The insta-delete clown of League.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the screen go grey without knowing what hit me! To counter him, pick someone like Lee Sin who will have vision of him even through his blindness, Udyr can counter his invade and actually kill him doing so in the very early game, and Kha’Zix will enjoy an isolated meal. Vi for her Ultimate, Shyvana for her tank stats and high damage and Evelynn for her burst make other good counters too. Shaco’s passive makes his autos and Q crit for a percentage of AD and AP if he hits them from behind and increase the damage even more if used against jungler monsters.

His Q makes him blink to a target location and also grants him invisibility. His W makes him place a box in the ground that will make enemies flee and take magic damage if they stand near it but has a 2 second activation delay. His E passively makes his autos slow enemies when its not on cooldown and when activated will throw a point click knife that deals physical damage and gets increased per missing health. Finally his Ultimate will first make him disappear for half a second before creating a clone of himself which he can freely move as a pet. When it dies, it explodes dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and leaving behind 3 boxes that will stay on the field for 6 seconds. He can easily gank with his blink and backstabbing at level 3 so beware and don’t push out too much if you have no idea where he might be.

He will try to get fed early on either by invading your jungle or ganking your lanes. In terms of spells he might either be running ignite smite or flash smite. If he runs ignite flash I can almost guarantee you he’ll be invading you at your second buff and you might die to it if you don’t have a way to protect yourself. You might also be jungling so take whatever combo suits your champ. As for power spikes, this guy’s all about the early game as he becomes quite useless in the late game. His kit allows his ganks and invades to be quite interesting at the early levels of the game with level 3, 6 and level 9 perhaps being his best power spikes.

Duskblade will allow him to make his enemies disappear from the map just like him by deleting them without response and the warrior enchantment allows him to deal true damage when he invades so not even tanks can withstand him. Early and mid are quite good especially if he gets fed but he falls off really hard in the late. Thanks for tuning in, good luck in your match and remember: His boxes take a while to activate so no need to dodge them if he just placed it, his Ultimate will allow him to dodge abilities so beware of it.

And wait out for late game for a free win if you can. Ultimately, have fun doing it..

As found on Youtube