Hey guy’s kildare here and today I’m going to be telling you some of the best heroes to start off with if you’re new to heroes. These heroes are fairly simple, but just because they are simple does not mean they aren’t good, many of them are really good once you get a grasp on them. I’ll be starting off from easiest to not as easy, and I’ll try to spread the variety as much as I can in terms of assassins, tanks, supports and specialists, sadly specialists drew the short straw in this list because well they’re a bit special or not great to start off as one. Due to this the list consists of 3 assassins, 3 tanks, 3 supports and 1 specialist. Since I have included so much variety you may see some heroes that people might not consider easy to play, but I can assure you the are great choices if you are interested in the role they play and are a good stepping stone, Enough stalling let’s begin: Number 1: Jimmy Raynor The main reason why Raynor is at the top of this list and why most people suggest to play him first is because he’s incredibly simple.

Not only that but when you boot up heroes of the storm he is the protagonist of the tutorial so by the time you enter a normal game you should already know his moves and how to play him. He’s a pretty simple man, pick a target and shoot at it, and there you go, you’ve mastered raynor. Use his penetrating shot to keep badies away from you, press W when you really want the bastard dead, and if you take too much damage well it ok coz you E will automatically look out for you. The only drawback is his lack of mobility but apart from that he was born to be the first hero you should play when you start playing Hero’s.

Number 2: Murdain. But what if you hate the idea of being at the back line like a pussy, you want to be in on the action getting your face pounded in, well then murdain should be your choice. I would very highly recommend playing him as your first tank or if you are interested in tanking. He has an escape, a little low on the damage department but hey he has a stun and if he gets hurt too much, just get hell out of there for a few seconds and your passive will heal you nice and good, he’s pretty much noob proof as long as the noob remembers that his dwarf toss or E is meant for escape and not to jump to your death. He’s a very good all round tank and is not only the easiest tanks to play but also one of the best heroes in general. Give him a shot if you’re interested.

Number 3: Valla If you are sick of mastering Raynor then it might be time to move up on the ladder with Valla, she is just like Rayno but has a few more damaging abilities, a wicked heroic ability and an escape unlike raynor. She excels at persistent damage and is known to be hard to kill and can have good sustain and high damage output at times. A very versatile ranged hero that can tick nearly every box.

She has very flexible talents that make her useful no matter what is thrown at you or what your team composition is, she can adapt to any situation. Number 4: Lili Sick of bastards killing you and your team and you’re ready to take up the support mantle, well good on you, lili is the way to go. She has fairly good heals with a short cooldown, an flying snake that spits out lightening and she can blind the enemy so they can’t hit you anymore, on top of that killing her is like trying to catch a greased up Scotsman because of her trait which makes her run faster whiling taking damage.

Unlike other supports she can actually hold her own in a fight, being able to serve as an off healer/DPS. That on top of all that she’s pretty much invincible, plus no one would hit a little girl would they? Number 5: Diablo You might remember this antagonist that likes to theoretically feast upon fear despite raynor’s logic. Turns out he’s also a really fun tank, he lacks any real escape but when you scaling as much health as diablo you’ll be right, with the ability to grab enemies and head-butt them into your team it’s fun for all, except the hero you’re decimating. On top of that he has a move called lighting breath which makes him unstoppable for a while and looks suspiciously like fire and also has the ability to stomp on the ground and make the worst looking pentagram ever. Number 6: Nazeebo: Nazeebo is the only specialist on the list because specialists are a bit weird, and when Nazeebo is the least weird specialist then you know I’m talking really fucking weird. Nazeebo lacks any real escape but to its credit he does not need to be close to fights, just send out your spiders and froggies to do your work.

Landing the zombie wall will take a lot of practice but don’t stress too much about it, I’ve been in plenty of games where a master nazeebo can’t land it on a stationary target. Those shifty siege camps always one step ahead. If you like PvE over PvP than nazeebo is your calling, with his retarded zombie bodyguard he can show PvE whose boss. On top of that hes also pretty good at PvP because no one thinks that kamikazie frogs and spiders in a jar will be their demise, boy are they wrong. Number 7: Uther Uther light bringer, who servers as your guide for the tutorial is also a very viable support, he’s a pretty useful guy who can stun, heal, then stun some more. Not to mention if you die you’re still in the game because he can heal from the dead, however just because you can does not mean you should, try to have some life preservation.

Overall his kit is pretty cool and allows you understand the utility of being a support. Much like Valla Uthers talents allow him to adept to nearly anything thrown at you. If you really think Support is your calling then Uther is the next best stepping stone up from lili. Until he receives some arguably needed nerfs he is an all-round powerhouse and great learning guide to how the game works.

Number 8: Tassadar Normally many people would say that Tassadar is one of the more difficult heroes and to a degree I agree, but playing him is by no means difficult. If you’re sick of going full blown support but still want be useful outside of healing then tassadar is the one for you. Tassadar does not offer any inherent heals per say but his is pretty useful and by simply reading his moves it’s pretty obvious what to do. Your Q is a shield, shield people, yourself, minions, fuck it buildings and whatever, spam that shit it’s on a 4 second cooldown. His W is a lighting puddle, lightening does not help people so put it on the enemy, minions, structures they can’t run away from it. Just zap shit with. His E is fuck it I’m out of here, you’re being targeted, you’re gonna die, turn invisible, unstoppable and just waltz on out of there.

His Heroic is simple, see some poor unsuspecting trapped soul and (Star wars, palpatine unlimited power scene) And there you go, tassadar. Number 9: Johanna If you liked diablo but he wasent invincible enough for you then move onto Johanna. Her trait which you must activate, grants her a powerful shield and unstoppable. Her damage output is low but she’s a walking fortress, she has a slow, a blind and gazlzowes heroic on a 10 second cooldown. Although she is practically invincible with a support she does require a bit more skill than Diablo or murdain since she has no escape and works different mechanically. However if tanking is your thing she is a go to Tank as well as Muradin. I personally don’t enjoy playing her but she is a powerful tank. Number 10 Jaina Jaina is a bit on the difficult side but if constant DPS is not your thing and you rather burst DPS then she is the go to Hero, apart from kael’thas. Be wary with jaina as she has zero escape and zero sustain, she is a walking glass canon. All of her moves do high damage especially when combed with each other due to her passive.

Her water elemental is particularly useful in aiding her. Playing as jaina I would not recommend going out and picking fights on your own, always stick with an ally, use the buddy system. She good if you have learnt the art of not over extending, not dying and being shit scared of every bush. But if you have not learnt any of this you’re going to have a bad time. I would not recommend playing her straight away, play a few other Assassins and once you’ve learnt the ropes and you want real burst damage, give her a shot.

Well guys thanks for watching, this was just a list of heroes that I would recommend with a bit of variety in terms of role and playstyle. Like if you liked this video, leave a comment on what heroes you started off with and if it was a nightmare, I’m sure someone fucked up and selected Abathur once. If you like the sound of my voice that much then feel free to subscribe to my channel, I talk a lot, like every single one of my videos, hang around until you’re sick of my accent. Have a good one..

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