Iron Grip Marauders Quick Start Guide

Iron Grip Marauders Quick Start Guide by Layla

Captain, welcome to Iron Grip: Marauders!

You?ve signed up to a constantly evolving online browser based strategy game which also features turn-based 3D battles. In Marauders you will build units, battle, and level up, which will unlock new units to be researched. At the same time, you will capture and organize bases to provide you with the resources to expand, though you will need to be ready to defend your bases from powerful ?Bosses? who want to take your land.

You have several options for where to start. It?s highly recommended that you play the tutorial quests. However, you can also take a look at the forums, or just jump right into the game. If you?re the kind of person who prefers figuring it out themselves, this quick start guide should give you the information you need without getting in your way.

Step One
The first thing to do (if you haven?t already) is to choose your avatar. Select your gender, body and face carefully, because you can?t change them later!

Step Two
After this, you will want to build up your forces and get marauding. The following images show the parts of the interface which will be most important to you. For more detailed information about the main screen, see here.

Step Three
You already have some units to start with, but it?s a good idea to go to the training room and produce a few more militia units. They are decent anti-infantry units with good range, and you?ll probably want more than two for your first battle. You may also want to do some research, there are quite a few things to unlock at the first level, and they don?t take long. More topics become available to research when you level up.

Step Four

The first thing you?ll need to do in the battle is to deploy your troops. Once you have deployed all your units, press the ?Ready? button to begin the battle. Your goal is to destroy the enemy command vehicle (C.V.) or to kill all enemy combat units. The advantage of destroying the C.V. is that you will then capture all remaining units to use yourself in future, but you probably don?t need to worry about that at first.

You can take a break at any time, and continue using the browser while in a battle. It is also possible to retreat from battles by going to the Battle Station and clicking on the red icon next to the battle you want to retreat from. You won?t get any resources or experience from the battle, but you also won?t lose any units other than the ones which have already been destroyed.

Step Six
Now you know the basics of combat, you should level up after a few battles. At this point, you will receive a new Officer. Each Officer can command one Base, but you don?t get these Bases automatically.

You can begin capture battles from Jasmine?s Gentleman?s Club as with raid battles. If you win, the Base will be yours. Once captured, a Base will be safe for a few hours, and then will become vulnerable to attack by Bosses. Make sure to set up defenses while your newly captured Bases are still immune to attack. After adding defenses, you should make sure that every resource patch on the base has a mine on it.

Step Seven
When you win a raid battle, you will get some gold, stone and iron from the victory, but don?t forget to go back to Jasmine?s Gentleman?s Club to collect your other reward as well. At some point, you will likely get attacked by a Boss, and you will need to fight defensive battles to prevent your bases being taken while fighting offensive battles to reduce the Bosses? strength. If you win enough attacks against a Boss, you will get rewarded.

So continue researching to unlock new and more powerful units, capture the best bases you can (making sure they?re well defended against Boss attacks) and continue fighting to earn experience points (XP) for that next level and the new research options that will come with it. If you have any questions, consult the rest of the Library for detailed information about any aspect of the game.

You can also check out this game tour video for more information about Iron Grip: Marauders.

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