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This 3-star sword might be better than this one for Eula, and this 4-star sword is the  savior for us slow spenders because it smashes all these 5 stars, and this weapon right here  is absolutely the best in slot. If you are new here, hello! I am hoshings. I suck at the game,  so I compensate with knowledge. Subscribe for knowledge!

I’ve also made a tool for you that  compares every single sword at every single refinement, and we’ll get to that in a bit.  Make sure you’re sat back, relax, and if you’re excited for Eula, you can even like this video!  First off, the Debate Club. The sub stat sucks and the passive does no damage, the worst of them all,  there’s no debate. The Skyrider’s Sword is the odd one here; it’s a little 3-star among these 4-star  big boys.

It has a smaller base attack than the Starsilver, but a bigger physical damage bonus,  plus it gives you more attack as you hit things anyways, up to 40% at refinement 5,  and it’s cheaper to upgrade, and you can find them in chests.

This might be your best option  if you just got this game. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a few prototypes and you can  invest in a few refinements on your Starsilver, the Skyrider Greatsword is just as good. Now,  most people I know aren’t whales or aren’t lucky enough to get one of these 5-star swords.  Most of you are low spenders or are free to play, just like me; so what options do we have?

I bet  the Snow-tombed Starsilver is the first one that came to your mind. After all, it has a physical  damage bonus, and the passive does a big chunk of damage and even an icy color scheme. It’s a  match made in heaven, right? Well, maybe. There are actually four swords that are better than  the Starsilver, but before we get to them, let’s give these ones a roast real quick.

The energy  recharge and energy on the Favonious Greatsword might be good for ults, but it does nothing else,  it’s the weakest 4-star.

The sub stat on the Bell is bad for Eula, the passive cooldown  is 45 seconds. Who at Mihoyo thought this was a good idea. With the Sacrificial Greatsword, you  actually lose damage if you press E more times in your combo. Put the Rainslasher on Beidou instead.

  Noelle’s gonna cry if you take her sword. The Prototype Archaic is slightly worse than the  Starsilver, don’t waste your prototype for this. And now here we have three swords that are better  than the Snow-tombed Starsilver: the Lithic Blade, the Blackcliff Slasher, and the Serpent  Spine. The Lithic Blade is surprisingly amazing even if we can’t actually get all four stacks,  because Euler is from Mondstat, but at three stacks, it is slightly worse than the Serpent  Spine, and at two stacks, it is slightly better than the Starsilver.

If you don’t know what these  stacks do, they give you a bit of attack and crit rate for every team member from Liyue.

  Next up is the Blackcliff Slasher; this has the potential to match the Serpent Spine,  but only after you kill three things really fast first; so the passive is completely useless when  you are fighting big scary things, but hey, the crit damage sub stat is really nice. And now,  the Serpent Spine; other than the massive chunk of crit rate it gives, its passive stacks up to 30%  extra damage at refinement 1. In most situations, you can pre-stack this bonus and go into a fight  with the full damage bonus. And at this point, the Spine is already way ahead of Starsilver in DPS,  and is better than the Skyward Pride.

At R3 it matches Wolf’s Gravestone and at R5, it could  potentially match Eula’s theoretic best in slot, the Song of Broken Pines.

The small downside of  having all this power is you take more damage and you lose part of the damage bonus every time  you get hit, but it’s okay, bring a shield and enjoy your damage. Honestly Mihoyo, what is this,  you created a 4-star weapon that beats your 5-star weapons. By the way, which sword are you going to  use on Eula? Comment your sword of choice below and I’ll wish you good luck! And now on to our  first 5-star sword, the Skyward Pride.

This sword has a higher base attack than the next two and an  energy recharge sub-stat. This could be really valuable in keeping Eula’s ult charged, which  contributes to a big chunk of her damage.

Its passive boosts all of her damage even more, and  the 8 vacuum blades deal physical damage, which Eula specializes in. Next up is the Unforged; this  sword gives a ton of attack as you hit enemies, and even more attack when you’re shielded,  but it doesn’t do much else. Like, you had so much potential, why don’t you have actually useful  stats.

The Wolf’s Gravestone’s stats are identical to the Unforged, and suffers the same problem  of only providing attack; Though the upside is it gives part of the attack upfront, and if you  hit any enemies with low hp, your whole team gets a huge attack buff. The best in slot weapon for  Eular will be the Song of Broken Pines. This sword is going to be released in patch 1.5. At level 90,  this sword has 741 attack and 21 physical damage sub stat, making this sword the highest based  attack weapon in Genshin right now, but there’s more: the passive gives you a good amount of  attack; on top of that, after hitting enemies with your normal or charged attacks 4 times,  which Eula can do under 2 seconds, the whole team and herself gains an even bigger attack percentage  and attack speed boost.

While I don’t exactly know how attack speed would affect her combo  and damage, my theory is that she would be able to at least gain one or two more stacks for her ult,  and that would be a massive damage boost. If you have no idea what I’m talking about,  I encourage you to watch my last video. But even if attack speed does nothing for Eula,  this sword will still be the best in slot for her just from the stats it provides, assuming it  stays the same.

Now, if you would like to compare different swords at different refinements, I’ve  made a spreadsheet to compare the DPS capabilities of every sword you might want to use at every  single refinement. It’s posted on my discord server.

Have I changed your mind on Eula’s best  weapon? Let me know in the comments! Subscribe for more Eula guides, and I’ll see you next time..


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