Position:88% Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo, and I’m joined by a Krayzie. -What’s up? -Krayzie, how are you doing, brother? -Good. Doing good. So Krayzie has shown us some Catwoman, but now he’s going to show us some Supergirl, who I personally hate, but whatever. We got to show you guys because you people wanted it. It’s fine. All right, Krayzie, show us some basics of Supergirl. So, Supergirl’s pretty dope because she could do a lot of things. She’s a great anti-zoner. She’s a good zoner and she’s a pretty good footsie character with her nine-frame back button.

-What? -Mm-hmm. What’s your ideal way of playing Supergirl? I feel like the most efficient way to use her is to just press the back button here and then just start shooting lasers at people. You can’t really react to them because they’re so fast. -Yeah. And she gets to do one for anti-airs, one as a low or… it’s not a low, that’s not true. That’s untrue. It looks like low. [CHUCKLES] And then a straight which is really fast. So if your opponent is walking straight trying to get close to you, especially if they have a slow walk speed, they’re going to eat that and then you basically put them back into… into the other corner. So that could be used for multiple things. It could be used for combos to extend your damage. It could be used for just to chip out your opponent if they’re almost dead, actually.

So this is actually a pretty good… good moves. And that… that was actually something that happened in the past, was that she… she actually get… got damaged. And I feel like she was always good but after the patch, she became whole and she’s top five now. All right. So show us like some of the basic combos if someone wants to do Supergirl. Sure. So the… the old school… this is the old school one before the patch that people were using. And you just do this and you get like a good 300. And this is after the patch, before she shouldn’t do that much damage. Now, there’s a combo that I actually took from Nibik that’s actually pretty good and Nibik is from Greece. He’s a pretty good Supergirl player. And it’s this one right here. There we go. -Oh! So you get a pretty good chunky almost 400 damage for that. Yeah, and only for one meter too. It’s pretty good. Something I like to do a lot with her is her instant air dash, and of course, have a Hitbox so I could do it very low.

And it’s very fun to do because a lot of times, people want to do this and kind of hit confirm ice which is actually pretty good. But what I like to do is, I like to hit a down one, kind of back up a little bit and then kind of do an air dash crossover. -Oh! And it’s pretty good because you could cancel this into another hover, which will give you a second overhead. And then that’s hit confirmable into a full combo. Wow! And get a pretty good chunky 430 for that. Geez! Can you walk us through that one again? That was pretty insane. -Yeah. That’s a little advanced. Stupid Scorpion.

Scorpion? Super Scorpion? -Yeah. Whoa! -Well, you get that at the end. -Yeah! And something to note is that, usually, when you hit confirm the two and then hover into a two, it scales. So if… you could actually hit confirm just the punch itself… -Yeah. You get more damage. That’s crazy. Ha! That’s crazy. It is, yeah. That, that happen a lot, man. Can you… can you show us like one of your like favorite combos like one that does so much damage that you’re just like, that’s… that’s the one for you. That’s the one for me. Actually, you know what I like about it is that, you know, a lot of times when you see a character, they use the same combo.

So it’d be like, “Oh that’s Robin’s usual combo, the name, bread and butter. The cool thing about Supergirl is that you get a lot of them, especially because since she’s a footsie character, she has different ways to actually get damage. So, one of them is if she hit confirm top of this, that’s already a different combo. Wow! If she hit confirm down one, which is actually really good and really strong because it’s a low, so you could easily hit confirm up and low. -Wow! And they get some… something different, get one of these setups real quick or, of course, you could hit confirm up three, which is also pretty good. These moves have gaps but this one doesn’t, so that’s going to be the go-to.

So for me personally, because I use a lot of instant air dashes incorporated into my game because I’m a Hitbox player. [CHUCKLES] I like to use the hover a lot. So you’ll find me doing this. That’s a pretty good one. It’s 382 and then you get the… the set up. And a lot of her stuff ends in hard knockdowns. So say for example, if you end on this, it’s a hard knockdown, so you go like, cross up or jump one. -That is resetting. -Yeah. Wow! So a lot of people, especially online, they like to use their…

Like her scorpion move for… -Yeah. So like, what is… what is the psychology behind using that and how does someone counter that because I feel like that’s important. -Yeah. Because… it’s because when you’re going online as a newer player and you get hit with that a lot, it can be a little disheartening. -It is. So me personally, as a Supergirl player, I really don’t use it, like in the middle of a match or like footsie game.

Like I don’t use it because you could honestly just use this the whole time and just kind of space out your opponent. But the times that I do use it, they are either in combos or after like hover. Like if I hit confirm a hover combo, like I use it or maybe like if I could chip an opponent up that or like an opponent is jumping, they don’t have any more life, I’ll use it. But I won’t just use it randomly and the reason is because you could actually punish it. And this one, the meter burn version is an overhead, the regular ver… the regular version is not an overhead, so you could either duck down one, punish it or just block, honestly, because if you… let me just do it. See, you can punish it. It’s very… very punishable. It’s going to be contrite. Yeah, very, very punishable. So if she does the… the other one, there’s actually like a sonic pound type of sound that you hear one she does the…

-Oh, really. -Yes. So, when you hear it, you just block back. Block the other way and you could fool punish it. So, yeah, it’s actually not very wise to use it as a Supergirl player because then, if your opponent knows how to play against her, they’re going to just punish you the whole way. But if you save it and use it, you know, at the right time then it’ll work out for you. So basically, when someone doest check their meter, and also listen for that sound. Listen for the sound, yeah. -Well that’s a pretty good advice for Supergirl.

-Yeah. Thanks a lot, Krayzie. Man, I really do appreciate it. Maybe I’ll try Supergirl. I still hate her. She can go away. She’s super. Yeah, get out of here. Chop. Get out of here. But that’s going to do it for us here in the Hitbox. Thank you so much again, Krayzie for coming on. Make sure you guys hit like, subscribe button, tap the little bell so you get notified when new videos come up. And also, leave a comment, let us know who you want to see on a future Hitbox, what character do you guys want to learn. And yeah, we’ll see if we bring them on. Bye. Thank you so much, and we’ll check you guys later.


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