Fiora Tips / Tricks / Guides – How to Carry with Fiora


Google Translator, help me with the subtitle 🙂 Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. Non-working direction with pattern. If Passive appears left or down, next will appear right or up. So if you tap on one side, go to the other side to prepare for the next passive. Passive requires a little time to be ready for activation. So try not to target it before it is ready. Passive takes time to emerge. You can use it to find decoy. For example, if Wukong uses decoy, Passive suddenly disappears from your sight. Use this information to find out the scam. You can activate the passive with Tiamat. But you have to use it in the direction you are going. If you are against Fiora, approach the wall if the passive appears in the direction of the wall. Fiora cannot activate passive in the normal way. You can use Switching, Flash, all to block passive activation.

You can use Q with short distance also. Use it to reduce the delay in the dash or not to deepen. You can use Q in Ward and Tower. Use Q short to minimize auto attack + Q delay. Reducing the Q cooldown will not happen if you are not hit So try to use Q to target when someone else is nearby. Even if you fail to reach the target, you will get a cooldown reduction. There are some complex priorities if you use Q in a position with multiple targets. Enemy with R has higher priority than enemy with passive. Enemies with passive Q range have higher priority than other enemies. The enemy has a higher priority than minions in standard cases. Minions that can kill Q have higher priority than other minions. Now you need to be careful for this priority. Minions that can kill Q have higher priority than the enemy.

It always happens even for the real champ. Unable to find exceptions. So if you want to hit the enemy Q, use it when there is no minion with low HP! Q will hit even if the target is in the brush without sight. Q dash scales with speed of movement. Use Q to steer clear of skill. Some champs have skills with more damage to the external scope. (Camille, Darius) Use Q to reduce the damage of those skills as you approach to start the trade. You can use W while running with Q. It is useful to go through the installed CC (Veigar, Caitlynlyn, Jinx) And as AoE moves, it is more likely to hit W. This is very useful in many situations.

Practice this combo! You need to use W to block the damage as well. Use it when you need to last hit the cannon. Press opponent W to activate slow while blocking damage. Try to block some quick practice by looking at the motion or impact. If you use it at the right time, you will have almost nothing to lose. Many skills have some special movements. Watch it and react with W to win the trade. People tend to do the combo. They can use CC even if they know W. If you don’t have Tiamat yet, W is great for clearing minions. Use W to activate passive. Reset auto attack to AA + E1 E2 crit also works on the tower. E1 slow will help you to hit E2. Make it a habit to activate the passive before using R. Use automatic attack + Q to activate 2 passive. AA + short Q will make it faster. Use automatic attack + E1 to activate 2 passive. You can use these 2 combos to activate R faster. Slow down again. AA + E1 and then automatic attack + Q Counter tip: Go to the nearest wall to block R activation (both passive) If you do not want this to happen, first try to pass the passive in the direction of the wall.

If the wall can jump to Flash, You can do auto attack + Flash to activate the direction of the wall. Use Flash when Fiora starts automatic attack movement This also applies to Passive as well. Make it a habit to use it freely 🙂 Use R on the champ you are chasing. You get speed of movement to escape. Enable passive to AA and use Q to activate the next passive. Enable passive to AA and leave the tower range with Q. If the opposite is the opposite, get close and use automatic attack + Q to activate it.

Focus on passive activation. You win even at low HP. AS is important in low lvl because the damage to automatic attack is greater than practice. W reduces AS. Try to hit it to win the trade. Confuse the enemy or start the trade in Q. Fiora is really good at 1 vs 1. When the opponent’s skill is in the cooldown. When they try to finally hit the minion. Especially when they try to last hit the cannon. If the direction is in your direction, it will be a good commodity. When the opponent tries to hit the minion, Q + Passive + makes some combos. At the speed of passive movement, go to the brush to reset the minion aggro. If you enable passive when the opponent is in the middle of HP, try to do more goods. Most champs cannot escape from him without Flash.

Buy Tiamat fast. This will greatly increase the minion clear speed. Fiora is very powerful for split push. And not good for team battles. So try not to join the team and split most of the time. If there is no dragon, push the bot. if there is no Herald / Baron, push the top. If there is no inhibitor on the side, push the other side. If enemies are not visible or close to you, fall again or hide in the brush. Pretend to go to the forest. Then rotate and hide with the brush to push again. if the opponent appears again on the other side, start pushing again. It was like a Whac-A-Mole. You are the mole with high mobility 🙂 Get monster monsters while doing the split. Move around the enemy forest. Everything is up to you. Possible because of Q. You can dash and wall jump through this skill. This Q dash will save you from danger. And if there is a fight over the object, use TP to join the fight or just push the line. If they give you a short term, the towers will melt.

Try to live longer. The team will do their job. (e.g. Baron / other push line) You can win almost every champ in the last game. Start the fight even if there is a tower. Use minions to heal and increase your survival. Use TP to push further. Fiora could win a well fed champ because of W. In this case, Darius is 12/3/6 and Fiora is 0/9/4. Try to activate R to heal quickly in team battles. If there is an off-guarded squishy while dividing, engage to kill them.

If you do not fight all the enemies at once, you will win most of the time. And now some montage. Thank you for watching!.

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