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3 BEST CHAMPIONS to SOLO CARRY for EVERY ROLE in PATCH 11.18 – League of Legends


What’S going on everybody and welcome back to a brand new skill cap video today we’ll be breaking down the three champions for each role that our analysts believe will provide you with the highest solo, carry potential for 11.18, but before we get into it, be sure to Check out skillcap, if you want to truly get better at league of legends, we’re the only service that offers a money back guarantee if you don’t climb at least five divisions while actively using our service. We do this because our service really does work and if it doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t pay, learn more at the end of this video or click the link in the description for a special discount and without any further ado, let’s get right into it. If you guys aren’t abusing ghostblade riven yet then hop on the train before everyone finds out with camille nerf, this patch riven moves up and will be our first solo carry top of 11.18.

Many riven players are sleeping on ghost blade right now. As the item combination of gore drinker into yomos gives you immense carry threat. The haste addition to ghostblade is huge for riven, as she wants to stack as much as possible. Gore drunker provides you with a good chunk of survivability, and then the added mobility and damage from ghostblade is perfect to pull off those nasty outplays. Since camille was one of riven’s, most common matchups of 11.

7, the passive nerf she received is great to give riven a larger trading window. Renekton and j snurf are the cherry on top, as those are two more annoying matchups that become easier to play with er got buffed in 11.18 and it being one of riven’s more difficult lanes. We would recommend banning him out complete build. We would recommend you spam right now is gore into yomos and black cleaver rune page is standard stuff with conqueror, followed by triumph alacrity and last stand pick up, transcendence and gathering storm for secondaries, a sure bet in our top three for top lane over the past.

While now has been set and nothing changes in that regard, for 11
18, the dominoes have started falling as camille was a staple in our top three and just saw a nerf, so we wouldn’t be surprised if set hits the chopping block in the coming patches for the time being, though, sets only become stronger patch after patch, as so Many other top lane picks have been nerfed. If you can farm up to your gore drinker completion and have the basic mechanics of set lock down, then your 1v1 and even 1v2 potential is massive on steric’s completion you become nearly unkillable and can deal a disgusting amount of damage round that core build out with A titanic hydra. Third, as the synergy it offers with all the health stack, is way too good. Matchup wise right now, riven and ergot are two picks who most set players are having issues against, so banning one of them out is a good idea for runes. You can run the cookie cutter conqueror page and be very well off or look to dabble with the fleet page that was just buffed in 11.

7. Fleet set is being played a solid amount of masters in above right now and is a great pickup as it enables you in those quick, bursty trades when it comes down to a consistent, easy to pilot top lane pick in 11.18, there’s really nothing that beats the Catch even after his nurse from a few patches back, he continues to dominate the meta and slaps around all the most played champs. It gets even better for tom and solo queue, specifically as there have been so many champs nerfed in the recent patches, only matchup that tom really struggles with right now is the niche lilia top pick and with her health regen nerf in 11.18, it will give tom Some more viability in that lane, lilia or shen are good bands at the moment, as most other picks tom either goes even with or absolutely stomps.

Once you complete, frost, fire and anatomist chains, your 1v1 power is difficult to match. Anathema is providing you with the damage reduction, passive and also giving you loads of health synergizes, so well with tom’s kit. Room page will be grasped with shield bash. Second, wind and unflinching best secondaries are triumph and alacrity rising from the depths and making his first appearance. In our top, three for jungle is amumu, to say the least.

Buff’S last patch have triggered a massive surge in carry power. Two q charges opens up so many more opportunities that wouldn’t have presented themselves before you can bandage toss onto a minion wave, flash ult the enemy and then use your second q charge to chain the cc and allow your team to follow up chase potential is amazing. Now and lets you clean up kills that never would have been possible. Pre-Buff early game issues are still present with the muumuu, but if you can buckle down and hit level 6 without falling behind your ability to impact, the game is higher than most junglers. Banning out someone like jarvin or shin zhao, who want to be aggressive early on, is a good idea so that you can play a more controlled early game.

Really strong amumu build is a sunfire rush into demonic, embrace second and thornmail. Third. Solid mix of damage and tankiness abyssal mask is also a great situational item when the enemy comp has heavy ap. Although aftershock used to be very popular on amumu, conqueror, has taken over and is seeing the most success, follow with triumph, tenacity and last stand to round out primaries. Cheap shot and ravenous hunter are optimal secondaries.

Another jungler moving into our top three making his first appearance in months is echo. Echo is definitely a little less accessible right now, due to his higher ban rate, but if you can get your hands on him he’s a monster pick just like amumu ekko is fresh off a buff from 11.17 that has propelled his early clear speed, resulting in a Serious boost in strength just like amumu, it’s all about making it through that first clear and scaling into the mid game. Ekko’S early game isn’t anything special, but once you hit your two-item spike, it’s game over an asher’s tooth rush has become increasingly popular over the past, while especially in korea. Attack speed from nashers allows you to annihilate camps and it helps to proc your passive.

So much easier, the damage difference between nashers and lichbane is very small as well. Nashers will actually deal more damage as long as you’re able to throw in an extra auto attack throughout your rotation. A very underrated setup is nashers into rocket belt and then grabbing lich bane. Third, it’s really the best of both worlds as you’ve got nasty bursts, but at the same time can deal great consistent damage for runes roll with dark harvest is the keystone, followed by sudden impact eyeball, collector and ravenous hunter. Optimal secondaries are free boots and cosmic insight.

The one jungler everyone should have in their champion pool for 11
18 is jarvan for how strong of a pick he is right now, jarvan’s ban rate isn’t excessively high, so you’re able to spam him in most games. Jarvan’S rise to the top of the jungle. Meta is all thanks to a couple. Direct buffs from 11.17 build of gore drinker into sterx is also extremely potent right now, which provides jarvan along with many other bruisers a lot of strength.

If you enjoy playing junglers, who can make a massive impact early on, then siding with jarvan instead of a moomoo or echo, is what we would recommend level 2 and level 3 ganks are both viable options on jarvan, which means the enemy has to respect you and Play further back or else you’ll snowball very quickly, shinzou can be annoying to play into as his ultimate does. A good job at countering your heart engage. So banning him out is a great idea. The best rune page for jarvan is conqueror with triumph alacrity and coup de grace run inspiration secondary opting for magical footwear and cosmic insight, alright, just before we get into mid lane. What are your initial thoughts on the new champion?

Vex. We’Re. Definitely looking forward to this one as the goth kind of style is something different that we haven’t seen yet, who knows how broken this champ will turn out, but the design definitely looks interesting. So let us know what you guys think of x down in the comments below heading over to the mid lane, a new addition to our top three thanks to some insane buffs. This patch is talia.

What’S not to like about some mana refund on q, a smaller worked ground radius and a whole 20 seconds off worked ground duration. These buffs will open up so many more opportunities for talia in the laning phase, leading to more kills a faster snowball and then spreading your lead like wildfire. Once you hit six taliyah’s shove and roam, potential allows her to excel in the soloq environment as being active. Around the map is key to your success as a mid laner, of course, no matter what mage you pick at the moment, you’ll run into some issues against assassins to alleviate this. We would recommend using your ban on katarina zed or auction, as they are highly picked.

Champs who can give you the most issues for the core, build russia luden’s tempest into zanyas and rabadon’s? Third you’ve got options in regards to the keystone rune as electrocute and dark harvest each have a place. It really comes down to whether you want more early game, kill pressure in which case run electro or if you want the scaling and skirmish potential of dark harvest. A few weeks have now passed since action’s release and, as per most recent champion editions auction is looking super broken as more players begin to dial in on the best setups and how to pilot the champ optimally. We are seeing how powerful he actually is long range pick potential from e and the fact it resets on champion.

Takedowns is the ultimate solo carry tool. Your ability to clean up team fights and continue chasing for days will leave the enemy with nowhere to run once you’re ahead. Yasuo and aurelia are two of auction’s more difficult meta match ups, so they are bandworthy in 11.18. We just covered in our recent video that most action, one tricks, have transitioned over to spamming.

Immortal shield bow with amazing results. Shield bow into wits end and rage. Blade is a monster build right now that gives you the perfect mix of tankiness and damage crack and variant builds are also super solid. It just depends on preference and what kind of comp you’re playing into rune page is a lot less diverse as you’ll run, press the attack, every single game with presence of mind, bloodline and coup de grace, grab shield bash and bone plating for secondaries a staple in Our mid lane top three for a good couple weeks has been katarina and she locks down the third spot in 11.18.

Cat offers exactly what you want in a good solo queue hard carry surviving. The first couple levels is the most difficult part, but from then on out your kill pressure and ability to run away with the game is huge sacking. A couple minions on the first few waves is completely fine, as all it takes is that one kill to start popping off once you obtain an early advantage, look to punish the enemy for playing over aggressive, take them down a few more times and spread your advantage To other lanes, teleport with ignite allows you to keep that early kill potential while still being able to impact the map, which is really nice. Kassadin is one of cat’s, more difficult lanes in the current meta. So if you’re searching for a ban he’s, who we would recommend, builds for cat are all over the place right now, as you can run about three different setups and have success with them.

All nashers is a standard rush option. While second item can be rocket belt, rift maker or lutons, each has their own little niche and are all great options, so try them out to see which fits your style. The best conqueror and electrocute are viable rune choices. It comes down to whether you prefer the extra upfront burst of electro or more sustained power from conch. Draven is ready to take over in 11.

8, as the massive ultimate buff will push him over. The edge r will now execute the enemy if their current health is below draven’s. Passive stat count level 6. All in power with a good aggressive support will be unbeatable. If you farmed up a mass amount of stacks with other marksmen like ash, varus and felios, dropping down it’s time for draven to take full control of the spotlight since draven wants to be able to play.

Super aggro banning out one of ezreal, ash or kate are great options, as their long range can make it difficult for you to trade. A strategy we may see many dravens look to implement is farming as much passive stacks as possible and then striking as soon as they hit level 6.

You’Ll now have a near guaranteed kill, so the enemy bot lane will have to respect that and if you can set a freeze, you’ll be able to deny the enemy and grow. Your lead exponentially standard core build for draven is immortal shield bow rush into the collector. Second and infinity edge third run halo blades as the keystone with taste of blood, eyeball, collector and ravenous hunter presence of mind and bloodline.

Work great for secondaries jyn has quietly made his way back up the soloq tier list and is a top three carry pick in our books for 11.18. The utility gin provides allows you to be useful, no matter how ahead or behind you are, which makes him a very consistent pick. The fact jyn was just directly buffed and reaps benefits from fleet changes. Last patch have led to him leapfrogging past many adcs in priority.

Jen is even a pick who can abuse the recently buffed ghostblade as it’s becoming a very popular rush option over in korea, ghostblade into gale force and fire cannon? Is such a disgusting build as it provides you with a ton of mobility and great damage potential too? After all, one of jyn’s main weaknesses is not having a gap closer so having access to items that keep him extremely mobile is perfect for runes grab dark harvest. If you want more damage and fleet, if you value the extra kiting power, if you’re rushing ghostblade, then you’ll already have nice kiting abilities, so opting for dark harvest in that case is more optimal and the final pick to round out our top three for bot lane Is ziggs ziggs has been a very reliable option for many patches now and continues to be a valuable addition to your champion. Pool ziggs is super strong in general right now, but will save so many different team comps, where your top and mid both want to play ad ad mids won’t be getting any less popular for 11.

8 as yone is buffed. Auction is rising in popularity, while zed and yasuo are picked a ton. The long range poke and wave clear from q combined with running teleport as your secondary summoner, spell makes your early laning very safe in more difficult lanes. You can sit back and farm without being punished while with a lead, you can demolish the enemy’s tower with your passive prox and w sample core build is liandry’s rush into demonic, embrace second and zanya’s third take comet with mana flow, transcendence and scorch for primary runes. Free boots and biscuits work extremely well for secondaries one support who’s, absolutely loving some recent indirect buffs and, as a result, shifts into our top three is pike.

Ghost blade buffs from 11.17, followed up by umbral glaive buffs in 11.18, are the recipe for pike’s rise and power. Rushing an umbral glaive into ghost blade second will offer such great carry potential as you’ll be zooming around the map with insane vision, control, draven, coming back into meta, along with ash and gin being played. A ton is exactly what pike wants being able to play with marksmen who can follow up on hook plays, makes snowballing the early game so much easier play around bush control early on and fish for hooks when the enemy is going for last hits rushing early mobility Boots is a great idea to look for rome plays whenever you’re coming off a recall or have lane priority core build.

We would recommend his umbral glaive into ghost blade and duskblade third for runes pick up haloblades with cheap shot, zombie, ward and ultimate hunter secondaries are bone plating and unflinching. Another amazing hook champion who’s, even stronger than pike in the current meta is blitzcrank. Blitz is, on a whole other level right now, thanks to his bus from a few patches back very similar to pike. If you can obtain early brush control and force the enemy to waste, a ward in the lane bush, then it opens up such free ganks. For your jungler, if the enemy bot doesn’t have the river warded, your jungler can walk right on in you.

Can flash e to get the guaranteed knock up, followed by hook and begin taking over the game from then on out rush, early mobility boots and look for opportunities around the map? If your adc is in base – or you have the shove in lane, as you reach, mid game, play for vision, control around objectives and be ready for picks when the enemy has to face check into you, core build for blitz is shurelia’s or lock it rush into Zeke’S second and knights, val third guardian, is blitzcrank’s best keystone with font of life, bone plating and unflinching, pick out biscuits and cosmic insight for secondaries final champion to round out the top three for 11
18 is the best scaling support. You can play being sona. You don’t have the same kind of early snowball power as blitz or pike, but post 20 minutes and at two items your solo carry potential is better than 99 of supports passive now. Granting haste for hitting abilities allows you to spike super hard in the mid game.

Spam out, heals and speed boosts giving the enemy no chance in an extended fight. Not only do you have the utility to keep your team alive, but the playmaking ability from ult lets you take matters into your own hands and find those game-winning picks. Moonstone and sherelia’s are both viable rush items. However, we would definitely side with sherelia’s as it offers more raw carry power from the active for the rune page run. Summon airy with mana flow, transcendence and gathering storm presence of mind and cut down are amazing for secondaries.

All right guys before we wrap this up, let’s tell you a little bit more about skill caps, so we offer a five division, rank up, guarantee and think. That’S a pretty crazy thing to offer. It’S like a gym membership guaranteeing you’ll get ripped. Your local gym would go bust if they offered that right. Not us.

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They also respond to all questions asked sign up today for as little as 4.99 a month, if you are serious about improving, so that wraps up everything for our top three solo carry picks of 11.18 thanks so much for watching everyone, we’ll see you back soon. You

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