Hello guys, I hope you had a good Christmas! We continue on with the videos and today we will be discussing team comps. This is actually a highly requested video and one that I’ve been planning to do for a while now. Starting off, let me just say that there are numerous comp types for you to explore and I will just be naming and talking about the most common and possibly the more effective team comps. Without further ado, let’s jump to the first team comp and that will be a poke comp.

You can probably guess what the goal of this team comp is. It is very good against siege comps, but can be utterly annihilated if the enemy team decides to hard engage on them. A good example of a team would be Mundo in the top lane, Nidalee in the jungle, Xerath or Lux mid Ezreal or Cait ADC and support someone like Soraka, Morgana or Janna for the disengage. As you can imagine, this team has zero engage potential, preferring instead picking people off from afar. It relies mainly on mages, marksman and in general, range fighters along with a disengage support. Another typical team comp is the split push composition. While poke teams want to wear down the enemy team with long range, the split push team will want to keep the enemy team focused solely on one objective for as long as possible, so that a second objective can be taken. It essentially aims to get one person strong enough so that no one is able to 1v1 him. Then you have that person push one of the outside lanes. This will generally force the enemy team to send two people to stop the split pusher, thereby allowing your team to engage in a 4v3 fight.

A good example of a split push team is Tryndamere or Fiora in the top lane, Udyr or Rek’Sai in the jungle. Zed or TF in the mid lane. Sivir or Twitch as ADC and Thresh or Karma as support. This team can be very easily countered by a team that can teamfight and beat enemy team in 5v4 fights fast and easily, so that you can then pick up the split pusher.

Next we have the rush comp and the late-game comp and they are opposites. The rush comp is focused on strong early game champions and wants to finish the game by the 25th to 30th minute mark or by forcing a surrender out of the enemy team. Champions for this comp are Renekton or trundle for the top lane. Lee Sin or Graves in the jungle, Ziggs in the midlane, Tristana or Lucian as ADCs and Leona or Blitzcrank as supports. Be aware that even just one slow champion can disrupt this team and if you lose early you might as well surrender yourself. Late-game teams are vulnerable vs this but can also counter it if they know how to play safe and stall in the beginning. Late game team comps want to actually survive the early-mid to destroy in the late game as the name implies.

Some great examples are Jax or Kayle in the top lane, Shyvana or Master Yi in the jungle, Anivia and possibly Galio mid. Vayne or Draven as ADC and lastly Soraka or Leona support. Once again, this comp can be crushed or crush the rush comps easily depending on who does what on each team. The last two about which I will go into detail are the Juggernaut and the Wombo Combo comps. the Juggernaut comp’s main goal is to get their juggernaut fed and to allow him to ace the enemy team while the rest of his team helps them do that. Darius is an obvious choice for this because of how easily he can carry and elements for the other lanes that can help him out are Volibear or Skarner as junglers, Oriana or Zilean in the mid lane. Sivir ADC and Thresh or Janna support. Uberdanger kind of did this in one of his videos but even more exaggerated. With Kayle and Lulu if he gets one or two kills over his laner and manages to escape a few ganks, you most likely have the game set. Its obvious weakness is that if he gets killed too early in the teamfight, you will have a lot of trouble.

Finally the Wombo Combo comp will always focus on taking the enemy down with brute force, usually with a strategy like setting up a Yasuo Ult with a Malphite ult. An example of a team would be Malphite top, Amumu jungle, Yasuo Mid, Kalista and Thresh bot. This is just one of many many Wombo Combo comps and the possibilities are endless and will only depend on your imagination. Aome honorable mentions that I didn’t get to talk about in this video are the Rat comp, the siege comp, the objective control comp and you should always, always consider and be aware of the meta comp.

Lastly before i go into the objectives, i would like to recommend this tool. It is amazing for you to plan out your comp and make sure everything fits together. If you register, you can even save your teams and comps and you should definitely consider paying them a visit next time you are planning something with your team. Finally, let’s discuss some objectives. These were not easy to make. 0-10 what’s a team comp? 20 know about them but not use team comps.

30 Pick Vayne into a rush comp. 40 Pick Sion into a late-game comp. 50 Apply comps your games. 60 plan out your comps before games. 70 counter specific comps. 80 Pick your champion accordingly. 90 Use the best comps regarding your teammates. 100 know all of the counters and use them. Thank you guys for watching, I hope this helps you out. If it did please leave a like, leave a comment, let me know what you think and if you’re not already just subscribe! Sakeios out!.

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