Fiora Combo’s and Mechanics


Hey today, i will teach you how to do fierce combos how to practice them best and all the comments you need to know. So, let’s get into it. So the first thing i would actually recommend you do is get good with the basics. I see people how you look constantly missing, auto attacks or canceling. The auto attacks is really awful, so one thing you just get used to is q, auto just very, very basic i’ll, just reverse the coolants. Here you queue, and then you auto just get used to hitting the timing. Do this for like five minutes a day, you can spice up the q auto e as well, and this is something i actually see higher players mess up right. I messed it up before. I do mess it up, sometimes in game. You want to have clean versions of your mechanic.

So just do the basic thing. Just cue, auto cue, auto q, auto or q, auto e. Sometimes you can add in a w. If you want, you can think about hitting two vitals, so you walk up you eat, then you wait for the second vital and then you keep going just do whatever you feel like. You need to practice a little bit and get better that way. You can do this with any champion. You play all right now, let’s get into the active commerce, we’re going to start with the basic combos and then we’re going to move hard on harder. So the first thing you want to know is, as i said earlier, q auto pretty standard. Then, after that you want to do qw. You can also queue away from somebody and then w them there’s a lot of ways to make this one work. Overall, both combos are extremely vital and you need to pull them off next. One is auto attack e, and then you qa, if you want to it’s another thing, you can do.

People are running into you, you auto attack fast and the e and the q out. If they keep running at you, you’re still going to hit the last q damage while running away. It’S pretty good, then one thing you can also do with that. Combo is, you can add your w to it, so you auto, take e qa and then you w and then you keep running or you keep finding whatever you want to do at that point right. You have to kind of adapt to each situation now we’re getting some more advanced stuff. So here’s the autotech ewaq this one you want to use if you want to actually try and kill people to do a lot of damage them, and then you all attack again afterwards right. This is a ton of damage. You can do that if you want to chunk people down, you want to run away from you, then you’re trading in lane.

It’S really really good when you’re strong in an opponent, but you have to be strong attack to use this combo or it’s going to end up really badly for you now. This is another one where it’s more all in oriented. So what you do is you auto? Take e, then you alternate the new w and then eq to try and hit the vitals and then continue. However, you desire – or you can run away depending on what you want to do. Sometimes you use ultimate to scare people and you actually run away other times. You do it all in, so you got to figure out what you want to do and just adapt to the situation. So here’s the last comment. I want to show this. If you want to all in somebody, you want to kill them and you want to proc the ultimate as fast possible. You do this, you ultimate w. Then you walk flash eq like that. It can be done even faster as well, but that’s just to showcase it properly right. You can try and do one more time, look at that. That’S a lot faster right.

You can do it faster and faster and you can get more efficient at it. If you want to this is how you proc the ultimate as fast as possible, and this is a combo you only use to all in people, because you have to use your flash. I said earlier, it’s ultimate w, auto attack, f e, the e auto resets, your auto attack and then your queue for the last one overall, pretty hard combo to do, especially in moving target. But it is a perfect tool if you want to kill somebody. If you can gain from your jungler, you just want to kill the enemy as fast as possible and get on with it. Anyways, that’s it for my camera guide. I hope you guys liked it tell me what you think in the comments and i’ll see you guys. Next time, peace.

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