Evelynn 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends


Evelynn 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Fortify: Extra damage for Jungling
2) Smite: Jungling

1) Offense: Plentiful Bounty
2) Defense: Nimbleness, Veteran?s Scars, Reinforce
3) Utility: Awareness, Utility Mastery

1) Mark of Desolation, Seal of Resilience, Glyph of Focus, Quintessence of Fortitude

Champion Skill Priority
1) Hate Spike lvl 2
2) Ravage lvl 2
3) Shadow Walk lvl 1
4) Malice and Spite (Ultimate)
5) Shadow Walk
6) Ravage
7) Hatespike

Item Build
1) Cloth Armor
2) 3 HP Pots
3) Madred?s Razors
4) Boots of speed
5) Wriggle?s Lantern
6) Sheen
7) Boots of Swiftness
8) Phage
9) Zeal
10) Trinity Force

Early Game:
1) Go Jungling with your Smite and Potions. Also use Hate Spike to kill monsters.
2) Gank the weakest enemy when you?re lvl 5 for first blood.
3) Control the jungle with Sight Wards and continue Ganking.

Mid Game:
1) Maintain control of the jungle
2) Plant wards in Bushes along the river
3) Kill enemy Wards and get your team to kill Oracle?s Elixir users.

4) Continue Ganking whenever possible.
5) Push. Don?t be afraid to chase heroes to their towers because of your Malice and Spite

Late Game:
1) Gank and Push and Push.


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