[Music] Hey guys. Welcome to Body Count Fighting, and this is another edition of the HITBOX where we’re giving you tips and tricks for your favorite fighting game characters. And today, we’re doing Darkseid with Injustice 2 with the one and only Godspeed. How are you doing today? -I’m doing pretty good man. Thanks for having me on again. -No problem. So, what is up with Darkseid other than his like, really cool nonchalant way of fighting? Which is my favorite. -His casual walk. Yeah, his like, “I don’t even need to pep both hands in front, I can just backhand you.” [CHUCKLES] You owe me money.

[CHUCKLES] Darkseid is a… he’s a really interesting character in this game. He’s incredibly, incredibly annoying. And Darkseid generally, his biggest issue or his pitfall in this game… because he doesn’t fit in the Meta like every other character does. Where they want to like hit you with like, just buttons at certain ranges. He doesn’t really have a good neutral game. So, his whole plan revolves around being really mischievous, if you will. Like, being all over the screen and being really evasive while also being really obnoxious and hitting you from angles that you wouldn’t normally be used to. And that can involve him doing a lot of air lows, which is like really rare. And as someone who plays fighting games, generally when you see someone jumping, you’re like, “All right, I got to block my head, I got to stand up.” But Darkseid mixes that whole notion up by hitting you low with doom stomp, and that’s the thing. Like, he can also…

He can either jump at you and hit with a regular overhead attack, or he can jump and do nothing which then makes you prone to getting hit by his normal overhead which is his back one, or he can hit you with doom stomp. [CHUCKLES] Or if he really wants to be tricky, he can actually cancel a normal into doom stomp, which means that you’re getting hit by an overhead and then a low at the same time. Doom stomp. -So, it’s really, really obnoxious. -Oh. And on top of that, he’s got great mobility options in his teleport, he can do it on the ground, he can do it in the air. He’s just really, really obnoxious and he does a lot of damage as well. I mean, he hurts like… this is like usually a bread and butter combo right here. It seems I can land it. Yeah, so, that’s like his bread and butter combo and it does 412 damage.

-That’s insane. -Yeah. Doom stomp is by far one of my all time favorite’s names for an Injustice 2 move. Like, that is probably my favorite off, off, off Broadway production. -Doom stomp. -Doom stomp. Yeah, and it’s… and he’s like really tricky. He’s whole plan is to really mix you up and force you to guess which way he’s going to block and then he can also just do something like this, “Like oh hey, you’re blocking now and you don’t know where I’m going to come from.” He’s going to grab you.

-Yeah, yeah. I love that he looks like this big bruiser character but really, his play style is very like, “I’m just going to move around.” -Yeah, he’s agile as hell. So agile. -Yeah. Which is crazy, right? And then… we didn’t even talk about his projectiles. This is why I think this character is annoying, right? So, he has all that mix up capability, and then he has these ridiculously fast omega beams. And this is another tool that a lot of Doomsday players… or excuse me, Darkseid players will use… is they’ll just sit here and then they’ll fire lasers, they’re very fast, they’re safe, they recover instantly pretty much and then when he’s getting into projectile war, it’s pretty much always in his favor because at any point he can just teleport and then he would do that combo but I didn’t just didn’t like it. It’s incredibly annoying. He doesn’t have the best normals again like, for instance his back one starter, it’s quite slow.

In fact it’s… let’s see here. Back one is 17 frames of startup. So, he’s not exactly winning awards in like, neutral and that’s the… again, that’s his biggest problem but in order to compensate for that, we’ll talk about his trait. His trait is the Parademons. -Yes. And he can use them in different ways. He has one that generally just comes up and will toss a fireball and you can mix that up with teleports or other aspects but if you hold back he actually has this one… and this one will come and hit you overhead. That’s awesome. So, one thing about his omega beams is when he meter burns them, he can actually make them through lows. So, that means he can take out a Parademon, let it fly and then he can toss an omega beam at the same time and that can either be an overhead or he can just let it hit first.

So, he can fake you out by sending out one late. Where am I coming from? You have no idea. Yeah, or he can just use a Parademon, send it off and then teleport and then hit you with a mix up, that way. So, he’s… he’s a tricky one. I love the way you described it earlier, when you were like, “He just summons this asshole.” Yeah. So… yeah, and it can lead to huge damage and that’s what makes him so strong. Like, he does hit you very hard. So, as… I’m coming into a game where I’m playing against a really, really great Darkseid player. -Sure. What do I need to know? What can I prepare for? Are there any weaknesses that I should be aware of? Strategies? Tactics? -Sure. I’m sure there’s a difference between the two of those two words. So, unlike what I was doing, it’s Michael Angelo because he was literally running in mark all over me. The best tool to have in a Dooms Day… in a Darkseid matchup is to have patience. Because he’s going to sit back and he’s going to want to fire off these just obnoxious omega beams all day and then he’s going to use his Parademons to get teleport mix ups on you and things of the like.

So, the best thing to have is patience. Knowing that also a lot of these… let’s say you block this… it’s back one up three, if you block that, that’s actually punishable. If you block the doom stomp, that’s actually punishable. So, a lot of what he does over all is punishable. And you also really want to sit at the range where can’t play footsies with you. He can’t really contest you. He has a decent down one, and he can cancel it into things like knee, meter burn flying knee which is actually safe on block and also his best wakeup.

But outside this range, Dooms Day… or Darkseid… -Jesus. It’s okay. Darkseid can’t really play with you the way that other characters normally would. Like, Aquaman or Black Adam or even like Batman, Superman. He can’t play neutral like that. So, the best thing to do is… hopefully your character has a good anti-air. So, if he does do something like teleport, you can try to him before he comes down with a stomp or with a regular air normal like jump two. Anticipating when he’s going to teleport is really huge as well, especially if you have a good air to air. A lot of characters have pretty decent air to air.

So, if you can anticipate the teleport in the air, you can hit jump back, catch it with the air to air, convert on a combo and they stay on top of them, that’s the thing. As long as you can bait out his wakeup, if he doesn’t have… or if he has meter, he doesn’t meter know that the knee is unsafe and that you can really punish him for using that and then keeping him locked down in the corner is definitely going to be your best bet with Darkseid. I think if you’re patient enough and you can start to figure out how he wants to mix you up or if he has a certain pattern like a lot of Darkseids like to do jump in, back one up three.

If you can learn to like block that a lot or Darkseid players doing a few too many doom stomps, then you can really start to capitalize on the punishes and make him pay. Awesome, man. Anyway, you guys, that’s going to do it for this edition of the HITBOX. Thank you so much to Godspeed for coming in and showing us some pro Darkseid…

you’re going to leave me hanging right here? -Oh, I’m sorry. You know what? I think I left you hanging on the last video. It’s okay. It’s totally fine, I’ll handshake myself. All right, you guys be sure to hit subscribe down at the bottom. Leave a comment, let us know if there are any other characters you would like to see us deconstruct on the HITBOX and yeah, this has been wonderful. I’ve been Kyle Shire, you guys have a great night or day or whatever time of day it is. I don’t know time. [Music].

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