GNAR Guide In-Depth: Mechanics,Combos,Builds etc


Hey there! Welcome to another guide featuring GNAR,The Missing Link. So,who is Gnar? This little cute thingy is a very mobile champion, that deals a large amount of damage, and can be a very nice crowd control bruiser when in Mega Gnar form. His kit allows him to be very mobile especially since he has a natural movement speed and a jump that can be used as a double jump not only on enemies but also on friendly units. When he transforms into Mega Gnar, he gets really tanky but also he literally becomes a crowd control train in teamfights, disrupting enemies with his slows and stuns. Ok. Let?s start with his Mini Gnar abilities His passive: Rage Gene – This passive is what makes Gnar unique and difficult to master. You gain rage from dealing and receiving damage.

Also, you always need to keep an eye on your rage bar and control it. There is no way of return once your bar turns red, so always be careful about what you will do with it once it procs. His Q: Boomerang Throw ? This ability is good for long range harass, last hit and clearing waves. Catching the boomerang on its way back is very important, especially in duels since it applies a stack of Hyper. You can also use this ability to escape or kite an enemy since it slows them down. His W: Hyper – Hyper gives Gnar a boost of speed and applies bonus magic damage based on a percentage of the target?s max health every third auto attack. The movement speed this skill gives allows him to take quick but effective trades by just applying three stacks and backing off. His E: Hop ? This ability is a gap closer that is used for re-positioning , escaping ganks and also for initiation. If you use this ability on an enemy, a minion or a teammate Gnar will hop twice, covering an even bigger distance Now, let?s see Mega Gnars abilities.

His Q: Boulder Toss ? Like the Boomerang Throw, its cooldown can be reduced by picking up the boulder. This ability can be used to harass your enemies, clear waves really quick, and chasing since it allows you to do damage from a distance and slow your target. His W ? Wallop – This skill is a simple small AoE stun that deals physical damage. A really useful stun that helps you to set up your Gnar combo into a wall or help your teammates catch up with your target. His E ? Crunch ? This is Gnars engaging tool since he can jump twice while transforming into Mega-Gnar.

This ability also provides a pretty good amount of damage due to the percentage health scaling in Mega form. And his ultimate [R] ? GNAR! ? With this ability he throws every enemy around him in a direction. It deals a really good amount of damage and slows all enemies. On top of that if the enemies hit a wall or structure, they are stunned as well. For skill order, at level 1 take your Q ability and max it first since its your main ability At level 2 take your W and max it second for the extra percentage damage At level 3 or 4 take your E and max it last And as with any other champion, put a point in your ultimate at level 6/11/16 Now, let?s see what skill combos you can use as Gnar. In the early levels, if you want to harass your enemies auto attack once, throw your Q at them and auto attack again.

At level 6 if you want to go all in, harass your enemy and before transforming into Mega Gnar, hop on your enemy, stun him with your W to reposition yourself, ult him into a wall or structure and throw a boulder at him. General Strategies In the early laning phase how you play depends on the match-up you are facing. If its a champion that has burst and does way more damage than Gnar then you should probably focus on being more passive during this stage in the game. But, if you are against an opponent that lacks early game damage, bully him out of the lane but be careful so you don?t get ganked. Also,be careful to not use your jump offensively unless you know where the enemy jungler is.

Before teamfights, try to manage your rage bar so you can transform when you need to. Start harassing your enemies with your Boomerang Throw and stop once you get to about 90 rage. If you need to engage, you can throw 1 or 2 auto attacks and jump in with your Hop/Crunch. It will take a little time to get used to managing your rage, but once you get used to it you will be a BEAST. In teamfights, you play 2 roles. Either you are the initiator, initiating teamfights with your Hop/Crunch and crowd control every enemy or you play the role of the peeler, staying near your ADC/APC throwing every crowd control at the enemy bruiser trying to dive them. Also, in teamfights positioning is very important! If you get caught and cc?d in Mini Gnar its game over, you are dead.

Another reason why positioning is important is that your ultimate is really a game changer, especially if you stun the whole enemy team. So try to position yourself to stun the enemy team into a wall or structure. GNAR! is a powerful initiate and anti-initiate. Use it to peel enemy tanks off your carries or to push enemy carries towards your tanks. Chaining GNAR!’s stun to Wallop in a teamfight will create a devastating AOE crowd control and damage. ? Mega Gnar has far less escape options than Mini Gnar, so your best bet is to slow their movement with Boulder Toss, Wallop, and GNAR! before attempting to Crunch over a wall. If you manage to stall long enough to revert to Mini Gnar, you will receive a large speed boost from Hyper in addition to your natural mobility. Runes & Masteries For runes take quintessences of attack speed, attack damage marks, armor seals and magic resist glyphs.

The attack speed quints synergize well with his Hyper, the attack damage marks give him extra damage on his abilities and auto attacks, and the armor and magic resist runes increase his tankiness since he gains no magic resistance per level. For masteries: take 21/9/0 taking everything in offense for ad champions. For summoner spells: Flash/Ignite if you want more kill potential or Teleport/Flash if you want to have a global presence. Item Builds: Start with the Dorans Blade, a health potion and the warding trinket. Now, your core items should be either boots, Trinity Force and Randuins or boots, Blade of the Ruined King and Randuins. I prefer going for trinity first since it gives a lot of good stats,damage and good movement speed when in Mega Gnar. Small tip: If you are going for Trinity first, start by buying the Phage. Your final build should be Boots, Trinity Force, Randuins Omen, Spirit Visage, Blade of the Ruined King and Maw of Malmortius.

The build order depends on your needs, if you snowball pretty hard go Trinity and Blade, but if you are doing just ok , go with Trinity and get a tanky item. Unfortunately this wraps up my Gnar guide, if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and if you are new to my channel subscribe for more awesome content! You can also follow me on facebook and twitter to see when I upload new stuff. Anyways, thanks for watching! Ravager out..

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