Imperium Galactic War Newbie Tips


Imperium Galactic War Newbie Tips?by Various

? You can build a fleet of light fighters with one rail and neutronium armor for next to nothing, and each one is a task of less than five minutes (meaning it?s instant).

? You can repair your fleets quickly by removing damaged ships until the repair time is under five minutes and using the instant complete function. Then add the damaged ships back and repeat.

? Fleets can fight without you. They don?t try to avoid enemy fire, but you can send a fleet of light fighters after low-level targets, while you personally direct another fleet. I?ve done this with four and even five fleets at once. Massively increases your resource grinding ability, but does take a lot of clicking.

? Upgrade your Command Center and Communications Center to 4 ASAP, so you can get more passive income from contracts.

? Pulse Lasers may have less DPS but they are more accurate and can improve your success in the early stages of the game. Research them early!

? To link a coordinate in chat, type it in with a comma and it will automatically post as a map link. (i.e. 100,100)

-beams are accurate against moving stuff

-rails do more damage but miss moving stuff

-the basic fighter can use 2 weapons, so build them

Credits can be a bit hard to come by in the beginning so here are some ways to get them quicker:

-Get the Comm Center to 4 ASAP so you can get a second contract up.

-Get your Dock up a few levels and get your second and third fleet going. Once you do, you can deploy more than one fleet by clicking on the Box/Square on each of the Fleets in the Fleet Window and then Deploy. Each fleet can be in combat without you joining the battle. They will take more damage because you won?t be commanding them, but you will be able to keep your fleets active which will get you more credits and resources quicker.

-Kill other players.
?Rewards are higher with PKing, unless they are flying only a single Siren in their fleet.
?Also you get all the resources (not credits) that they are carrying at the time.
?Credits are rewarded based off of Fleet Power (I believe) as a bounty.

If you are lacking Resources, there are a couple of things you can do:

-Make sure you have an active Trade Route, accessed by the button on the left hand border of the game screen.

-Upgrade your Communication Center to level 4 to unlock a second Trade Route to gain more Resources per drop.

-Attack NPC nodes in your sector

-Visit hostile sectors and attack other players? fleets

?easy way to identify how to get somewhere:
all gates are (going straight left to right) in alternating order of going ?up? or ?down? a sector.
for example: your in golem 10, trying to get to golem 5. once you go to golem 9, go directly left, or right, on the map, and the next gate you see, should be going to 8, and so on. (this also works in reverse, going back up)
also: the coordinates you enter a gate it, will be the coordinates you enter the next map in (so entering a gate at 50,50 on golem 10, will put you close to 50,50 on golem 9, in the previous example)

also, for people trying to get resources, there are 4 stages I personally have ?followed? for how to get the most resources possible when killing npc fleets, they are as follows:
stage 1: can do this straight from beginning = attack lvl 1 through 3 npc?s, when in battle, hit ?q? to select all ships, and keep strafing left or right? you will ?dodge? everything and take no damage if you do it right.
stage 2: can do this once you unlock arc weapons = equip fighters with railguns or beams, and arc weapons, then attack level 8 ?enemy? npc?s (example names: enemy adept, enemy preatorian) when in battle, have all your ships ?run away? from the enemy? once everything but the last ship is dead, change tactics, and rush the last ship and keep your ships right next to it.
stage 3: can do this once you unlock strike cannons = equip heavy fighters with all strike cannons, and the mod that let?s them go faster. mods that increase strike cannon damage and penetration is also recommended. have these ships attack pretty much any npc level 1 all the way to 28ish. when in battle, keep your fighters ?running away? by keeping the closest enemy ship as close to just inside the max range of the strike cannons (but without actually going out of range) also, watch for the sides of the field of battle, start turning early to avoid getting to close.
stage 4: can do this at any point (but I personally did not start until I had either havoc class destroyers, or battleships) = go through enemy sectors, and hit enemy bases. for best results, have a 2nd fleet with a transport in it? kill all turrets with 1st fleet, then retreat before the enemy gets a shield (?sections? of health bar at top indicate when they get shield, pylons don?t count), then attack with the fleet that has the transport.

for base defense:
1: use mostly, if not all, PDC?s. (point defense clusters, they are the energy based beam weapon for base turrets)
2: position your turrets and pylons in a way where it will force your opponent to kill as many pylons as possible, before they start hitting your turrets.
3: don?t forget, you don?t HAVE to build in the middle base platform
4: pylons CAN activate creating barriers over platforms and destroyed buildings
5: while your command center, resource depots and labs don?t benefit you in battle, keep in mind these will be the attackers primary focus, as they are what gives the attacker the biggest bonus?s for killing.

for base offense:
1: your objective should always be to get to as many turrets to take down, in the shortest amount of time possible. this means avoiding as many pylons as possible.
2: if given a choice between killing even 4 shield generators, or the reactor, kill the generators. they are weak enough that you can kill them faster then the reactor, and without them, the reactor is useless. if you can kill the reactor easily however, then by all means go for it.
3: turrets, even shielded, are fairly weak. target them first, whenever possible.
4: if you have splash damage weapons, use them with buildings that are closely grouped together to hit the most buildings at once? a splash weapon that does 1000 damage may sound nice? but it?s even better when it does (as an example) 1000 to main, and 200 to 4 other things (for a total of 1800)
5: because pylons only ?connect? in 4 directions, corners are natural weak points, pay attention to cases where you can take advantage of this.

Fitting fighters/heavy fighters with disintegration rays and arc weapons and charging straight into the enemy?s midst works frighteningly well against most NPC fleets lower than level 12. Make sure that have mass lightning and good armor/shields because you are going to be taking a lot of direct hits initially, but once you get inside of minimum range, most lower level fleets have little to no short range weaponry. With higher level fleets it can still work, but you have to keep a ship within minimum range of each enemy, thus lots of clicking.

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