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Ok, Let’s Go How to use the new hero Barats in this mobile legends guide. We are going to talk about the things you need to know. If you want to use Barats in this game, we are gon na, do the Offlane Barats and because of Barats’s skills. That’S why I think this Emblem Suits him Support Emblem with Movement, Speed, Hybrid Regen and Avarice. You will know later. What are the skills of Barats? Also why this Emblem suits him when it comes to spell. Flicker is good on him because he doesn’t have an escape aside from that. You can use it and do a Combo with his Ultimate. You will see later how the 1st thing you need to know about Barats. He is stronger when he is bigger. That’S why, on the start of the game, your Priority is to make him Bigger whenever he hits his skills on hero, minions or jungle creeps his passive receives a stack. That’S the reason why Barats becomes bigger. You can see how many stacks of passive he has. It can reach up to 25 stacks, but if you won’t hit your skill within 12 seconds, the stack will be gone. He will become small and will return to 0 the advantage of his passive. It gives additional Physical and Magic Defense and also Resilience. You will see later, what’s the meaning of it.

Aside from that, when his stacks reaches 16, his basic attack will increase damage and will have a slow. The Resilience is, you will see here when he doesn’t have stack of his passive. The duration of stun is longer and when he has High Resilience, the Duration of stun will be lower. It’S like Tough Boots, but the stun duration will be lower if the Passive stacks is higher. That’S the reason why your Priority is to make him 25 stacks on the early game if he doesn’t have much stack, it’s better to not engage in a teamfight aside from that, it’s important to maintain it to 25 stacks so that he won’t get small when it Comes to Barats’s 1st skill, he will put an oil and it will explode. It will deal 2x damage, so it will also increase stacks twice on every enemies that are hit. It also has slow and whenever Barats gets bigger, the range of First skill increases. When it comes to his 2nd skill, he will put a missile on a location, the it will be pushed towards him. It will be easier to control the missile if you know how, if you want to pull the enemies closer put the missile in front of Barats, and if you want to push the Enemies away, put the missile behind Barats. You will see here the direction of his 2nd skill will change. If you always use him, you will get used to using his 2nd skill when it comes to this game, because Barats can clear the lane fast. That means you’ll be able to pressure the lane easier.

The only problem is, if you don’t have support Emblem, his mana will drain quickly also because you always need to stack always that’s the advantage of Hybrid Regen on Support Emblem and because Barats moves so slow. That’S why Movement Speed is also good on him. You will see here because my skills didn’t hit. That’S why Barats will get small when he is small. His Physical and Magic Defense becomes low. That’S why? If you have an enemy Barats, this is the time to fight him. When it comes to his ultimate, he will eat the hero inside the range of his Ultimate after eating it. He will spit it out on a location when he spits it out on a wall or another hero. It will deal additional damage and stun. Aside from that, you can also use it with Flicker just wait for Barats to eat the enemy before using Flicker. Aside from that, Barats is immune to Crowd control skill when using ultimate. That means you won’t be able to cancel him, but if you will get out of the Range of his ultimate, he won’t be able to eat you when it comes to item build.

This is the item build that I think suits Barats. This is good. If you will make him offlane, Bloodlust Axe and Queen’s Wings for Sustain BOD and Endless Battle for Damage, then you can still change the last item. Depending on the situation, I went to a wrong path there. That’S why they’re able to kill me, but because Balmond doesn’t have Ultimate and they don’t have Retri, that’s why we can still take the Turtle. You also need to remember that, because Barats is still a new hero, that’s why the Item Build Emblem and even the Spell that suits him can still change. There’S a different Role and Item Build that I want to try on him so wait for the Part 2 of our Guide when it comes to this game. Our priority is to take objectives and while doing that, we are going to fast forward on the boring parts. If you notice there, we don’t let the stacks of Barats to be gone so that if there’ll be a teamfight, we can fight right away.

I hope you learn a lot from that Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it also shoutout to Jun Carpio, Zufra Gaming and Jeremiah Punzalan. Whoever is the 1st three comments on every video I will shoutout on the next video. So if you are not yet subscribed hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, I’m out

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