Hey guys, I’m high elo player with one million mastery points on Yasuo playing on the EUW I’m mostly known for my montages on YouTube and my streaming channel on Twitch so if you’d like to see more of my content feel free to check the links down below. oday I’m joining Redmercy to present you the builds for the patch six eleven. We’ve been working on this together for a week trying to optimize the buildpaths and adding as much in depth informations as we could so I hope you’ll like this video and the work we’ve put into it and of course that you’ll enjoy using the builds. Thanks. So I’m gonna presents two builds for toplane with two differents playstyle. I’ll start with the Frozen Force, being my signature build, then we’ll talk about the Splitpush Duelist build which is much more damage oriented So let’s get started Frozen Force is a bruiser Yasuo build which uses Trinity Force and Frozen Mallet as its core items it provide a decent amount of tankiness but what’s really interresting is the synergy between the Phage from Triforce and the Slow from Frozen Mallet it allows Yasuo, an already hypermobile champion to move even faster and to have a lot of stickyness.

The next items we’re gonna get are mostly situational but I’d recommend using thoses in most scenarios : Guardian Angel, because we need some resistance after getting 800 hp Sunfire and Sterak gage to increase both the tankyness and the damage output of the build There are some variation you can do depending on the ennemy team composition, like getting Guardian Angel, Spirit Visage and Warmog against a team with a lot of AP poke Or, getting sunfire, randuin and Thornmail if you’re against a full AD Team. Keep in mind that you can adjust the situational items the way you want as long as you mostly build tanky Now I know a lot of people are gonna be sceptical when looking at this build and I totaly understand why the main reason being that you’ll have 0% critchance, but while it may look really bad for Yasuo, its not impacting him that much on a tanky build simply because anyway you don’t have a lot of AD to multiply, in fact most of our damage come from Fervor, Sheen, Sunfire or even Yasuo’s base damages Now why so tanky ? Because it’s what the current META is all about Have you seen bruiser Fizz toplane ? Or the full tank Ekko jumping on your ADC destroying him in a matter of seconds with nothing you can do to save him because he has too much tankyness and mobility ? This is what we’re gonna turn Yasuo into, an obnoxious diver, almost unkillable, knocking and slowing everyone, while still unleashing a decent amount of damage.

Thought I wouldn’t recommend doing this build in every single game, its optimal when you don’t have a tank already on your team or if you’re against an hardmatchup like Irelia and want to abuse the safer buildpath, But in other scenarios you may want to use the Splitpush duelist build I’ll present in a minute, but first let’s see the runes and masteries setup we’re going for on this Frozen Force build. First of all for the Frozen Force setup, I’d recommend using a full Attack Speed rune page, this will allow us to cap Yasuo’s Q spell by level 14 with the attack speed from Triforce So that’s three attack speed Quints and nine attack speed marks, for defensives runes I personaly uses flat armor and scaling magic resist but feel free to adapt For the Mastery pages we have two options, the most common one being Fervor of Battle Mostly because it provide a lot of damage to complement this build’s tankyness and it scale well from early to late game, further it synergize really well with Yasuo’s kit and the amount of attack speed we are getting Now if you want a safer mastery page, Grasp of the Undying is the way to go, its really powerful when you’re against an hardmatchup and you need the extra sustain, tenacity and tankyness to survive, but while it provide a much safer early game it doesn’t scale as well as the Fervor of Battle page.

And that’s all I had to say for this build that I really recommend people to try out, in my opinion its a really strong build if you wanna act as a frontline for your team and it only suffer from a few weaknesses like being weak against % HP damage or having to rely on your teammate. Now if you tried THIS BUILD already and didn’t like it, you may want to use a more offensive approach : The Splitpush Duelist Build The core items of the Splitpush duelist build are gonna be as follows: Phantom Dancer into Botrk into Infinity Edge, you can swap Botrk and Infinity Edge according to your preference but getting botrk first is much safer. he next items we want to get are Deadman’s plate and Banshee’s veil, the goal here, is to get as much roaming and dueling items as possible, In fact, Phantom Dancer will provide you the strong 1v1 damage reduction, botrk is really good in duel especially against tanky champions infinity edge because you want to get the insane damage increase and the one hundred percent crit chance Banshee because its really cheap and strong for splitpushing, it can save you from getting caught or taking an important spell from your opponent.

And Deadman’s plate to improve that splitpushing and roaming aspect, thanks to the movespeed it gives Overall it’s really well rounded build with some sustain, hybrid resistances, lot of damages against squishies AND tanks and of course a lot of dueling and roaming potential thanks to all the items’s passive. For this build keep in mind that we’re putting the emphasis on the splitpushing aspect but you can still play it more as a teamfighting build by changing the defensives items a bit, like getting randuin and spirit visage instead of deadman’s plate and banshee since the first two are gonna be more powerful for teamfights Now let’s see the runes and masteries for this build We’re gonna use 29% Attack Speed since its really strong for long trades and it synergize really well with the keystone we’re gonna get most of the time : Fervor Of Battle This Mastery page provide a lot of damage in 1v1 scenario and Fervor is extremely powerful on Yasuo Top so this is the setup you want to get when you’re confident.

If you’re not, you can get this Mastery page with Warlord Bloodlust, it’ll allow you to safely scale and your lategame lifesteal is gonna be really helpful for dueling people. This is the kind of build you want to get when you already have a frontline and your matchup does not require you to build tankyness in order to survive, this can be even more optimal if no one can duel you in the game which mean you’ll be able to splitpush freely. I just want to remind you that you shouldn’t play these builds without looking at your team comp. I’m especially looking at the Triforce Mid build since even if its a really enjoyable build that allows us to still get Triforce on the midlane, its mostly effective against skillshots and squishies. Then again Frozen Force is only really powerful when you wanna act as a Frontline for a team that’ll be able to back you up, and while the IE builds are not really situational they don’t bring as much utility as the Triforce builds, so choose wisely and hafe fun on the rift

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