Blitzcrank 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends


Blitzcrank 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Exhaust: To kill and to escape
2) Flash: To kill and to escape

1) Defense: Resistance, Hardiness, Strength of Spirit, Harden Skin, Defensive Mastery, Tenacity
2) Utility: Perseverance, Haste, Expanded Mind, Meditation

1) Mark of Desolation, Seal of Replenishment, Glyph of Focus, Quintessence of Strength

Champion Skill Priority
1) Static Field (Ultimate)
2) Rocket Grab
3) Power Fist
4) Overdrive

Item Build
1) Boots of Swiftness
2) Manamune
3) Trinity Force
4) Frozen Heart
5) Phantom Dancer

Early Game:
1) Don?t Solo
2) Grab enemies to your tower when their minions are not in range and Power Fist them + Exhaust for first blood.

Mid Game:
1) Hide in bushes or jungle with your team and Grab enemies into the trap + Power Fist

Late Game:
1) Move with your team and try to Grab enemies to separate them.
2) Remember to keep using Power Fist in fights

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