sippy cup everybody gets the buff in the Vikings. Now I think we’re going to have to start sending some mercenaries down here.

Do wish people wouldn’t take mobas quite so seriously, you know? It’s only a game, you know, and as I’ve highlighted in many many many videos before there is no such thing as anybody who knows how to actually play mobas. Everybody sucks at mobas. Simple fact get used to it. No point bitching in the team chat. You know. There is not a single person, even the world’s best moba players do not consider themselves good at the game because they’re too complicated.

They’re too unbalanced and ultimately they’re too chaotic to really be able to say I am the best in the world at this game. It just isn’t true. Nobody is good at mobas. No-one is good at Dota 2, no-one is good at League of Legends and no-one is good at Heroes of the Storm. So get over yourselves. Anyway the simple fact is that it’s a really good fun team game when everyone is playing well as a team. Obviously if you’ve got someone slacking off then your mileage may vary.

But let’s go for the Viking boat here. Back in to here. Just try to keep them away from the gate a little bit. Every second they’re away from that is a little bit of an extra chance we have to turn this battle. There’s four of them in there. Come on, where is everyone? Back off. Simple as that. Let the four do the work for a little moment Will be a pity if we lose this game just because I’m currently on a five streak win. But never mind. So you see Olaf there is able to dive into combat. These guys are playing well as a team. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re not actually on a team chat together. You know, teamspeak talking to one another. Just from their names as well. Funny isn’t it. You’ve got one person slagging off Malfury for not healing properly and him slagging people off for jumping into combat. Guys, get over yourselves. Really. Mmm funny bunch, but anyway you get ’em. At the end of the day, this one is going to be a loss but it’s still a pretty good video showing you how these guys actually play.

You can’t win em all as they say. That’s a team you know, that’s a prime example of a team that is working well together. They’ve stuck together they’ve played as a team and so on and and at the end of the day, this team haven’t been playing very well as a team and we lost. Simple as that really. But that is the Lost Vikings. That is a pretty good example as to how they actually play. Like I say, when they’re playing as part of a team that is working well they absolutely dominate..

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