Who could of known that combining the power of law and burning is going to make Yanfei so powerful and the only question remains – how will you build her? Besides causing explosions and dropping pyro attacks onto your enemies’ heads, the most important thing to help you achieve this havoc are going to be the Scarlet Seals which are going to power up charged attacks and make their stamina cost cheaper while also increasing the damage as well. And you can gain these Seals one by one for each Normal attack you do or you can gain the max amount immediately if you can hit your enemies with either an elemental skill or burst.

And you can have up to 3 of these seals active that will all get consumed the moment you use your charged attack, so making sure you have 3 seals each time you go for the powerful attack is going to be your best strategy. And if that’s not enough, both of her passive talents further give you more power if you land these charged attacks, one of which will increase your Pyro DMG by 5% per each Seal that gets consumed while the other passive will cause an additional explosion that won’t cause as much damage as the initial one but it will still count as charged attack damage.

So it’s all about the Scarlet Seal economy and how you will manage it but to make things even more interesting, after you use your burst attack, you’ll get blessed with Brilliance which is going to provide with a constant supply of Seals every 1 second but in addition to this, your charged attacks will also gain additional damage bonus that’s going to be pretty significant. However, all of this comes with a cost and the moment you switch out this law expert to another team mate, you’re going to lose any Seals or Brilliance you had on her, so this means Yanfei has one of the more selfish playstyles that punish you for ending her combo streak too early. But that’s basically all you need to know about her gameplay – get the max amount of Seals whether that means by using her skill or burst and then using her charged attack for the max amount of damage is going to be your best bet if you want to wipe out your enemies.

But having a mastery over the Scarlet Seals isn’t going to be the only thing that keeps our Yanfei’s damage going and we’ll need to take a look at her equipment next. Getting the right equipment for Yanfei is pretty straightforward thanks to her element and playstyle and when it comes to her weapon selection, one of the most common catalyst choices would be either the Solar Pearl or Blackcliff Amulet weapons for that much needed Critical Rate or Damage boost and even if the passives won’t be the most reliable thing out there, it’s the substat that matters most in these cases.

But if we were to take a look at alternative options, The Widsith catalyst from the gacha system is a strong contender for nearly any damage dealer out there and Yanfei is no exception when it comes to this weapon. There’s also Eye of Perception, which another gacha weapon that provides ATK% from substat and a decent passive that has a nice synergy with her playstyle.

But if you’re looking for free to play options, then Frostbearer is a well-rounded catalyst and if you’re in the early game, you can use a fully-refined Twin Nephrite until a better rarity weapons comes along. Speaking of which, any of the 5-stars weapons you obtain are going to be amazing for her damage output with Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds being the top choice followed by Skyward Atlas and then Memory of Dust.

Moving over to her artifacts, there’s a couple of choices to go after and it’s always important to keep in mind that while set bonuses are great things to strive for, it’s usually the substats that matter more than anything else and this means that while the full set of Wanderer’s Troupe is an amazing thing to have activated on Yanfei, since she’s all about utilizing her charged attacks, getting this set isn’t going to be easy since you can only obtain these artifact pieces from fighting bosses or opening Spiral Abyss treasure chests.

And this means there’s a couple of alternatives to consider, one of which is a combination of Crimson Witch and Noblesse Oblige 2-set bonuses which will give a nice boost in her overall damage output that you can also mix and match with Gladiator’s if you’re just looking for that raw power boost from a set bonus. Now it’s important to mention that the full set of Crimson Witch doesn’t really work that well on Yanfei since she only has a single charge to her elemental skill and there’s a pretty long 9 second cooldown so utilizing that 4-set bonus doesn’t work out in the end but if you’re still interested in powering up her pyro attacks, you could go for the full set of Lavawalker’s if you’re OK with the idea that Slimes and certain few other enemies won’t get affected by the extra damage you gain.

But aside from these recommended artifact sets, just like with nearly every other damage dealer out there, focus on getting ATK% on Sands, Pyro DMG on Goblet and Critical Rate or DMG on Circlet while also keeping an eye on substats so that you can get as much of Critical Rate or DMG as possible while also trying to maintain the golden 2:1 ratio and then afterwards try to get some ATK% or Energy Recharge since she does have the high burst cost she needs to cover. Finally, for her talents, she’s all about unleashing her Charged attacks so make sure to level her Normal Attack talent first and then prioritize burst afterwards. So all in all, Yanfei’s equipment build is pretty basic and doesn’t require much thinking since she’s not the most complex character we have seen and going after the usual critical rate and damage stats is what you can expect from an end-game oriented build.

But weapons and artifacts isn’t the only thing that makes Yanfei strong and it’s time we take a look at her new potential team mates. One thing is very clear about this legal expert and that would be her selfish playstyle that we have seen in many other characters like Razor, Xiao or Klee that all have their damage tied to a momentum and if you don’t use it up fully, switching over to a different team mate results in you missing out on some more damage you could of dealt. And with characters like Yanfei, you want to get team-mates that provide their usefulness even when they are off the field or if they can at least crowd control your enemies so that you can unleash those pyro skills more easily. So characters like Xingqiu, Xianging, Fishcl and Albedo are just a few examples of someone who can provide their abilities while they are switched out but then there’s also the holy trinity of Bennett, Venti and Zhongli that you won’t regret adding to your team. Now one of the things that makes Pyro so powerful are the Melt and Vaporize reactions which you can easily take advantage of with some team builds that boost up Elemental Mastery or Attack for stronger reaction hits so an example team of Bennett and then either Kaeya or Diona for the reaction and then finally Sucrose for Elemental Mastery boost is one of the ways you can go about this or you could also switch out Cryo with Xingqiu or Mona and Anemo with Zhongli or the Traveler, especially if you have Archaic Petra set ready to boost those elemental attacks.

But it’s important to remember that it’s all about that Scarlet Seal economy and how you will manage them during the fights, so make sure to set up your strongest combo attack with her burst as the final finisher so that when she gains Brilliance, you can use it for as long as possible without needing to switch to other team mates. And this becomes even more obvious once you start getting more of her constellations which basically reward you for using more charged attacks which in return get boosted by things like the amount of Seals you consume and with a final constellation that increases your seals by 1 more, you can get even less stamina consumed and more damage dealt with nearly every other charged attack you’ll be dealing.

It’s also fascinating to see that her 4th constellation activates a shield and a pretty big one, that actually gives the much needed survivability if you keep her on the battlefield for a prolonged amount of time. But in essence, Yanfei is going to be acting as your main damage dealer whether you like it or not, so finding the team mates and artifact combos to support her playstyle is going to be one of the things to focus on if you want to drop those powerful charged attacks onto your enemies.

Some like to call Yanfei the budget version of Klee, others think she’s more like Ningguang but in the end it does feel like she has her own identity and while that means she doesn’t have the most original gameplay design, there’s an exciting part of her, where managing the Seals and creating awesome combos with her burst, skill and charged attacks feels rewarding to say the least.

Overall, one of the biggest selling points of Yanfei is her element and having a 4-star pyro character that’s all about elemental attacks only further emphasizes the dominance of Pyro in the game.

There’s also the fact her charged attacks will stagger your enemies and with the whole Seal mechanic, you won’t be using that much stamina, so keeping your enemies at bay is going to be an easy thing to maintain alongside her devastating damage. But if there were some complaints, then it would obviously be her limiting factor of having a selfish playstyle and that means if you suddenly are low on health and need to switch to someone else, losing that Brilliance buff or any active Seals is not the most welcome outcome and things can get even uglier with a high-energy cost of her burst which means working towards getting it unleashed and then prematurely ending Brilliance can lead to an unfavorable damage loss. However, if we take everything into account and even include some of the insane constellations she gets to unlock, Yanfei is truly an amazing damage dealer that’s going to definitely make a lot of players lives easier in places like the Spiral Abyss where pyro has been dominating since the game has been released.

Now if only we knew how to make as much Mora as she claims to make from her legal work.

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