I think GOP is an Okie item. Gop is very, very ope. What about election cute German dark partisan said with this GOP D damage. It does right from that stack, dark harvest pretty easily. Let’S try dark harvest, I’m people who I don’t have a special spot in hell. You know that, like there’s a special corner in hell just for the funders right next to the new new players spandex to the Akali players right next to that people who spam CAC W every game: [, Music, ], what’s up baby [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]! It’S alright bro, fine, bro, fine, bro guy. I don’t know what this cannon is doing. All these bro, it’s crazy, [, Music, ], wild prowl, [, Music ]. I even get my dork harvest.

I didn’t get my dark harvest off, that that was a little love. A little a little a little, how do I say uh but be good [, Music, ]! What’S on the planet, I’ve heard them. I watch them write on it. Please don’t appeal: [ Music ], Oh [, Music, ], ah [, Music, ], ah got ignited nice, not bad, not bad, not bad! You see that big brain five head wineglass play bro [, Music ]. We Steph Curry with shot; ah [ Music ]. Ah, yes, mobis dude. Well, we got the dragon at least oh hey. Why is this guy so tanky this guy’s going tanked on talent? Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head? [, Music ]? I’M not I’m not making this cuff. They diving, but 100 %. Oh, my god, they’re gon na kill him. Oh my god. Omg they come ATP. Is we have TP soon? You should come down, sir [ Music, ]. Okay, we can still fight this kind of coming down.

As I paint him too, let’s go what let’s go baby, I’m coordinating these plays like a genius. Five hey! I think with that bought there they’re heading towards topic and Harold, whatever doesn’t matter. We just that, but I’m okay right now, materially or maybe I didn’t know Blasco and I’m coming up coming up coming up going. Oh, I was saying, sir: we have to go through mid. I don’t think they’ll get bought coz I can hold bought we’ll play. I’M coming buddy nice. I have a lot of AP bro you’re, not going nowhere. You ain’t no, no way, maybe first our mid then. Instead they might be coming here, bought this [ Music ] wait. Why am I still losing this game? I’M 35th. 14 out of 17 KP, but were 17 to 18. For some reason pretty much sorry, but I have all the tools. I need 16 dark Carter, sacks GLP Leon trees, both Opie Opie Opie, I’m telling you this is going to become the number one jungle pic in the world. The Koreans are gon na copy night blue 3. I see I see, there’s a ward here, I see huh.

I saw that blue trinket row. I saw that I can take it. I was yo yo yo yo yo, what daddy help? Ah well so awkward, [, Music, ] hahaha, and this is to go even further. Beyond haha, okay, uh uh, I got Li undies. Now we go Sonya, but you dis actually insane twenty dark harvest, GOP Leon Drake, I’m going stop the bull. What up baby? Hey, I’m back! Okay, wait! Does GOP go through walls, wait, GOP does go through. Walls no way come in and diet. Thank you. Now. I’M gon na level with one take one. Take oh ho: let’s knock your crew didn’t hit our died. Yo Pete, we are familiar faces dude. I am 19, kills 23 of 28 KP. How much more do I have to carry to win this one? Please please eel!

Oh God’s plea that there is an eel. Oh God, let me win this game from what the measure I saw Caesar honestly, hey carefully. My funnel soon you might funnel us in doesn’t matter, though fight us one shot up. Let’S go! That’S us baby! 13! Magi stags! I’M telling you everyone’s in a copy me GOP, Elise, is the future GOP dork carbs, the least strong early, strong men, strong lates. What else do you want he’ll pee through the wall? One shorter? Okay, that’s fine! Meowth baby! We out [ Music ] eat your bullies off your abilities off to watch for that memoir. We were literally sitting on it, guys [ Music ] catch the spider GOP in 15. Yes, sir, that’s what that’s a wrap on the ward! Joking eight six, five! Three!

Two over the wall over the wall – [, Music, ], hey, that’s the GOP, maybe the power of the DLP. I have a max items: Amazonia almost Maxima, try two more stacks 29 harvest and I’m in a blue pot. This is this is what a perfect Elise build. Looks like right here and ready there. It is 555 AP 1113! That’S what you need! A hat at 23 minutes, I’m already maxing your by the way max edraan, Elise, whoa, doin, Kantian, we’re gon na teamfight; first brother, Ward, Ward, any waters any waters, [ Music, ]. Okay, we got him Oh hold on hold on hold on hold on uh-huh uh-huh, [, Music ], but go along we’re going long. Then rappeling we’re not gon na rap alone. Actually, nice dude, it’s just it’s just two freemen catch me.

Oh here comes a spider! Oh! How about you brother? You want some too I’m a one-man, goddamn army. Oh wait! You guys stop baron! Why? God, you guys, do it I’ll one man? Oh, oh, he’s lost the will to live. I see natural reaction against nine through three on his Elise with GOP. Of course. Okay, let’s see if they can stop me 1v5. Can they stop here? We go. They can’t even play the game bro. They can’t. They can’t even play the game. The kids stopped me. Man are you sitting your base, while I kill your for the while you tell your Nexus. Thank you all right. So this is the future of lys everyone’s gon na copy it. You guys get the first peek [ Music, ], [ Applause, ]