Imperium Galactic War New Player’s Guide


Imperium Galactic War New Player?s Guide?by Pann

Here are the essential gameplay basics for Imperium. We?d love to hear your tips and tricks, too, so feel free to share them in this forum section.


  • Select?Join Battle?to enter the fray.
  • Your ships will target hostile enemy crafts automatically and move within range to fire on them.
  • You can order your ships to target a specific enemy. First select your ship then select the enemy craft.
  • You can use your keyboard?s arrow keys to cycle quickly between your ships.
  • Move your ships by selecting them then selecting any point on the map. Move laterally to dodge enemy fire.
  • Attacking enemy fleets will reward you with resources and experience.

Sector Navigation

  • If you ever lose track of your fleet you can locate it using the?Fleet?button.
  • Transgates can be used to travel between friendly and enemy sectors.
  • Click on your fleet and select?Recall?to engage the auto-pilot protocol and take you to your base. Then, select it on the screen and hit?Enter?to manage your starbase.

Your Starbase

  • Upgrading your Command Center will allow for improvements throughout your starbase.
  • Upgrading other structures will unlock additional research and upgrade options.


  • To construct, select?Build?and then hit?Fleets. Choose the?Shipyard?from the menu of choices. Select?Next, then choose the?Build?button. Place the Shipyard on your base platform.
  • Increase your Shipyard?s power capacity to accommodate newer, larger ships. To do this, select your Shipyard and hit?Details. From there, go to?Next?and choose the?Upgrade?button.

Building Ships

  • Select the?Shipyard?tab.
  • Different hull types have varying speeds, defenses and weapon capabilities. They can be unlocked through research. Larger hull types will have more slots and higher power capacities.
  • Smaller ships are more agile while larger ships can be armed to the teeth for maximum firepower and defenses.
  • Select the indicated weapon slot and fit the ship with your weapon of choice.
  • Weapons differ by damage type, attack type and range.
  • Select the indicated defensive slot and equip the armor you want.
  • Shields and Armor provide specialized protection against specific damage types.
  • Advanced technology such as Integrity Fields and Spinal Weapons can be slotted to improve your ship?s performance.
  • Your completed ships are accessible from your dock.

Assembling Your Fleet

  • Select the?Fleets?tab, where you will organize completed ships into groups.
  • Additional fleets will become available as you upgrade your dock.
  • This is also where you can repair fleets damaged in battle.
  • The ship assigned to the flagship slot will be the only ship in your fleet visible to others on the map view.
  • Select?Launch the fleet?to leave your starbase.

Gathering Resources

  • Construction and upgrades to your Starbase require resources. You can earn resources by completing Trade Routes.
  • Select the?Trade Route?icon to negotiate a new contract. Different corporations specialize in different types of resources. Contracts will remain active for as long as their Contract Duration indicates. When a contract completes, you may obtain another one by selecting the Trade Route icon again.
  • You will earn resources based on the contract?s Drop Frequency.


  • You can speed up any task of less than five minutes for free. Longer time compressions are possible by expending Palladium.
  • Select a building or ship under construction, then choose?Speed Up. From there, select?Instant?to complete the task.

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