Cho’Gath 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends


Cho?Gath 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Exhaust: Marks out heroes for kill, also to escape
2) Flash: To chase and also to escape

1) Offense: Cripple
2) Defense: Strength of Spirit, Harden Skin
3) Utility: Awareness, Quickness, Blink of an Eye

1) Mark of Insight (Magic Penetration), Seal of Resilience (Armor), Glyph of Warding (Magic Resist), Quintessence of Warding (Magic Resist)

Champion Skill Priority
1) Feast (Ultimate): Massive True Damage to target. Any kill with this increases your HP.
2) Rupture: Knocks enemies airborne in an AOE and slows them afterwards.
3) Vorpal Spikes Level 3: Passively deals damage in front of Cho?Gath
4) Feral Scream Level 1: Damage and Silence in front of Cho?Gath
5) Vorpal Spikes
6) Feral Scream

Item Build
1) Doran?s Ring: + Health, + Mana Regen, + Ability Power to spam your Rupture
2) Boots of Speed -> Mercury?s Threads: Magic Resist, Reduce duration of negative effects
3)?Frozen Heart: Armor, Mana, Reduce Ability Cooldown, Reduce attack speed of nearby enemies
4) Spirit Visage: Magic Resist, Health, Reduce Ability Cooldown, Increase healing and regeneration
5) Randuin?s Omen: Armor, Slow Attackers, Reduce Ability Cooldown

Early Game:
1) Lane with a ranged ally champion so they can dish out damage while the enemy is caught by rupture.
2) Spam Rupture on Enemy champions, getting last hits on minions at the same time.
3) Farm with Rupture and Vorpal Spikes, deny enemies any chance of last hit.
4) Use Rupture, Exhaust, Flash, Feast for easy first blood.

Mid Game:
1) Keep farming with Rupture and Vorpal Spikes
2) Keep using Feast on anything to increase your HP
3) Defend against pushes with Rupture and Lead Pushes with Rupture > Feral Scream
4) Gank enemies caught in Rupture.
5) Get some Kills now and then with Rupture, Exhaust, Feast

Late Game:
1) Continue to Lead Pushes
2) Be a Tank and attract all the attention using your huge size.

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