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What’S going on everyone and welcome back to another skill cap video today, we’ve got a brand new topic where we break down 10 builds or rune setups that one tricks are spamming in solo queue, each setup will feature, has a high play rate and success rate among One trick players, while the average player doesn’t prioritize the build nearly as often in other words, each setup is underused by the average player base, while one tricks are using them at a much higher rate, but before we get into it, be sure to check out skillcap. If you want to truly get better at league of legends, we’re the only service that offers a money back guarantee, if you don’t climb at least five divisions while actively using our service. We do this because our service really does work and if it doesn’t work for you, then you shouldn’t pay, learn more at the end of this video or click the link in the description for a special discount. So with that said, let’s get right into it. Volley bear one tricks, don’t mess around with any basic bruiser builds as they’re prioritizing full out.

Ap setup is an asher’s tooth rush into rift maker. Second, third item depends on the situation, but a spirit visage for more tankiness or cosmic drive for more damage are the two most popular options. Alright, so what makes ap volley bear so strong if you’re, unaware volley actually has multiple very high ap ratios on his abilities. Passive damage is 40 e, shield is 80 and ultimate damage sits at 125 percent nashers and rift maker. Are the perfect combination to take advantage of this volley deals.

A solid chunk of his damage through auto attacking so nasher’s attack, speed and on hit damage fits in well. The amping effects of riftmaker allow you to thrive in those extended fights, throw in a spirit visage, and your ability to out sustain throughout drawn out skirmishes is completely insane. Your split push potential on nashers and riftmaker. Completion is really surprising as well. Volley ultimate deals, damage to turrets and since his r has a 125 ap ratio, you can knock towers down in an instant.

Your rune page will be pressed. The attack with presence of mind, tenacity and last stand grab second, wind and revitalize for secondaries. Although most nasus players are using grasp or fleet footwork right now, spellbook is by far the most popular amongst one tricks. Spellbook is so great for nasus, as it allows him to run ghost and flash, which are vital for his success, while still being able to swap over to teleport the whole inspiration tree complements nasus extremely well as magical footwear gives you extra move, speed and lets you Scale to your mid game, spike, faster biscuits are great to help with early sustain, while approach velocity gives you amazing sticking. Power secondary runes are second wind to add to that early sustain, along with unflinching, so you’re less easily kited.

It’S not just the rune page. The difference between average nasus players and the best one tricks, though one trick nest, is heavily prioritized stone plate as their second purchase instead of the more common frozen heart since nasa’s ultimate provides him with bonus health and the stone plate. Shield scales off bonus health. It’S really a no-brainer pickup, the mix of tankiness and damage you’ll have from divine into stone plate and sterics is just so perfect. The amount of damage you’ll be able to soak with two massive shields will make you unkillable when ahead.

As a result of the recent divine sunderer nerfs we’re seeing many gnar one tricks swap over to gore drinker, the main benefit to running gore instead of divine, is for a much stronger team fight. Nar is most impactful when in megaform looking to dive in for those multi-man alt-plays gore drinker active is extremely high value in those situations, as the heel scales off of how many champions you hit instead of the more common sterics black cleaver is the second item. In combination with gore, you’ve got way more ability haste from this setup in turn, rendering your effectiveness in mega gnar super deadly gore drinker active cooldown is reduced by haste, so the cleaver buy synergizes. Well with that aspect too, all in all this setup is very heavily focused around mega gnar, whereas the more common divine rush will give you more dueling power in many form. Complete full build, is gore drinker into black cleaver and thornmail.

Third, one more thing to note runewise is that gnar otps prioritize conqueror at a higher rate, triumph alacrity and last stand round out primaries, while bone plating and overgrowth are optimal. Secondaries, the ghostblade buffs have turned the item into a must buy on so many different champions and rengar is one of them. It’S actually insane the discrepancy between otp rengars and your average solo queue rengar for 11.18. By far the most popular one-trick rengar build is a ghostblade rush into duskblade second, which has a 12 play rate when you filter through the average rengar.

This same build only has a 2 play rate and is the 10th most popular. The best rengar players know how to adapt quickly and are abusing this new setup, while they can ghostblade was arguably over buffed less patch. As the item is cheaper, provides haste and has a smoother build path. All in exchange for 5, less ad active and passive from ghostblade allow you to be insanely mobile, which is exactly what rengar wants being able to zoom across the map and clean up. Those stragglers will lead to so many more kills and a greater snowball.

We already went into detail on fleet rengar in our korean builds video last week as it’s very undervalued right now. Conquer and electrocute are also viable options. However, since this build is focused around one shotting with lethality electro is much better suited. Another assassin jungler that one tricks are taking advantage of the ghostblade rush on is kane ghostblade into gore. Drinker is what kane one tricks are winning the most on in solo queue.

The build is very niche at the moment, though, as only one percent of average kane players have caught on form. Completion with ghost blade is the ultimate spike that allows you to start taking over move speed from e combined with ghost blade lets you maneuver around the map at lightning speed and pick off, kill after kill movement. Speed in general is one of the most undervalued stats in the game, especially for solo queue. Third item in your build path will be a man immune, so don’t forget to grab an early tier to get that stacking. Your one shot potential on this three item.

Spike combined with the immense mobility, allows you to stop games when ahead for the rune page, dark harvest and conqueror are viable options. Conqueror is going to offer stronger skirmish potential, while dark harvest will scale better for those late game. One shots just before we head on to the next build. Are there any other setups that you’re abusing right now that you think are very underrated? Are you a one trick and have a secret setup that you think more people should be using?

Let us know down in the comments below one trick: fizz players are dominating with a zhanya’s rush, while the average fizz continues to rush knight. Harvester harvester has been almost completely phased out by fizz otps and they’re exclusively spamming zanyas into luden’s. Second zhonya’s is the most popular rush for phys 1 tricks and also has the highest win rate for any first purchase. Rushing zhanya’s is so great on fizz, as it allows you to play hyper aggressive and fish for dive plays whenever ultimate is available. Invulnerability from e, combined with the zhonya’s stasis lets you dodge tower shots with ease it’s as if the enemy tower doesn’t even exist, because when you’re ahead, your opponent won’t be safe at all hugging.

Their turret lucidity boots are more popular than sork shoes as stacking as much haste as possible is super valuable. Once you have zhanya’s lutons and lucidity boots completed ultimate cooldown drops to 55 seconds. The complete core build is zanya’s rush, luden’s, second and then lichbane third for runes grab, electrocute with sudden impact, eyeball, collector and ravenous hunter triumph and kudegra work best for secondaries. Instead of rushing the more popular crack in slayer or wit’s end many auction, one tricks have been abusing a shield bow rush. Although the damage potential of shield bow, isn’t that of kraken slayer, the life steal and shields you get is often more valuable.

Action wants to be swinging into fights with e and needs to get relatively up close to deal his damage, so shield bow is great in that regard. Action, one tricks who rush shield bow are prioritizing wit’s end second, which is a disgusting two item spike even after the wits and nerfs, it’s still a very strong item. So, if you’re playing against a heavy ap enemy composition, this build will shut them down super hard. Being able to build two items that deal amazing damage yet still give you insane defensive stats. Is the recipe for success?

Third item to round out your build path will be a rage blade for runes press. The attack is the most optimal with presence of mind, bloodline and coup de gras run shield bash and bone plating for secondaries up until the past few patches, caitlyn builds have always consisted of crit items, but that’s started to change the most popular solo cube, kate, build Right now is gale force into stormrazer. However, one tricks are abusing lethality duskblade rush into the collector second and fire cannon. Third is what kate otps are spamming in solo queue? After kate q saw an ad ratio buff the build started popping up and is really great.

In the correct situations, lethality will always be more valuable when against squishy enemy, comps so prioritizing. It then will be most optimal. Q and ultimate will hit like a truck with this setup and catch the enemy off guard on so many occasions, dark harvest will be your keystone, which will make those snipes with alt even more successful taste of blood, eyeball, collector and ravenous hunter round out primaries. Absolute focus is great in secondaries, for even more ability, damage and gathering storm helps pad your mid game, spike, divine, sunder and essence. Reaver have been the most popular rush items on ezreal this season.

While trinity force has been pushed to the wayside, since divine was just recently, nerfed s-1 tricks are shifting over to trinity force and winning at very high rates. About 20 of ezreal otps are rushing trinity compared to just six percent on average divine is still a great purchase against those tankier comps, but trinity is super undervalued. Otherwise, your dueling power and extended skirmish potential is really underrated from trinity due to the ramping base. A.D and movement, speed from passive second item is very standard, as you’ll always pick up manamune and then grab cyrildas or heart.

Third, depending on the situation, conqueror will be the keystone with presence of mind, bloodline and coup de grace, grab biscuits and cosmic insight for secondaries. A setup that the majority of blitz players are not taking advantage of while one tricks are abusing right now, is running guardian as the keystone win rate of guardian rolls over aftershock, as guardian users are winning 54 of the time compared to aftershock at 51. Every patch. We are seeing the player at a guardian rise among blitz otps, as it shot up from 20 to 40 percent. Just recently, your early game, all in place are so much better with guardian, as you not only provide yourself with a defensive shield, but your adc as well aftershock helps you become really tanky, but it’s your adc you, the enemy bot lane, will want to focus so Providing them with a shield is often more valuable.

As for the build it’s a locket or sherelia’s rush into zeke’s second and night’s vow. Third, the complete rune page is guardian with font of life. Bone plating and unflinching. Best secondaries are biscuits and cosmic insight, alright guys before we wrap this up. Let’S tell you a little bit more about skill caps, so we offer a five division, rank up, guarantee and think.

That’S a pretty crazy thing to offer. It’S like a gym membership guaranteeing you’ll get ripped. Your local gym would go bust if they offered that right. Not us. We’Ve offered this for years, because our service really does work.

It works so well, in fact, that we were able to produce by far the largest catalog of premium lead guides on the internet. We add over 20 videos a week with over 1600 guides curated into over 100 courses. No one can compare. We’Ve also sent challenger players into elo hell 714 times and counting where they commentate how to carry live. They also respond to all questions asked sign up today for as little as 4.

9 a month. If you are serious about improving, so those are ten builds. One tricks are spamming that the majority of players aren’t thanks for watching everyone and we’ll catch you in the next one. You

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