– Hey guys and welcome to this ADC Positioning Guide! In this video I’ll teach you how to position yourself the best way possible in fights, to make you a better ADC Player. Please enjoy the video! – ADC positioning is always tricky, because 1 tiny mistake can end up in you losing the game. This subject is incredibly important and that’s why I decided to guide you into the right direction. – Here we have a content table for this video. Firstly we are going to look at how summoner spells impact your positioning. Secondly I will talk you through how your champion impacts positioning. Then after that we will look at aspects of your team and the enemy team that can change things up, and last but certainly not least we will be analyzing some plays of mine. – If you want to learn ADC positioning properly, I recommend you NOT to skip through this video.

Every point has its important fundamentals for ADC positioning, and you need all of it in order to improve. – Good use of Summoner spells are key to good positioning. Basically a long story short: Try to not have teamfights if you do not have both your summoner spells up. Avoid fighting, farm it up and once your summoner spells are avaiable you can tell your team to begin a fight. – Of course this is not always possible, because teams usually just do their own thing, but you can atleast communicate it to your team and hope they listen.

If a fight DOES happen in the meantime, and you don’t have your summoners up, STAY VERY SAFE. The enemy might have flash available, and being to close to your enemies basically means they can lock you down easily and kill you. Wait for the enemies to use their important gapclosers and then try to move in to deal damage, before that stay behind and only attack if you are very safe. – Also, I dislike people who use their flash to flash forward. Use it as a defensive spell to safe yourself positioning wise, because that’s ultimately what it’s good for. If you are winning the teamfight and quickly need to take down a target out of reach, you can still flash in to secure the kill.

Just try to not use your flash to flash in at the beginning of the fights, because it can get you in tricky situations. – Next up, your champion. What abilities does your champion provide to keep yourself safe in teamfights, and how do you have to play with these abilites. For this I make champion guides on my channel that features all the important aspects about the champion. It is key to know your champion if you want to abuse their abilites, so make sure you have mastered your champion! – Then we look at what your team provides and what the enemy team has. This is probably one of the most important points to look at, and the most difficult. Let’s start with your team. – Depending on the champions your team has, you can do different things as an ADC. For instance, if you have a Janna with a lot of peel, you can play much more aggressively because of the safety net you have with Janna. However, if it is an Annie support, you’re basically on your own so you should be playing much more defensively.

This means you can’t play with the same playstyle every single game, it depends on your team and the enemy team. – You should also look if your team has any other carries. If it does, it often allows you to play more aggresive, because if they focus you the other carries on your team will stay unharmed. If you have a tanky team though, you should stay alive at all cost because you are the main damage dealer. They will protect you, but they can’t protect you if you go too crazy as ADC. – So what do we look at for the enemy team? First of all, summoner spells. You need to time their summoner spells because knowing whether they have flash or not can make a huge difference. Next to that, what kind of gapclosers do they have? How do they get close to you? Knowing this is important, because then you can track whether they have already used those abilites or not.

If they have already used their gapclosers, you can play extremely aggressive because they won’t have a way to engage on you. – So basically tracking the enemy’s cooldowns is key to good positioning. Waiting for the enemies to use their important abilities, with you moving in afterwards is the best strategy to make positioning a piece of cake. Yes, you need to look at a lot of things as ADC, but if you practice this you will become a true carry for your team.

– That was a lot of information for you to take in, but it wasn’t too in-depth so you should be able to take it in relatively fast. Now comes the part where you can learn the most, which is where we will be analyzing certain situations and look at whether it was played right or wrong, and how it could’ve been played better. – Alright guys, so to sum it all up I’ve made a sheet with all important information put together. Read it through one last time, and take it in so you can use it for your own play. If you have learned something new and liked the video, please don’t forget to press that like button below! It helps me and my channel tons! Also, if you want to see more league of legends guide and you haven’t subscribed yet, consider subscribing for weekly league of legends guides! Thank you for watching and see you guys next time!

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