Kritika Online Psion Class

Hi all,
Psion is one of my favorite class but there are not so many informations about it so I’m offering my own review and insight on the Psion skills.

**1. Pros and Cons : **
1.1 : Pros

  • high mobility :
    Either directly (Dash 2, Phantom Blade 2, Deathblossom 2) or indirectly (Saber Slash 3, Blade Dance 3), the Psion is a class that can move fast.
  • multi-hit :
    This one is arguable but multi-hit also means multi-crit.

1.2 : Cons

  • no awakening skills :
    The lack of awakening skills put the Psion often behind in term of damage output.
  • no spike attacks :
    Aside from XL-Caliber, the Psion has no spike attacks. She can’t oneshot anything.

**2. Mechanics : **
2.1 : Psychic Swords
The psychic swords are created with Bane Sword, Phantom Blade, Saber Slash, Spinning Blades and Psychic Vortex.
Deathblossom is special as it doesn’t forge a sword per se but the Psion can use Sword Abides during Deathblossom.
The Psion uses these psychic swords directly through Sword Abides but also indirectly with Uber Edge and Psychic Storm.

2.2 : Ex Mode
The Psion doesn’t have Ex skills like other classes, instead she has an Ex mode. She’s also the only class who can fill her Ex bar without hiting anything (with Forge Mastery).

**3. Skills and Playstyles : **
3.1 : Builds
Skill levels provide effects rather than more damages so there’s not one build but as many builds as many playstyles.

3.2 : Skills

_Psion Basic Skills : _

Dash :
Recommended : 2, this will give you a boost of speed to dodge or reposition yourself.
Optional : 3, the blink is nice but the cd reduction is the most important.

Bane Sword :
Recommended : 1, its a LMB attack and the damages are as low as expected.
Optional : 3, this will allow you to fill your Ex bar faster and also to perma-cycle your default attack.

Fire! :
Recommended : 1, this skill has no synergy with the Psion mechanics.
Optional : 3, the stun in ultra is situational but can be useful.

Forge Mastery : Max
This skill is so important for the Psion Ex Mode (Uber Edge).

Weapon Masteries :
These skills were introduced as the replacement of the Psion advanced classes. The description is not very explicit as it’s supposed to be based on the weapon (pistol, carbine, gun). But there are no informations on which skill is supposed to be bound to which weapon.
The common choice is to max Crit Rate Mastery.

_Psion Class Skills : _

Phantom Blade :
Recommended : 2, the attk speed and move speed bonus is really good.
Optional : 3, this will allow to auto-reposition yourself behind an ennemy (work only against ultra).

Saber Slash :
Recommended : 1, you can do good without using this skill.
Optional : 3, the debuff is interesting and fast to refresh.

Impel :
Recommended : 1, it adds some minor damage buff on your 1st skills (Bane, Phantom and Saber).
Optional : 4, if you spam a lot your 1st skills.

The Sword Abides :
Recommended : 3, the buff works great in combo with Psychic Storm.
Optional : 4, if you use this skill a lot (the bonuses apply only to Sword Abides).

Spinning Blades :
Recommended : 2, it allows you to grab and gather mobs from a longer range.
Optional : 4, the new psychic sword deals good damages with Sword Abides.

Uber Edge : 2
The Psion does lack of iframe. The other effects are not so worth it.

Blade Dance : 4
All effects and the cd reduction are too good to not max this skill.

Wild Shot :
Recommended : 2, to deal more damages.
Optional : 4, it adds an iframe on the 1st shot.

Psychic Vortex :
Recommended : 1, if you rarely use this skill.
Optional : 4, the Psion doesn’t have many ultra-break skills, to max this skill allows the Psion to deal more damages against ultra.

DeathBlossom : 3
20 seconds cd reduction is just too good.

XL-Caliber : 4
Max it for max damages.

Psychic Storm :
Recommended : 2, combo with Blade Dance 4 the Psion can use Blade Dance every 3 seconds under Psychic Storm.
Optional : 4, the duration effect is really good.


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