ГАЙД на персонажа СИНЬ ЯНЬ в Genshin Impact! Обзор лучшего САППОРТА для Эолы | Оружие и артефакты!


Good day, Raidzin with you, and today we will have preparations for Eula, and specifically, we will analyze the character that will go well with her, and I’m talking about the pyro guitarist XinYan. If we briefly describe its essence and why we will take it to Eula, then it will increase physical damage, give shields and act as a pyro reactor, as well as inflict good damage from its Q.

Everything in order, and we will start with the first active talent called Incendiary Dance, normal attacks deal 4 hits, the damage of which is slightly above average, charged attack, XinYan begins to spin around himself and deal damage, and a standard attack in the fall like everyone else two-handed, if we talk about damage, then he is much inferior to such characters as Razor and Diluc, except for the charged attack, which in terms of damage is at the level of Razor.

The second talent, Decisive Heat, deals a small pyro damage in front of itself and creates a shield that depends on the indicator of defense and has several levels depending on how many enemies you hit with this skill , 1 or 2 to 3, and if the first 2 levels they just increase the density shield, then the 3rd level gives us pyro damage in a small area from the shield, this all helps us not only to survive, but also to impose pyro status on enemies, the damage from the shield itself is scanty. However, the cooldown of this skill is huge as much as 18 seconds with a shield of 12 seconds.

To summarize, this is the talent because of which I believe that XinYan is more of a support, if you do not take into account her 6th constellation, which we will talk about a little later. And the last active talent of the String of Protest throws surrounding enemies into the air and inflicts good physical damage on them, and also inflicts periodic Pyro damage to surrounding enemies for 2 seconds.

When the skill rolls back in 15 seconds and energy consumption is 60. I also want to remind you that her ultimate is removed by hydro status in the 11th floor of the Abyss. All this tells us, first of all, that XinYan can play through her ultimate as an ability that can deal the main damage, but we will talk about this later when we disassemble her artifacts.

For now, a quick look at the passive talents Going out in public Decreases the required number of enemies by one for each level of the shield skill Determined Heat This is rock and roll! Skill Shield Decisive Heat increases P.

Character damage by 15%. This is one of the reasons why Xin Yan can be seen as a support for the Eula. Cooking Steers When preparing the ideal dish that increases protection, has a 12% chance to prepare an additional dish.

This completes the passive talents and we move on to the artifacts Here you can consider 4 assemblies of artifacts and they can be divided into 2 groups 1) through physical damage of 2 assemblies and 2) as a support of 2 assemblies, we will start with physical damage In the first group, the first assembly is such sets of artifacts like 2 pieces of the Blood Knight and 2 pieces of pale fire that give us 50% physical damage, I will immediately answer the question why only this one does not have a full set, so this is because for the pale fire set , Xin Yan has a long cooldown of Yeshki as much as 18 seconds, and for the Knight Even though Xin Yan has damage from a charged blood like that of Razor, here you need to kill opponents to activate the bonus, BUT for this set there is an exception in the form of the 6th constellation, with this constellation it makes sense to collect 4 pieces of the Blood Knight set.

As for the characteristics in artifacts, this is a cup for a bonus to physical damage, a hat for a crit chance or crit damage, a clock for attack power. I want to add a little from myself. Although Xin Yan can be played through physical damage due to her passive talent, BUT as for me she is more of a support than a character who can do a lot of damage. Secondary characteristics will be Crit damage – crit chance – attack power, with the 6th constellation instead of attack power there will be defense Go to the 2nd group of artifacts for the Xin Yan support and the first set of artifacts is a set of the Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility of 4 pieces if you don’t have a character with this set, if there is something better to take 2 pieces of ancient nobility and 2 pieces or knight of blood or pale fire, it makes no difference.

Regarding the characteristics here, it is much more interesting if you want more survivability, then you need to go through the characteristics of protection in the cup and hours, if there is more in damage, then the cup for physical damage, hours for the attack power, well, or mixed, then this is already a cup for physical damage, hours for defense.

Secondary will be the restoration of energy at least up to 150%, then if you want survivability then protection, if in damage then crit chance and crit damage. On weapons for a bonus to physical damage, we have only 2 weapons : 5 * Song of Broken Pines and 4 * Sword Snow-covered Star Silver it is craftable, so there should be no problems. Alternatively, you can take 5 * Wolf’s Doom or the Unforged, you can also consider a two-handed from the Dragonbone Sword BP, but here at your own peril and risk. For a quick set of energy for Xin Yan, you can consider the Sword of Favonia or the Ceremonial sword as a support, which is more preferable because the damage from Xin Yan shields is considered an elemental skill and can roll back the shield itself.

There is also a 4 * two-handed sword White shadow for defense, BUT it is worth taking it only if you have a 6th constellation. Moving on to the constellations Fatal acceleration At crit. Hit increases Xin Yan’s normal and charged attack speed by 12% for 5 seconds. Can occur once every 5 sec. That is, we need to inflict a crit hit every 5 seconds in order to maintain the constellation bonus on a constant basis.

Impromptu performance Increases the crit chance. hits nat. damage of the skill String of protest by 100%, also when using the skill activates the shield of lvl 3. – “Rave”. This tells us that if you decide to go to Xin Yan as a support, then with this constellation you don’t need a critical chance from the word at all.

A complex chord increases Eshki’s lvl by 3 Wild rhythm Hitting with the skill Decisive heat lowers physical. enemy resistance by 15% for 12 sec. This is another reason to take Xin Yan as a support for Aeolle Shrieks “Bravo!” increases the lvl of Kushki by 3 Hellish Rock and Roll Decreases the stamina consumption of Xin Yan’s charged attack by 30%. Also, when performing a charged attack, Xin Yan gains an attack bonus equal to 50% of her defense.

And here it is a constellation that will help Xin Yan inflict more damage and add vitality since the size of the shield comes from protection With whom does it match, and first of all with all the characters using physical attacks as the basis and this is Raizor, Ke qin, Eola, followed by the characters who need a reaction with a pyro in melee such as Tartaglia. Summing up, we can conclude that Xin Yan can be both a good physical damage dealer and an excellent support character in narrowly targeted packs, with the th constellation she becomes a powerful attacking support through charged attacks. If you liked this review, do not forget to Subscribe to LIKE under this video Raidzin was with you until new and soon meetings in the open spaces of Teiwata..

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