Aatrox Tips / Tricks / Guides – How to Carry with Aatrox


Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. The Q2 range is trapezoidal. So the diagonal distance is longer. So use Q2 in the diagonal direction to reach the opponent in the distance. When passive is ready, Aatrox’s stance changes. And eyes on the blade glow Passive increases the scope of the attack. Important stat for top melee champe. Passive scale with% max HP. Use it with cannon or melee to heal more. Passive will provide greater recovery of monsters. It is treatable and destructive it will save you. You can turn the wings on / off with CTRL + 5. Q1 hits enemy to the side.

Q2 hits enemies on the side and back as well. Q3 also hits the opponent on the side and back. The Q cooldown is shorter if you do not use Q3. So if you can’t hit Q3, just don’t use it. It will be shorter if you do not use Q2. Q will not be interrupted even if you get CC. Q3 + F (+ P) useful to reach the enemy and kill. Q3 + F (+ P) Useful when changing targets. In the W drag situation, the diagonal direction of Q2 is even more inclusive. So if the enemy is fleeing towards the side, just use Q2 on the front, not diagonally. Target enemy in stasis. Great opportunity to reach Q3.

The Q3 counter is knockback. Consider that in the game 🙂 Slightly dragged further into the Aatrox position. W + E (or F) is possible. And use it to jump minion walls. W zone is determined at hit time. So you can change the angle by using E or F. So you do it too W will give you real sight. Useful to last hit the minion from a great distance. Try to use it when the opponent is close. E can be used over short distances. Use it to faster reset the automatic attack. Or you can use a wall to make it faster. Use E to jump the minion wall to hit W. Q + E + F to reach the opponent in the distance. Q3 + E + F + P very good for major damage. You can jump walls thicker than E. And if you jump a thicker wall, the dash speed increases. Use it to hit enemies on the other side. Always consider using E in different directions. Use E on the back to knock Q1 / Q2 Use it when you return. May get a chance to counter. This will help you to hit W. If you are too close, the Q1 + E back cannot make a knock.

Q2 is shorter. So use Q2 + E back instead. QWR + E is mainly used in many situations. But E + QWR is also possible and useful in many cases. To chase the enemy, you can use Q3 to return to E. Will use enemy moving skills or F. You can then hit them easily the auto attack. Gives you a ghost effect. Use it to pass minions. The alipores will also escape. Use it to reset the aggro. Increases the time to kill or help, but not more than 10 seconds. Q + Q + G + Q + P use Goredrinker between Q. E + G + Q (+ P) Q1 is far away to use this combo. AA + E + G + AA Goredrinker with automatic attack reset. Q + E + WQ will help MAY be hit. W + E + Q Change order. Q + E + W + Q (+ P) + Q Use Q3 when W drag occurs. P + Q + E + W + Q + automatic attack + G Skip Q3 if the enemy has the skill to move.

Q + Q + Q + E + PO just do the whole Q 🙂 Q. is really strong. Try to reach Q and fight level 1. If Q3 is hard to hit, leave it to get a low cooldown. Enemy tip: always check change of stance for passive. Use Q when enemies try to last hit minions. More chances to hit when the enemy is under the tower. Spam E to return to the line faster Activate the passive. This will let you win the trade. Aatrox is very strong with R. Use level 6 hours to fight. Goredrinker is very good at Aatrox. Use R and try to hit as many. With this item, you will have double HP. Target and harassment fed champ and cannon glasses.

You have E to jump on the wall. Use E and F to target the backside. And now some montage. Thank you for watching!.

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