Ezreal Guide Runes S10 Patch 10.3 – Ezreal Main Thoughts On Best Runes In Season 10


What’S up guys and welcome back to another video of my today, we’re going to talk about Ezreal room pages and I basically made their list of which ruins are best for him and reasoning. Why? I think that is because you can play almost any rune on Ezreal. I was cleaning up any bit, you can play a lot and people are still confused on which rooms are the best, so I was just trying to help out those who actually need it now. This is my own personal theory list. Obviously, if there is a person that likes plate, otherwise that’s completely fine.

I’M just going to tell you from my experience. I’Ve tried all of all of these runes, which is going to tell you from my experience why I think these rooms are placed where they are, so it’s pretty simple. We have SV if a – and we have, we can also say like level 1. 2 & 3. Whatever and we’re just gon na talk B, first then a then s so a bit here I got electrocute. I got only stone. The reason why I got only stone over there is because compared to all of the other lucetta’s real can use. Only stone is like the least reliable room from all of them and pretty much that’s the only reason why I put it that B, R P, you really want to reliable rule for Ezreal and next to it, we have electrocute and the reason when you go electrocute Is when you go AP or when you go hybrid now, since you almost never go EEP your hybrid anymore, on Ezreal, it’s not really commonly used and therefore, generally speaking, it’s not the best room for him. So only in special occasions, and that’s why I put it in B yeah if you do decide to go, AP or hybrid and obviously electrocute would be maybe a maybe as put in general I’ll put it all the way down now we’re going over to the 8th Year by the way, if you didn’t already, please subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends, it really helps me out, and I appreciate it – yeah anyways, let’s get going next, we have glacial oddments lethal tempo. Glacial mud is a pretty good run on editor. Actually, I was a really skeptical at first by trying this, but after I tried it, it was really good, but it’s also very situational.

So you only want to pick a glacial argument when the enemy team doesn’t have a of mobility and a lot of melee champions that really need to walk up to you. For example, if they have melee supports melee top laner, maybe melee jungler – and you know, if they don’t really have a hard cap closer, then you can really go for this. Ruining can really hurt the enemy. Now I would recommend to build 24 Sandlot ice cream content when you have this, because those don’t really stack with each other, and it would be a shame if you miss out on all the damage that you can get with 24s. So definitely try glacial argument against non mobile teams. Then we have little temple also very skeptical about this room.

When I first started because I was like Ezreal little sample the what went wrong right, but though it’s one of those things where you mix peanut butter – and you tell – I think I don’t know – if that’s the right comparison – I I don’t know anymore, but it turned Out pretty good in the end, it works really great against heavy tanks, tank teams where you really need a lot of DPS, instead of maybe more sustain like Conqueror, maybe some work, I’d like play saw or just damage like VTA. So if you really need to DPS, also very situational go for little tempo again. If the enemy has a melee support, usually the tempo is better than if they have ranged supports. So that’s four lethal tempo. Now, let’s move over to my favorite two routes or actually favorite one room, but I’ll talk about both you’ve got concrete, concrete, she’s, really great into scaling into late-game.

I also made a comparison. Video PT for this conch roam Ezreal. If you want, you can check it out on my channel made it like last week. Pj is stronger than conqueror, but only in a 1v1. If you’re looking at team fighting and obviously conqueror, is gon na shine more because it doesn’t just run out like potatoes and it’s gon na give you sustain and adaptive force, but in the laning phase. Pt is much better in my opinion, as she can snowball way harder with Ezreal, because he really is not the strongest early game champion in the laning phase and having a room that can really help you out with that. It’S just great for him, and it’s also really good in the mid game, where he spikes a lot so mid to early to mid-game.

Pta is very good. If skating too late game, you can go conquer or if you’re going for a competitive game where people know how to play macro and all of that stuff, then you can go for conqueror. But if you really want to try to snowball your laning phase, try to go for PT a so yeah. I can’t explain conquering PT a wolf at the same time, so I’m just gon na end the video right here, it’s a very, very short video, but I don’t want to make this video 15 minutes talking only about some rooms that you can use on Azrael. So, thank you guys for watching. Thank you for your time. Please share this video and subscribe to my channel, like I said, if you didn’t already, and I hope to catch you guys next time. Thank you.