?Ezreal Guide S10 Patch 10.3 – Educational Commentary On How To Play Ezreal Season 10


What’S up guys is me Colucci back with new video and today we’re gon na do a very educational video of Ezreal gameplay, it’s gon na be a full gameplay, but I’ll be talking a lot about the game and the decisions that I will be making. So let’s get started, we start off with Doran’s blade and a health potion. We could have gotten for during shoot as well if they had a little bit more poke, but I think we’re pretty safe with this buy right now. So, let’s take a look at the laning phase: the enemy has misfortune and you me now.

I don’t really think that Yumi is very strong early on she’s kind of trolling anyways before. Actually we look at Matt. Let’S talk about the runes, so we went to press the attack presence of the might alacrity, DeGraw taste of blood and revenues hunter now. The reason why I go for domination second is because we don’t have any live, show from our wounds, and we really do need life seal and teamfights later on, because we’re not gon na build it into our third item, and it also gives us the chance to Not buy blade of the ruined King would actually buy another third item so yeah. It gives us a little bit more flexibility. You can also go for bloodline, it’s actually even better, but I really do like at expert on Ezreal, so it really depends on the situation here.

We go now because we’re playing against misfortune jobless. Obviously, don’t want to stand behind minions, so you want to stand at the sides, but because they have you me as well. You really need to watch out because she can actually hit you if you want to on the sides of the minions enemies listening jungle, which means he will be ganking a lot early game and around minute 240, usually junglers gank. So right now we should watch out. Let’S see in the map, we don’t see anyone, yet I’m just gon na play a bit more back, even if he comes and I’m selling here they have no chance of killing me so there’s a pretty safe spot. I can also go for a walk right now, which is actually what I’m gon na do. If I get this minion remember, if you me is not connected to her ad carry, she cannot. She cannot manage her queue, so it goes in a straight direction if she has already carry she can throw it like heat missile.

Okay, let’s what it feel fast right now we’re gon na miss one or two minions, but it’s worth it gon na go for! Try! Bush, but he might come from River as well as Scott was gon na get up pretty soon. So we don’t really want to trade a lot because they do have sustain over us. So if we trade, we will probably lose in the long run. So what I’m gon na do is just for mopping in this laning phase and if Sara does get a catch, you me, then we might go all in and she has ignite okay. We also have exhaust. So I have to watch out that I just don’t know all of my skills immediately and she will just use ignite and I will get reduce for. I think 40 % of my damage. What is it? 30 % wait?

Actually it’s 40. I misread some things. Let me see again and they’re damaged up at 40, okay, so it’s 40, so kha’zix wants a gank, but there’s no opportunity because we are pushing a little bit in and therefore you just went back into zone jungle. Yet I still haven’t seen Lee for all. I know the leaves actually FK right now because for Ally not to gank at minute, for it’s I don’t know, I think he should get try to get this laner sad, especially against the misfortune n, which is really strong. She gets more kills.

You can really snowball the lane. Oh no, she took my cannon okay, so right now we’re gon na go back because the wave is pushing in. Obviously, we want to push this in even more, but I really don’t think they are good and they will freeze the wave. So I’m just going to recall actually did she does freeze okay, so, like II need my own words, it’s alright, it’s alright! In the end, it’s not the worst thing for now so listen is. Myth is logo. For let’s see, BCS kha’zix is up ahead just by a little bit. So I think that’s going rate. Let’S go see. Okay, just teleport unite for the forces. Actually, Oh getting out from by Diana, I don’t know how that’s possible: that’s Cassiopeia, which is lingually but okay. Let’S not pretend that I’m a middling main and I know all of the matchups okay. So right now, I think Miss Fortune wants to back anytime soon because she will have 1300 gold, which means you can buy a beer sort.

The moment that she decides to go back. She wants to actually push in my wave and if she doesn’t, then I’m just gon na set up a freeze just like she did. I have to fill this out just a little bit for it not to crest on the right hour. You me place, I don’t know if she’s good or not, I’m gon na give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’S you’re gon na go back, looks like it. No, yes! No! What is it wait either way we’re gon na freeze right now? Oh, I almost missed it defconn terrible, so we skill pretty pretty good compared to the enemy, because leave will fall off. Usually I don’t really know about Karen. I think Aaron is just fine. It was really skill to insane. Also is not very bad because he’s the tank in the end, so let’s just freeze this wave get this minion see diana is pretty good scaling. Misfortune is also pretty okay. It’S not really a hyper.

Carry of the 10 again steals tons of damage right now in this meta, but we have costs European aatrox and me so that would be great. I think they’re gon na go with dragons. So I need to push this in back of my tower to hit them, because then I will lose. Probably some CS and I just got hit and as you can see, it deals a lot of damage. We don’t really want to get hit again. Our farm yeah. It’S pretty equal right now. I was able to freeze the wait for one or two waves and she was also able to freeze it. So I guess we both suck right we’re, not pushing it out correctly. I guess that’s what you get for diamond for being diamond. Okay, she’s trying to look for the q on me, she’s not gon na get it now Kazakhs also should get pretty early on.

I think both junglers are just farming up for something I guess now. Instead of warding my lane actually one of our dragon, because listening is able to solo the dragon, it’s mountain dragon as well, so shouldn’t be the hardest one. I’M gon na miss some CS for this, but I think it’s worth it’s worth it ooh just gon na throw one word here and the other one a try bush. I don’t know if they think that not they didn’t. Actually, I did not miss any CS climb and climb, so the reason why I eat there is obviously not because over II because it does no damage, but the follow up that they will do and they only need around one. Second, in order to burst me down to 30 % HP, so it’s better to just use your either misfortune really place passive or a linen face. To be honest, if I was that misfortune – and I was against in Ezreal – I would play a lot more aggressive. The reason why I don’t eat in it’s obviously hi Ian and she has hurry up. Then I’m gon na have a very bad time as they have exhaust heal and ignite.

So in this laning phase, not always the smartest thing to just see and Richard W – which I usually do quite a lot actually, okay, so one more wave and then I’ll go back or almost are played actually, okay, so it works. Doing a really good job is to go right now on the top lane and he forced Garen to buy ninja Tobias immediately good good good, so push this in. Let’S go back need to be a little bit faster before the next wave arrives. Think I’m too late again, they can set up a freeze, but with three rings, minions is hard to set up three stand with three melee once so. This time we got lucky get a word since we have to go for it, then I’ll go back to the lane. We should contest Drake.

So what I want to do right now is Miss Fortune. Ayumi will probably recall pretty soon, because they’re they’re actually going to do it right now, smart of choice of them before they go back, take a break kha’zix! Please man come on use, it didn’t react on time. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter. You have smite, even if you died, it would be worth it, but okay, so we’re just gon na never might not gon na freeze, because I ride just push the hell out of that wave. Also, it would be pretty hard to freeze actually that way, because we had more minions. Okay, so that all that’s nice, so million died two times something like two times they even it out I’m much happier with with what’s going on right now, then what the enemy team is. Kate is very weird. Actually, I could have healed Zyra if she was in a range of her cult, so she would get movement speed to get out of it, not necessarily for the hill, but it wasn’t needed so right now they don’t have else. We do a build, so we can actually go in for a fight.

Okay, I didn’t say I use any of our abilities. I wonder I didn’t have to flash there. She just used the owner, but I guess I guess whatever. So I don’t want them to push into my tower. So I’m just going to hope the wave, because if they do get to push into our tower, then listen I can just set up a linking or they can dive us. So I don’t really want that. I think. Okay, I played that one desirable day. Okay, only I had left okay, we’re gon na buy boots. Sapphire crystal that will be it for now can actually go for a health potion as well. Not a big fan of buying health potions a lot because it does go cost fifty gold and adding those up will be quite a lot actually in the end, okay, nice.

So what kha’zix is thinking right now? What I’m guessing is. I have to play around my winning Lane, which is a trucks in order for it works carriers which makes sense for a jungler it’s wise to gain winning lanes and try to snowball off of those, but both is really losing only mid lane is losing. So it would be smart for him to also try and gank bot sometime. So actually we can get two lanes ahead instead of one, because if aatrox gets shot down, then we’re gon na have a bad time, because nobody else will be able to carry now. We do have to ward so I’m gon na shove this in and then I will ward our misfortune out traits Ezreal, almost all of the game.

So that’s why I never want to just go ahead for a blind trade either. I only want to do it if you have something like Soraka support, maybe who can give you up really fast or sonar enemy or something? Otherwise, you don’t really want to trade, only want to go all-in when it’s possible. Also, whenever she’s chasing you just throw out one cue on there, so her purse will go away. I think it’s struggle right. I can’t see it right now, but the movement speed buff to W it gives her a lot of movement speeds and right now it’s gone when she activates it she’ll get it again, so she can get it two times in total and their cooldowns are being reduced By every time she hits her passive and her passive is being reduced by every new target that she will hit. Okay, there we go one for one. Actually, I can easily kill. You me as well, because she’s in our tower range it’s gon na be hard.

For me, Zehra sacrificed herself well, not really sacrifice you got caught, but it’s for the greater good, because right now I’ve got a kill and I’m gon na be pretty strong, as I’m farming pretty good and okay take some damage on the star. She doesn’t really have any mana left, so, even if she does come back with misfortune, I’m not really afraid to view me right now, it’s more weight. Let’S watch the map you might want to go now we were too late. Actually, Miss Fortune will be back to at least sin is death and iron as well.

You miss out of mana, so this is just this is just too free. Unless Garen comes with this DP, we should have no trouble taking this perfect. We have to clean out this wave and then go back or we can just let it freeze actually, but I don’t think Miss Fortune is gon na. Let me freeze, because she just came back if the misfortune that we call right now instead of before, then I could have let in this we’ve frozen. I think that’s the right pronunciation, that’s not the case I’ll! Just do it like this. This spell all your skills before you go back to base just in order to stack your mana meal, the bit faster right now, 60 minutes and we have 600, it’s pretty ok, we can get bit more. This game, we’re gon na go for ice-born gauntlet. Definitely not because of the armor bit more of the passive. We need this low, so gon na get the far side since we’re level 9.

So, as I rise in lane, it’s very important for her not to get caught right now, because she will die a hundred percent if she gets caught. Okay, so 408 rows three or Kazakhs, which means right now we don’t have to do anything. We will then automatically this game is over if we just don’t die and if Diana Cassiopeia doesn’t die. Why? Because we have the advantage and if we don’t do anything we’ll scale with the advantage and eventually when we do group up, we will then so yeah, I’m not gon na go for that. She has the watch out. Actually, if I didn’t came in time, she would have died. Who’S coming otally, I’m just gon na leave her to die. Listen should have went for me actually because thought I was gon na die anyways, so they could have got two kills with. He went for the easy path also. I can’t really follow kha’zix up right now, as they will just one shot me.

I have to let him engage and then maybe I can just do some damage he has to back off. There is a minion wave reduce a lot of damage action they already show. I should have given me that girl that was free, but all right, hopefully, because I didn’t expect him to do that – much damage. But then again we can’t really follow that up easily if they do turn on meat and most likely dead. You have to look at the bigger picture as well. You have to tell yourself: am I always gon na follow up with my jungler comes, or am I gon na play it more safe, usually better to play safe and not give the enemy an opportunity to actually come back, even though that gives you the chance of Missing out on some kills now I don’t know if this commentary is gon na be the best, because we’re getting pretty carrots, pretty art by its Roxanne she’s gon na die as well.

Okay, yeah we’re getting carried, and that’s why I don’t really know if this is the best commentary for you guys for a very educational video. But then again we are able to talk about how to play out a winning game against a matchup. That’S not really favorable! For you, a lot of 80 cars actually outmatch Ezreal in the laning phase. So it’s important to keep this based on most of the cases, but especially against meta champions. Like misfortune, I mean Draven will also count as a not really a counter per se, but someone that can bully as well 3d art Caitlyn, and I don’t even want to start about the failures because the champion is just retarded. I bet him anon percent of time.

So I can’t really tell you about how to play against affiliates, as I never play against him, which boots are we gon na go because we were really far ahead. We just gon na go for lucidity, otherwise we could have went for Doug Weiss or mercury threats. Well, whatever, let’s get our lifestyle and longsword for third item, which is gon na be blade of the ruined King should be fine. Okay, my secret, is you got the rules? This is a chicken bronze place all of this chasing him down like that. We should have been able to get, I think, what’s going on here, nothing, okay, so two things to mention: I eat out of his ultimate, so I wouldn’t get caught and the second one IQ it all the way up here, because if she wanted to chase IRA The only way for her to catch her up is if she walked that way. So I was blocking our path. Let’S take Drake Cassiopeia is finishing the game.

Now guys I don’t really get to choose the games before I start recording. So I just start recording and I hope for the best this game I got carried, I’m pretty glad I wish would have gotten carried more often because lately quality of solo queue games are terrible. Richard is terrible. This game as well. We have people who are diamond and with people who are gold, I think aatrox or Cassiopeia was gold, not sure who it was, but it’s insane that goals can be killed of the time it’s even if there are Smurfs, I don’t give a. We should be strong enough to actually face anyone right now: she’s gon na go yeah, she’s gon na go in the jungle, for no reason or for you say, let’s get out of there.

So what can we buy, can’t buy blade yet, but we can buy some attacks feeds and those water, ok, they’re gon na fight. Let’S just say, I guess totally my ode up, yeah, I’m gon na flash key were not that range and because of the minions I didn’t have a clear shot. Oh there, we go well guys. Thank you for watching hope. It was a little bit informative for you guys. Let me know what you want to see next yeah catch, you guys next time share subscribe and all that good. You guys next