Illyriad Harvesting Resources Guide


Illyriad Harvesting Resources Guide by Mara Zira

Research Needed
Step 1: Click on an empty plot in your city and build a library.

Step 2: When you have enough research points available, move your mouse over the green Research button on the menu, then select the ?Available to Research? side button. Research Haggling.

Buildings Needed
Step 1: When your Haggling research is finished and when you have enough resources to do so, click on an empty plot in your city and build a Marketplace.

Step 2: Once built, click on the Marketplace. Click on the Production seal in the upper right-hand corner. If you have completed the tutorial and the gift caravan from the King has arrived, then you have the needed resources to make some caravans. Under Production Orders, type in the number of caravans you wish to make and click on the Make button. You can have up to a total of 5 caravans until you upgrade your marketplace and do further Trade research.

If you didn?t complete the tutorial, then you need 10 gold and 1 horse to make each caravan. The gold will be produced from taxes. To make a horse, click on your Paddock. Upgrade it to level 1. When the upgrade is finished, click on the Production seal in the upper right-hand corner. Under Production Orders, type in the number of horses you wish to make and click on the Make button.

Harvesting Resources
Depending on the browser or device you use to play the game, you may be using the old World Map or the new World Map. Some symbols are different between them. On the old map, the symbol for a caravan is the donkey that you see under your Marketplace?s production orders page . On the new map, it?s a wagon .

Step 1: Click on the World Map icon in the menu bar. Click on the tower icon in the center of the compass to make sure the map is centered on your town.

Step 2: It?s easier to see resources if you turn off the terrain on the map. On the old map, you can turn off Terrain by clicking on the Option tab, clicking to remove the check mark next to Terrain on the list, and then clicking on the Option tab to close it. On the new map, look for Terrain under Graphics at the bottom of the map and click on the box next to it to remove the Terrain graphics.

Step 3: Look for food , gold , wood , clay , iron , and stone? icons. They will have a white circle background. If someone is already harvesting a resource, you will see a caravan right next to the resource?on the same square?and it isn?t moving. Use the arrows on the compass to move around the World Map to find a resource. The further from your town, the longer it will take for your caravan to get to the resource.

Step 4: When you have found a resource, click on that square. A menu will come up with a graphic of the resource, an ?Abandoned ______? description, and the option to Harvest Resources. On the new map, a caravan wagon icon will appear below the resource icon if a caravan is already harvesting that resource. To harvest the resource, click on the ?Harvest Resource? option.

Step 5: You will be taken to the Send Harvesting Mission page. Type in the number of caravans you wish to send to that resource and click on Send. The caravan will go to the spot, harvest the resources, and return without further instructions from you. Your caravan will stay on the resource square until it?s finished harvesting as much as it can, until interrupted by another player?s caravan or replaced by one of your own caravans, or you send a messenger to recall it (once you?ve researched and made a Messenger).

Things to Consider
1. Your caravans will start off able to carry 200 of a resource with a harvesting speed of 200 resources an hour. The caravan will take several minutes to reach the resource square, then an hour for each caravan you send to complete its harvesting, then the return time. If you have several resources nearby, sending out 1 caravan to 5 resource squares will get those resources back to your town faster than if you send 5 caravans to 1 resource square. Which you prefer depends on your playing style.

2. If you?re in a crowded area, you may accidentally send your caravan to a resource square where another player?s caravan got there first. You will get a message that you ?rudely interrupted? a certain player?s caravans from a certain town. We call this ?bumping? another person?s caravan. The majority of players try to avoid purposely bumping someone else?s caravans, but it happens all the time in crowded spots. No one will comment on it unless the bump looks deliberate. It never hurts for a new player to send a message saying, ?I?m sorry? if it happens, though, so do so if you wish to.

3. Currently, if your caravan passes over or by an army? your caravan is not harmed. If there is an army occupying the resource square (this army looks like several tents set up on the spot ), your caravans will die when they reach the square. Don?t send them to that square.

4. Each resource square has up to 3500 of the resource. You can repeatedly harvest it until it?s gone. Every six hours (at 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, and 18:00 game time), there is a chance that a new resource will appear at that empty spot or on another ?spawn? square.

5. Caravans have a color. On the new map, there?s a colored circle around the caravan as it moves and a colored square window when it?s harvesting. Your caravans are blue , the caravans of your allies (if you?re in an alliance) are green , caravans of players neutral toward you are yellow , and the caravans of players you?re at war with are red . On the old map, your caravan?s circle color is green, your allies are blue, neutral is yellow (and white?), and enemy is red.

6. One way to ?claim? a spot once your first caravan arrives is to send a caravan to replace it before the first one starts home. When you send a caravan out to harvest, it?s travel time appears under the Movements side button of the Trade Overview menu.

There are no rules. But the following is good advice.

1. Don?t send your caravans to a spot where someone else is already harvesting. Doing this on purpose and repeatedly will make your neighbors not like you.

2. The possible exception is for the resource squares that are within 2 or 3 squares distance from your city. These are generally viewed as ?yours? if you want that resource. You still might want to avoid bumping your allies, though.

3. Some players will bump anyone who isn?t an ally off of resources within a 10 or 20 square distance from their city (as long as the other player isn?t closer to the resource). They can get their replacement caravan there more quickly than you if you choose to bump them back. If you wish, you can bump back if the bump was obviously deliberate. This tends to make things worse between the two players as each tries to get the other person to respect their caravan rights. Personally, I just find an unoccupied resource if I?m bumped. If you?re uncertain if repeated bumps were deliberate, you can message the player and ask nicely if there?s a problem. Usually, it?s an accident or the problem can be quickly resolved.

4. A few players will place an army on a resource square to occupy it until their caravans are finished harvesting. If another player accidentally sends their caravan to the spot (since the army wasn?t on the spot on the map at the time) and their caravan is killed, most players will consider this a hostile act. It probably won?t result in a war, though. This is one way players deal with having their caravans repeatedly and deliberately bumped from resources near their city.

I?m sure not everyone will agree with my ?rules,? so feel free to add your own opinion to this post.

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