Guide on how to be hardstuck and avoid improving By: crunch3000


Here’s some tips and tricks for newer players and veterans on how to stay hardstuck in Silver/Gold and be comfortable doing it. Over the short month that ranked has been released I’ve compiled this top 10 list of things to follow from the league subreddit to ensure you never climb and stay the same elo for the next 4-5 years. Goodluck on the grind to be hardstuck friends.

  1. Blame your jg

  2. When you lose, don’t look at your mistakes just say bot diff

  3. Blame your teammates for losing and always think you carried if you win

  4. Make a reddit post saying people should lose less LP if they got an S in a defeat

  5. Complain about matchmaking and how this season is the worst even though you’ve been in Silver/Gold for the past 4 years

  6. Say you always win lane and your team’s always feeding this way you never actually improve

  7. Make another reddit post again talking about how KDA should be factored into losing LP in defeats

  8. Ignore any constructive advice/criticism and stubbornly believe your way is correct no matter what, you may improve otherwise

  9. Believe that every game there is an afk/troll/inter on your team so you always know you did everything right

  10. Complain about gaining +15/-18 LP gains even though you have a 60% winrate from Silver 2 to Gold 4 even if the 60% WR is your climb from silver to gold4 and you’re actual winrate in Gold 4 is 40%. (Just think skill peaks don’t exist and LP gains hold you back from getting challenger.)


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