Hi, guys! My name is Xpecial, I play support for Team Dignitas and here I’m going to give you guys – some tips, hints and just some strategy to how to play Support. For Support, starting items are typically the same items every game and you start with a gp10 item, into some potions and a yellow trinket for wards. I’m pretty sure this never changes from game to game. You see, on my first buy, I try to get parts for Sighstone. If I can’t afford it or feel like I need to roam, I get Boots. Potions are really important as well, Pink Ward in there, a really nice thing is even the Green Potion – I forgot what it’s called – the one that refreshes. That one is really cost efficient and if you can afford that, you should get that as well.

It’s pretty costly so I don’t always go for it. Afterwards, get Boots of Mobility usually, sometimes go for CR Boots, also on champions like Malzahar, even Sorceress’ boots sometimes on Zyra. Those are the big Boot-side changes. In laning phase, my biggest concern is to keep up my health. If I’m too low, that means we can get ganked, we can get dove, we could lose 2v2s, obviously.

Those are my primary concerns and other than that trying to get my AD Carry as much CS as possible. I’ll look for kills If laning is not going to well, might need to roam. Really depends on the lane, my champions and where their Jungler is. Other than that, my biggest priority is to get vision out, figure out where the Jungler is going to be and if they’re about to get bottom then I’ll figure out where my middle lane will be, and see if he can come down, if not, just play safe, just don’t die. That’s my biggest tip for everybody. If you’re trying to fight in bot lane, do it when you know you will win and, yes, that’s really obvious, but you look at a lot of factors in those cases.

First one is – Where the hell is their Jungler? Where the hell is your Jungler? If their Jungler is always here and your own Jungler is not here, it could be that you don’t want to fight but sometimes you can, like, if you’re really, really ahead. If your Jungler is here, you can push to trade to just initiate a fight and hope your Jungler is going to be in a position to gank for you. So, with that said, if your lane is going to win 2v2 for sure and they are playing aggressive on you, typically means their Jungler is right behind them and be very careful in those cases.

That tip may vary depending on Elo because some players may not know they can’t fight you and they fight you anyway, and that’s always very confusing. Assuming they’re a competent bot lane, usually you want to focus their AD Carry. The reason for that is because if you use all your damage from both your AD and Support on one champion or one Support, and you don’t kill him. Typically, their Support is going to throw some CC on you, run away, flash away, get away, get healed by the AD Carry, and their AD Carry is going to deal a lot of damage to your AD Carry.

In many of those cases, if their AD Carry all-ins at that point, your AD Carry dies, you don’t have any damage – you lose that fight. But if you aim all your damage on the AD Carry, typically they dont have enough damage to retaliate and you’ll win that fight or trade, or even kill them. Be very careful when aiming for the Support. Unless you can kill him in one combo or at least very, very quickly I typically don’t suggest focusing the Support. But there are cases where if you can one-shot them then go for it. When you’re trading in bot lane, in 2v2 scenarios, you got to really look out for cooldowns. Cooldowns of Summoner’s, cooldowns of items if they have any, if they have any potions, cooldowns of spells as well, obviously. For example, if enemy’s playing Tresh he misses his hook (happens), you want to go aggressive no matter what champ you’re playing. Typically, if Thresh’s hook is down, he can’t really punish you. Obviously, be careful a bit, all those coming back up and them trying this and that, but that might be a good time because you’ll fight until hook comes back up anyway.

Usually right after Thresh’s hook, he misses, go in, do some damage, and get trade. Obviously, don’t trade once his hook is back up. Usually on these trades, know enemy champions cooldowns and play around them. So warding. What warding basically is – you can play aggressive. Without vision, you cannot play aggressive. With vision, you can do a lot more things, you obviously can play more aggressive, and you sometimes cant even farm without vision. Overall, vision allows you to play more aggressively. If you’d think “Oh, vision, that’s for b*tches” you know, b*tches give vision… No! Men give vision. Right, LOD? I don’t know… So, obviously, there are really good times to get vision, especially when you’re pushed up into their turret.

Get some vision, lock in their jungle, their bot lane is farming under the turret If you’re pushed in, it’s really hard to get vision, they are the ones in the fog of war, you can’t see where they are. Unless you have vision already, you really can’t play up at all. You cant go into your jungle and you really can’t do anything. Having control in lane allows you to do anything and that includes vision, so always try to pressure, always try to push up. Freezing your lane and pulling the lane back is generally not a good thing to do. If you push, you’ll have pressure, you can walk into their jungle and do more things. So, objectives, enemy blue buff and enemy red buff – those are really good objectives to contest for but only if you’re ahead, dragon as well. There’s times when Jungler can solo dragon really early so you can do your thing, unless he actually needs help. But generally, you want to help your team gain vision, make sure the enemy team doesn’t steal dragon and all that stuff, but your priority is not exactly on the objectives.

If you have the lead, go for it, you can do all those things, but if you’re behind or even if you want to have some vision for yourself, be aware of the objectives but don’t contest it by yourself. You need your Jungler, basically, for any objective. In teamfights, Support generally has a few roles, you either try to CC other people or peel for the carries. In those scenarios, you usually play back until you see the right moment. Usually, you want to land your CC on as many people as possible but there are times when you want to be the soul guy, like protecting your AD Carry, protecting your mid laner sometimes, if he’s a carry as well. As Support you don’t deal much damage usually unless you build heavy AP. so your goal should never really be to deal massive amounts of damage to the back line. There are cases where that is true, but overall supports are that guy that peels and makes sure your team stays alive as they all do their jobs. Overall, Support is a fairly rewarding role. It really depends a lot on your team.

Let’s say, when you are playing Support, you are kind of buffing your teammates. You give your team a percentage of, you know, strength. If you’re playing Carry, you’re more additive, you can hard carry the game. But, let’s say, a game for example, you need 100 points to win. Your carries are putting in 90 points, your 20%, or however good you are as support, can help them push over that edge. But if your team is 40 points, you’re not going to be able to do anything as a Support, so that’s a problem with Support But if it’s kind of fun where it’s really rewarding if your team is doing well and you’re really doing well and poppin’ off. But if your team is doing really poorly, no matter how well you play, you’ll probably still lose. Thank you guys for watching, super appreciate you guys. Super. Check out the rest of the Team Dignitas stuff, what they do and what they are..

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