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Hello guys james here, it’s just a few daysaway until the release of inazuma regionmakes, you feel excited, isn’t it and in thisvideo i want to provide you with some informationon how to build our first 5 star in inazuma thecryo, samurai, kamisato ayaka. First, i wan na thankyou for genshin honey, hunter world and projectcelestia to provide this information to usdisclaimer. This is just my personal opinion, so ifi miss something or not matched with your opinioni just want to say sorry. Also, this data is frompre-release information, so there is a smallchance things might get changed on officialrelease. So first, let’s compare the base statof ayaka with the strongest sword.

Userso far in the game. The electro queen keqing, as we can see on the tablekeqing, have higher base hp and defensebut in terms of the base. Attackayaka have better base. Attackit means ayaka was a better sword. User dps thankeqing ayaka also have critical damage for it’sascension status.

Bonus exactly like keqingyou just need to more focus on her crit ratenext. We got the data of her autoattack damage compared with catchingas. You can see. Ayaka have a betterdamage percentage on her auto attackand. The stamina consumption of her chargeattack was slightly better than keqing.

Their plunged attack damage are same. It meansthat. We can take benefit of ayaka’s, auto attackso, often in the game, ayaka elemental, skill, calledhyouka. This skill gives aoe cryo damage to nearbyenemy. The damage percentage are 430,56 percent ontalent level 10, and this is the elemental burst ofayaka.

It’S called soumetsu ayaka released some iceblade storm toward the enemy. I think it is about12 to 15 times scythe damage on enemies and thenit’s gon na explode. To give an explosion, damageat talent, level 10. You can get 202.14 damageper side and 303.

0 damage on the explosionenergy cost. Is 80, which is pretty high? Andlast ayaka have a unique ability calledsenho. It is pretty similar with mona waterrun, except it apply cryo on the enemiesbut. If you open her passive talent, calledkanten senmyou blessing, you can get 18percent cryo damage bonus for 10 seconds.

Ok, that’s allabout! Her skill, now, let’s talk about her buildin, my opinion, there is two type of ayaka’s: buildyou can try. The first one is main dps mean sheis, the one who applying damage most of the timeon the field and the second build is burst. Dpsor we can say sub dps. Her task is applying cryowith her skill and burst.

Then quick, swiping herwith, your main dps, to continue firstlet’s talk about using her as main dpson. This build you need to maximize her attackcrit rate, crit damage and cryo damage. Bonusthe skill. Priority are auto attackelemental burst, then elemental skillher play style is giving damage to enemy, with hernormal attack that already infused with cryo fromher, passive talent, senho, and when your energy fullrelease, the elemental, burst toward the enemies. Nowlet’S talk about best weapon for main dps buildfirst is the 5 star sword, which is signature swordof her the mistsplitter reflection, this sword hascrit damage as its main stat and also gives you12 percent of elemental damage.

Not only that thissword also have stacking effect with three level. Ofstacks first level gives you elemental damagebonus for 8 percent 16 on level 2 and 28on level, 3.

A normal attack, infused withelement, will give you one stack for 5 secondsand using elemental, bursts willgive. You one stack for 10 secondsbut when your energy is full the stack willgone. The second best is primordial jade cutter.

The crit rate based sword have a very highclick rate on level 90, which is 44
1 percentthe sword also boosts your max hp for 20 percent. Andgive attack bonus for 1.2 percent of your maxhp. The more max hp you have. Your attack are gonnaget stronger.

Third best is the battle pass weaponthe black sword. This sword gives you 27.6 critrate at level 90 and increase your normal attackand charge attack for 20 percent, which is goodon ayaka. You can also heal your ayaka when scorea critical hit, because it’s a battle pass weaponmeans. It is easy to get for free to play.

Playeryou can use another sword which gives youcrit damage or attack percent stats. Butit means you’re gon na need. A good artifactbecause. Crit rate is pretty difficult to getyour. Crit rate target are 40 to 50 percentwith crit damage at least 100 to 150 percentnow.

Let’S talk about artifacts. If you are runningthe main dps ayaka and your crit rate are so badthen blizzard, strayer 4 set is your best betthe two set gives you 15 cryo damage bonusand. The fourth set will give you 20 critrate to enemy imbued with cryo statusif. You can froze the enemy yourcrit rate increased to 40 percentdon’t forget if you using cryo resonance inyour team 15, more crit rate on frozen enemiesthe total is insane 60 percent crit ratebecause your base, crit rate starts from5 percent, but this setting have weaknesses, onworld bosses and elemental Enemies like slimebecause, they cannot get frozen. This is the mainweakness of blizzard strayer, artifact setthe.

Second, one is a beast on boosting yournormal and charge attack. It is the new artifactsin inazuma region. The shimenawa reminiscencethe two set will give you 18 attack. Just likegladiator set did and the fourth set will giveyou 50 damage bonus on normal charge and plungingattack for 10 seconds, with the cost of 15 of yourenergy. Don’T forget about ayaka passive talentsafter using her elemental skill.

You already got aboost 30 damage on your normal and charge. Attackfor 6 seconds it’s gon na be insane. You can useanother alternative like two set of blizzardstrayer with two sets of shimenawa reminiscence or to set blizzard strayer with two gladiatorthe. Most important thing is gettingyour crit rate to at least 40 to 50and, create damage to 100 to 150. Percent200 is better if you can achieve thatdon’t forget to get your attackpercentage as high as you can.

Second build is burst, dps or sub dps ayakain. This build ayaka gon na play her roleto damage your enemy using her elementalburst and also imbued enemies with cryothen swipe to your main dps. To finish, themall pyro is the best thing to do. The jobyou need to focus more on energy recharge on thisbuild crit rate and create damage also needed butnot as high as the main dps build 40 to 50 percentcrit rate with 100 crit damage already good to gofor the talent. Priority are elementalburst elemental skill, then normal attacknow.

Let’S talk about the weapon for sub dpsayaka, i think the best choice are a skywardblade which gives you energy recharge as it meansthat. Your crit rate also get four percent boostthe passive, also pretty good, because itwill increase your normal and charge attackfor 20 percent with 12. Second duration, right after youusing, the elemental burst. The second best are mistsplitter reflection and primordial jadecutter on the third place for 4. Star weaponyou can use sacrificial sword which can resetyour elemental skill cooldown, and you can alsouse the free sword from the dragon spine eventthe festering desire.

Both of this sword haveenergy recharge as it main stat another optioni, think favonius, sword and skyrider sword and now for sub dps best artifact thebest one. I think emblem of severed. Fatewhich two sets gave you 20 percent moreenergy recharge and four set. Will boostyour elemental burst damage for 25percent of your total energy? Recharge200 percent mean you already have 50boost on your burst.

Pretty nuts isn’t itsecond option are noblesse oblige, which givesyou 20 percent gain on elemental, burst, damage ontwo-piece set and boost your party attackpercent into 20 for 12 seconds after usingelemental burst on its four set. You can also mixtwo blizzard strayer with two noblesse. If you wantand last, i think this is the bestpartner for ayaka in each buildfor, the main dps ayaka first one is ganyu. Becauseher celestial shower will give you cryo damagebonus for 20 percent. Next mona she can easily wetyour enemy for triggering frozen.

Reactionand omen effect from her burst are good for extra damagethird is xinqiu because his burst are oneof. The best support ever in genshin impactayaka only need to auto attack the enemyto frost them. Next, we have chong yunbecause. His elemental skill will give never endingcryo infusion for ayaka’s attack and we got kazuhaan elemental damage. Bonus generate machinealso, a good crowd control last, but not leastis xiangling, because her pyronado gonnabe so good for melt reaction with ayaka next is the best partner for burst.

Dps orsub dps ayaka first is hutao and diluc afterayaka using her burst. You know what to doright, yes, use, hutao or diluc burst to end. Thisthe second is yanfei. She has a very insane chargeattack damage mechanism and it is a pyro damagenext. We got bennett for boosting your ayaka’sattack before you unleash her burst for thelast.

You can use either sucrose venti or kazuhato boost ayaka’s elemental burst, cryo damage. So that’s my opinion on building ayakasorry. If i’m missing some point or it isdifferent from your opinion, so best ofluck on making ayaka come home and havefun, exploring the new region of inazuma pleaselike comment and subscribe. If you like, my videosee, you on another videojames is signing out peace.

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